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ISO Disposable Aluminum Mini Pie Tins

Thank you!

ISO Disposable Aluminum Mini Pie Tins

Thank you, I'll try there.

Of COURSE aluminum should be recycled. Please don't judge. The people I am giving pies to not only recycle, compost, and eat local, but work for environmental justice, for heaven's sake. I just don't want to buy 20 $5 mini pie tins and give them away.

I am merely using the terminology of the restaurant supply business so as to make myself more clear. On more than one occasion, as I was trying to explain to the many, many restaurant supply businesses what I wanted, I was told, "Oh, you want the disposables. No, we don't carry those, only reusable ones. Those are only special order." I want the flimsy, single serving aluminum pie tin that costs less than 50c each because I want to just hand my friends the pies in the tins. Sur la Table has small reusable pie tins, but at $3-4 each, I may as well bake my friends whole pies.

ISO Disposable Aluminum Mini Pie Tins

I'm making two dozen mini pies for Saturday and need disposable aluminum mini pie tins somewhere within 10-15 miles of San Francisco. I've looked at Kamei Restaurant Supply, Sur La Table, Smart and Final, Cash and Carry, Economy Restaurant Supply, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Sugar and Spice in Daly City has them but they're extremely expensive: $3 each for a small pack of 3-4! Help!

Sur La Table has small pie tins, but not disposable ones -- I'll even take those if anyone can help me find a source for those that isn't Sur La Table (very expensive as well). Thanks in advance.

looking for good local food on Big Island:Kona side/Keauhou

DH and I are staying at the Sheraton Keauhou and Outrigger Keauhou this week and are looking for good, inexpensive/moderate local food around here. This is our first time to Big Island. We were at a wedding in Waikiki a few days ago and it was hectic, so we didn't get our saimin fix and haven't had enough spam musubi to justify the plane ticket yet : ). Going to Volcano and Hilo later this week and we have a whole list to get through there, including Cafe 100. But our BI friends didnt have any recs for us around this area. BTW, we are staying on this side because we're snorkeling addicts. But we are weeping at the thought of $14 cheeseburgers and $30 breakfast buffets for the rest of the week.

So until we get to Hilo...are we stuck with overpriced resort food?!? Looking for local food, Hawaiian (good poke and kahlua pork, please!), down-home Japanese and Korean, Filipino. Just to give you an idea of what we like, our favorite places in Hawaii include Hamura's Saimin (Kauai), Sensei Sushi (Maui), Oahu: Rainbow Drive In, Sidestreet Inn, Liliha Bakery, Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, Leonard's, Kamehameha Bakery, Poke Stop (Waipahu). Not at all interested in super high end, pizza, Mexican, Italian.

Please help, locals/those in the know! Mahalo!

Cafe 100
969 Kilauea Ave, Hilo, HI 96720

Nov 08, 2010
sfkusinera in Hawaii

Breakfast and other meals in Capitol Hill/Seattle U area?

Coming in super early next Tuesday (8am!) to our hotel, Silver Cloud, on Broadway and need a good breakfast recommendation in the neighborhood. Any other recs in the Capitol Hill/Seattle U/Broadway/First Hill area also welcomed for lunches and dinners, drinks, happy hour, etc -- we are in the area from Tues-Fri next week for a conference. We will also spend a good amount of time in the International District and Pike Place and downtown -- where I already have faves (Tai Tung, Piroshky, Salumi, etc). We just haven't been to Seattle in the last 2 years and maybe there are some new places in the Capitol Hill area that we haven't tried, or old faves we didn't know about. Thanks!

309 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

Jul 16, 2010
sfkusinera in Greater Seattle

SFO & Napa Trip..please help

Why not have breakfast in Calistoga since you'll be doing the mud bath there? I like Cafe Sarafornia, just a few blocks away from Golden Haven on the main drag. I love their chicken fried steak. Have you checked out Indian Springs? If you do your mudbath there, you can take advantage of their amazing olympic-size, heated mineral pool. I love it. I can float in it for hours.

Here's another option. Did you know you can walk across the bridge? If you want to walk across just go ahead and go straight to it (drive up Park Presidio) and turn off at the viewpoint and park in the lot. Nice photo opp there and you can walk across it. Crissy Field/Fort Point is beautiful as well -- you'll just be more at a distance.

Boon Fly is a great choice for brunch on Sunday.

Tuesday -- Make sure to bring extra goodies from Bouchon for your plane ride! The Nutter Butter and giant "oreo" cookies, as well as the bouchons, travel nicely (but won't last long -- they're so good!).

Boon Fly Cafe
4048 Sonoma Highway, Napa, CA 94559

Cafe Sarafornia
1413 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA 94515

6534 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

Anthony's Cookies

thanks so much for the heads up!!! i've been wanting to try these for the longest.

Hot Fudge Sundae in SF

Fenton's: nice atmosphere, so-so ice cream and hot fudge. You go there for the experience, not so much the ice cream. And certainly never, ever the food!

Ghirardelli: so-so ice cream, amazing hot fudge. I always get the sundae that's just vanilla ice cream, bananas, hot fudge, whipped cream and almonds. Not necessarily the best ice cream -- but surely one of the best hot fudge sundaes I've ever had.

The best of the best for me is a hot fudge sundae at Mitchell's on their toasted almond, but you're right, it doesn't offer that sit-down experience. One day I'll try St. Francis since they're scooping Mitchell's. Great atmosphere there.

best lechon in Vallejo?

We served lechon from Andrea's (Vallejo) at our wedding. It was delicious -- lots of compliments. And believe me, you can really get bad, dry lechon in the Bay Area!

Ask them if they'll pre-carve. Otherwise, it usually comes whole and you'll have to employ someone skillful to dissect the pig at the gathering. Someone there will know how to do it if you have at least a handful of Filipinos there. Not sure how far in advance you would have to order -- give them a call ASAP. I'd say you need to call probably at least 2 weeks to a week in advance.

Good luck!

OBSESSED with chicken adobo

Thanks, JungMann, for setting it straight about soy sauce. Yes, my father and his father shook their fists at soy sauce in adobo! My family is Aklanon and our version uses garlic, white vinegar, bay leaf, salt, and atsuete (annato) for red color (or paprika). Never onion, never soy sauce. My father maintained that soy sauce was Chinese and does not have a place in true, indigenous adobo. The eminent Filipina food historian Doreen Fernandez (see her collection of essays, TIKIM) also maintains that soy sauce came to be added to adobo by lazy cooks at carinderias and Filipino fast food joints (turo-turos) to shortcut to the brownness that will result if adobo is given its due time.

Apr 23, 2010
sfkusinera in Home Cooking

Filipino food - best around the bay?

Agreed. It is extremely rare to find a Filipino restaurant that hits it out of the park with every dish.

Some of my favorites off of the top of my head:

Best Overall: Ihaw Ihaw in San Bruno, which is best home cooking at a restaurant you'll ever taste. I think it gets underrated as folks flock to the more stylish Tribu, Intramuros, Patio Filipino, Bisto Luneta, etc. Beef nilaga, bistek, and rellenong talong are the best in the Bay. FYI -- Karilagan, Ongpin, and Ihaw Ihaw are all owned by the same family so the recipes are similar, which is why you find Coco Cha Cha at Ihaw Ihaw and Karilagan, for example. I think the Ongpin/Karilagan/Ihaw Ihaw resto group is the most consistent overall. I'd be happy with a meal from any of those spots any day.

Dinuguan: Hilda's Bake Shop in the Excelsior off of Mission. Thirty years after he closed his restaurant, people still rave about my Lolo's dinuguan, so there's a high bar there for me. And Hilda's pretty much meets it. Believe me: we did a dinuguan crawl one winter and Hilda's was head and shoulders above all. Also: the best hopia, and I thought I hated hopia. Absolutely amazing bundles of buttery, flaky, moist mung beany joy.

Sisig (with an egg cracked over it), Cebuano Pork Belly, Adobong Kang Kong, and Kinilaw: Poleng. A meal I would gladly order as my last if I was on Death Row. You have to ask for the special off-the menu Filipino stuff.

Pork Barbecue Silog: Sinugba. It's only dish that occasionally brings me back to that cold, damp, empty place that used to be hoppin' at all hours of the night when under the former management. The last time we went it was the WORST and rudest service ever. No wonder the young crowds started going to Lucky Chances. They plopped the to-go boxes down when our plates came even though they were 30 mins from closing.

Tuna Sisig: Tribu. The only dish I liked at this spot, which is very uneven.

Beef Tadyang and Green Tinola: Intramuros. Very classy spot, but not where I'd go if I want to get down and loud with a bunch of people (that's Ihaw Ihaw). I like the idea of the bibingka souffle, but its execution only made me crave the real thing more than this stylish little pouf.

Any baked good, especially whole wheat pan de sal, mini pan de ube, and ensaymada: Valerio's, various locations around the bay.

If you're going to the North Bay, it's all about Andrea's, and the Spanish bread at the Star bread bakery, in my opinion.

Filipino food - best around the bay?

Baby's is incredible and highly underrated. The palabok is one of the best I've tasted -- at a restaurant or at a family party. The owner is one of my best friend's mom's old mah-jongg buddies!

San Pablo Alert !!! Starbread Bakery Filipino holiday dishes AND fresh hot senorita bread

thank you for the post! we worship at the altar of seniorita bread, though for most other stuff we love valerio's. where is the starbread bakery in south city? we live in SF so we only get senioritas if we go to Vallejo or if a friend brings it down for us.

Favorite Mexican Wedding Cookie/Russian Teacake Recipes?

I just made 700 of the russian tea cakes from the BC recipe for my friend's wedding favors. I've been making that recipe since high school. I always use a small cookie scoop -- it's pretty small -- maybe a a 2 tsp scoop? and they turn out great. they're really one-bite wonders. i also like baking them a little longer than the BC recipe. i like them a little golden, so you have some complexity in the texture: they're not just melty and gummy. i bake them about 16-18 minutes. i also don't do the two rolls in powdered sugar. i let them cool and then roll them once. less powdered-sugary mess.

Nov 17, 2009
sfkusinera in Home Cooking

Halo Halo?

The best Halo-Halo in San Francisco is at Mitchell's. They hit it right on the head with a perfect mix of beans, fruits, evaporated milk, fresh toasty crispy pinipig (rice), and of course, their wondrous ice cream. My favorite is the halo halo with the ube ice cream.

Need lunch spot in Times Square/Midtown/Theater District on Sat. 1/3

I have a small slice of time for lunch between my conference at 52nd/7th (getting out at 11:30am) and my 2pm tickets to In the Heights at 46th/7th Ave.

Deliver us from Olive Garden and Stage Deli, cheap and bad pizza, and McDonalds! There are many places I wish I could go for lunch in other neighborhoods (like City Bakery, esp. for the cc cookies!), but don't want to chance not making it back for the show in time.

Thanks in advance for your help. Budget not too much of a concern, but around $15-$30/pp ok. There will be about 4 of us.

Jan 02, 2009
sfkusinera in Manhattan

Besides Lodge, who makes a good cast iron skillet?

I would suggest scouring garage sales, flea markets, vintage shops, vintage cookware shops, and Ebay. Look for Griswold or Lodge if you're on Ebay. I found what is now a shiny, black, beautifully seasoned 8 inch skillet two years ago at a Goodwill. It was greasy and rusty. I scoured and re-seasoned it (easy to find instructions on the web or on this site), and I am so in love with it.

Jun 13, 2008
sfkusinera in Cookware

Visiting from Toronto and looking for the best affordable eats

I would agree with OldTimer. It's not crab season anymore anyway, so there's no reason to go to Swan Oyster Depot to get fresh dungeness. If you must see the wharf, and I suspect you do as a visitor, even just to say that you went and saw it -- then you can also get your seafood there (cracked crab, shrimp cocktail, etc) from one of the stands at the wharf and then walk down and see the sea lions at Pier 39. I do love a crab sandwich on sourdough from those stands every now and then. Just know that you're not really eating local seafood -- off-season, the crab comes from way up north. If it's pristine, excellent seafood you're looking for, then by all means go to Bar Crudo or another more upscale place mentioned by others. But if you want the wharf, the sea, views, etc., then go eat seafood and chowder at the wharf. Others will disagree with me, but I think the best chowder in SF is at Boudin bakery on the wharf. I always take my out-of-town friends there if they say they want the wharf, seafood, and chowder.

Dinner in Daly City?

thanks for all the suggestions! I like the Vietnamese place in Westlake, the resto in Kukje, and never tried Joe's, but will one day, thanks.

We ended up having a really nice, quick, casual dinner at Boulevard. The burger was tasty (thick, nicely charred patty) and one of the best fish and chips I've ever had (huge, deeply browned, crunchy Alaska cod filets) and nice onion rings. I had only been there for breakfast but it was nice for a pre-movie dinner. We've always eaten Vietnamese, Filipino, or Nation's when in Daly City, and wanted something different, so it hit the spot. Movie was pretty good, too!

Dinner in Daly City?

i always passed by Val's and wondered...

Boulevard sounds like a good choice. I love breakfast there.

Any other suggestions still welcome. Thanks!

Dinner in Daly City?

Watching the new Indiana Jones flick in Daly City Century 20 tonight at 9pm. Any ideas for dinner in DC or nearby? Looking for something not a chain, not fast food, and not Filipino (we already know all the Filipino joints in DC). Thanks!

The Better Cupcake?

Butter=flavor, but veg oil in cupcakes=lightness and moistness. it's always such a tossup. paula deen's red velvet cupcakes are made with veg oil and people go crazy for those. when i make chocolate ones with butter, i don't get the same reaction.

Apr 02, 2008
sfkusinera in Home Cooking

What to do with a dozen egg yolks?

Glad to hear it! I rarely give out the recipe but since you had exactly a dozen egg yolks, what better delivery system to our arteries than this leche flan?

Mar 31, 2008
sfkusinera in Home Cooking

What to do with a dozen egg yolks?

Yes, it's easy to burn if you're impatient and cranked the heat up. You have to use really medium low to low flame, and then have to really watch it and take it off the heat even with a few sugar crystals still left. I don't know if making it in the pan is the preferred technique amongst Filipinos -- my grandmother always used a separate pan -- but I saw a friend's dad melting the sugar in the pan and I thought it was a nice, lazy way to avoid washing one more messy pan. My grandmother calls me totally lazy. If I had stainless steel All-Clad I would probably use a handled pan. But it's also more practical for me, since I have 10 yr old dark calphalon anodized pots and with the dark color, it's difficult to see when color changes, so I was burning the sugar anyway.

What to do with a dozen egg yolks?

Spain colonized the Philippines at the same time they did Mexico, so Mexican flan and Filipino flan have the same ancestry. What I think makes it particularly Filipino is the heavy reliance on canned milk products. There aren't many dairy cows over in the Philippines (I went for a whole month not drinking my daily 3 glasses when I was there in January -- TORTURE), but the American colonial period (1898-1946) intro'd and popularized canned milk products.

My friends and I think the best leche flan is puddinglike (this recipe), while my Spanish mestiza grandmother thinks flan should be much lighter (like Mexican and Spanish flans which include whole eggs).

I like the suicidal route. How did yours turn out?

Mar 28, 2008
sfkusinera in Home Cooking

What to do with a dozen egg yolks?

Make a luscious Filipino leche flan. Preheat oven to 325. To the yolks, add a teaspoon of vanilla, one can condensed milk, two cans evap. milk (use full fat!). Melt half a cup of sugar in a steel cake pan on a gas burner over medium low heat until the sugar is light brown and completely melted. Tilt pan so caramel covers sides about an inch up. Pour in custard, and bake in a larger pan full of hot water (a bain marie, essentially). It'll take about an hour, or until the center is barely set. Let it come to room temp and then rest in the fridge for about an hour before serving.

Mar 22, 2008
sfkusinera in Home Cooking

ISO Mini Pastry & Tart Shells

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for ready made pastry and tart shells. I need to make 200 mini quiches and 200 mini fruit tarts and blind-baking that many shells is a headache. Anyplace in SF or Oakland/Berkeley?

Thanks in advance!

Cinnamon-Sugar Chips

I love these with a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream (Haagen Dazs or Mitchell's). If you really want to roll the dice with your blood sugar, drizzle the tortilla chips with a bit of honey after the cinnamon-sugar mixture, and serve with the ice cream.

Feb 13, 2008
sfkusinera in Recipes

Children's books about food...

I LOVED Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs too! I just bought a new copy and I read it to my goddaughter. She absolutely loves it, about as much as I did when I was a kid. I adored the idea of the sky raining doughnuts, a split pea fog, and giant pancakes flattening a house, and rafts of stale bread. I was a chubby kid who LOVED food, so I think I was just fascinated with the idea that somewhere in the world, the sky could rain cheeseburgers and spaghetti.

Other books I loved as a kid that figured prominently in my development and in my love for and interest in food include: (I know you are looking for picture books, but here are some of my childhood faves in which food figures prominently):

- The Little House on the Prairie series (every book, but especially Little House in the Big Woods for the pig butchering chapter, and Farmer Boy for every gluttonous page, pretty much, and the chapter in the Long Winter in which the train finally comes in and they have Christmas in the spring -- these books really taught me so much at a young age about the connections between food, subsistence, and the seasons, and how fortunate we were to even have food on the table)
- What's for Lunch, Charley? (1961)
- Amelia Bedelia books (I loved the endings when she would bake a pie and smooth over everyone's anxiety over her misdeeds and mistakes)
- There was a Casper the Ghost book I loved in which Casper and a rat make a grilled cheese sandwich. It just tickled me when I was 8 years old.

oh...and there are tons more...these are just off the top of my head.

Nov 02, 2007
sfkusinera in Food Media & News

Best pancakes in SF?

I love Zazie's pancakes. Their plain pancakes are the closest I've ever found to my grandfather's amazing diner pancakes (he ran a diner from 1931 to the 1980s) -- a buttery, vanilla-infused aroma and tenderness. Their gingerbread pancakes are delicious, as are their special pancakes of the day: I've had lemon poppyseed and an incredible bread pudding pancake last week. I usually get their poached egg plates (Monaco is my favorite), and a single pancake. Perfect.