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50th birthday celebration

Planning on spending the day with my BFF eating our way through the city . Will start with breakfast . Any ideas of Must go places? I am thinking of starting at Chelsea Market. Not sure if we will do a sit down lunch .

Apr 28, 2013
TessCooks in Manhattan

best bread pudding in Westchester, NY area

Pastissiere Salzburg in Rye has great bread pudding.

Which ice cream maker

I had a cusinart one a while ago did not love it. What is the best one around?

Jul 05, 2012
TessCooks in Cookware

Authentic Italian Gravy

I will say that the recipe for Sunday gravy in America's Test Kitchen is awesome. I tried just to see how close it would come to my recipe and I was shocked. Try it you will like it.

Jun 28, 2012
TessCooks in Home Cooking

Good places to eat near Beth Israel Medical Center

Going to a meeting at BI today at 2 and want to get lunch first. My co-worker is a burger and fries kind of guy. I wanted to go to Momofuku noodle but he is not a foodie. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Jun 26, 2012
TessCooks in Manhattan

Boss going to Milan and Venice

My boss will be in Milan for two days and then to Venice for two days. He likes to eat early 5 or 5:30. Wants good food and great service. He also likes small family run places. Any ideas. He will be there in July .

May 31, 2012
TessCooks in Italy

Looking for a Westchester restauant that will allow a band for a private party

Try trinity in Harrison

Boss wants a reasonable great seafood place

Boss going to San Francisco next week and wants a reasonably priced great seafood place , He does not want to dress up and does not want to make reservations! He said he would love to be on the water and be able to hear sea lions!

Looking for Weekday Lunch in Lower Westchester

I believe that La Panetierre has a prixe fixe lunch for $25.

Solaia in Greenwich...

We went in May on a sunday afternoon and the food is still fantastic. And I went last month again still good. My hsuband sasi the kobi beef burger was the best burger he ever had. The soft shell crab sandwich is outrageous. I had the seared scallops with spinach fantastic. And who can forget the lemon ricotta pancakes yummy. My friend had the pasta bolognese and it was great. And the meatballs are so light and wonderful
We always have the fried ricotta balls for dessert- to die for.
I am going next sunday for my birthday.

Dinner near Lincoln Center

My uncle is taking us to see South Pacific so we need to find a great restaurant before the show. And he is willing to spend the $$$

Jul 07, 2008
TessCooks in Manhattan

Venues for baby shower in Westchester

It will be in september and there about 53 invitees. Don't want to spend a fortune.I thought of Sam's of Gedney way. Any other ideas? Port Chester/Rye /Mamaroneck are also exceptable

Tarry lodge revisited

In yesterday's journal news they reported that new Batali/Bastianch venture will be called The Tarry Lodge . Its planned opening is September and its going to be a combination of Mozza their venture with Nancy Silverton in LA and Otto in NY.

Its going to blow Nessa out of the water. Now I won't have to go all the way to Otto to get my bastianch wine fix!!!!

Nessa - Port Chester

I went saturday at lunch and there was one other table filled-with one person!!! We were 4.We had a variety of bruschetta all very good. My mom and bro shared the carpaccio -they said it was excellent. My bro then had the liguine with clams. IT was eh - too sweet and it did not have the clam broth taste.Our friend had the fusilli with sausage and that was great. I had the crab cake too spicy and I agree you can't taste the crab!! The dessert we had was amazing the nutella and banana panini. Very good,but I do not think they used nutella it did not have the hazelnut taste.
The owner was there and spent a lot of time talking to us. They plan to open a garden where you can eat outside.

IF the Bastianch/Batali restaurant is entoteca Ness will be sunk!!!
I hope the B/B is like the one in the city Otto which is superb!!!


I need a really good recipe for key lime pie. I making it for my friends who are foodies like me. Here is the problem I am pregnant and can't have raw eggs. Are egg beaters the pasteurized substitute or is there something else. Please advise because I am craving this pie.

May 14, 2008
TessCooks in Home Cooking

Places for breakfast 26th st

I am going to the tyra show on wed. The studio is on 26th between 7th and 8th.Any nice places to have breakfast before we have to be there. We have to be there by 11:30

Mar 06, 2008
TessCooks in Manhattan

A Salad with winter veggies

I am cooking with my friends and I have been assigned Salad. Anyone have at tried and True recipe for a salad with winter veggies. I saw a few on epicurious that I like with fennel. If you have any ideas let me know.
Oh the main course is saltimbocca ala romanga with risotto
ANy ideas are greatly appreciated!!!!

Jan 15, 2008
TessCooks in Home Cooking

Croissants made with Real Butter Westchester or

pastierre salzburg purchase street rye. Oh my god they test like france and the brioche are to die for.

Jan 08, 2008
TessCooks in Manhattan

Instant read thermometers

I am looking for a instant read thermometer like they use on america's test kitchen. Chefs catalog had in there before christmas,but not available now. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 08, 2008
TessCooks in Cookware

Post-movie eats in Port Chester?

nessa would be good it has a great selection of bruschettas and a lot of choices for wine
its directly across from the lifesavers building/

Purchase NY - Need Suggestions

arrowood has a italian restaurant that is very good. You could go into port chester after or before. Rye has morgans for seafood very $$ but good, rubys and watermoon I would say pacific rim food!! Rye bar and grill may be closed but if its open its very good. Also in rye Cafe Livorno, And if you want to spend big bucks Le Paniettere!!!

Where to eat in Little Italy?

il Cortile is fantastic!!!! If they have the lobster ravioli have them!!!!

Aug 22, 2007
TessCooks in Manhattan

Best Pasta-based Dish in NYC?

Lobster ravioli at il Cortile

Aug 22, 2007
TessCooks in Manhattan

Malfatti anyone?

I second what candy says.

Aug 17, 2007
TessCooks in Home Cooking

Wine Flights in Manhattan?

Otto which is batali and bastianch venture is very good and the food is great

Aug 06, 2007
TessCooks in Manhattan

Another fabulous meal at Nessa in Port Chester

I went to nessa on 7/28. The bruschettas were great!!! OVerall it was an okay meal. I think if they want to be a true wine bar they should have less complicated main courses. The service was horrible and the place is noisy. I would go there again for the brushcetta,salads and panini!!! If bastianch and batali move into port chester and do a wine bar like their restaurant Otto this place will have some stiff competition

Restaurant w/private room White Plains, Harrison or there abouts

Trinity in harrison!!! ITs great the crab crakes are very good never had a bad meal there!!!

Storks Bakery Whitestone

My grandparents used to bring goodies from here to us all the time. They had great rolls and a chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream to die for. Any one still go there? Is it still the same great quality. The make the best hamintoshen!!! I would make the trip if someone says its still great!!!

Jul 23, 2007
TessCooks in Outer Boroughs

HELP!!!! 5 friends visiting NY 4 the 1st time!!

if you want to visit little italy to see it thats fine,but the BEST place there is il cortile. The food is fantastic. ITs pricey but worth it. I had lobster ravioli there and NO WHERE else has been able to compare!!!

Jul 23, 2007
TessCooks in Manhattan

Good Seafood.

Morgans is Rye.My mom a few weeks ago and she said it was fantastic. You could also try FISH in port chester