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Guests ducking out for Black Friday (Thursday?!) shopping

be gracious and let them do what they want this year. They're not invited to dinner next year, since they're obviously not interested in spending time with anyone at the table. They can come for coffee and desserts.

Nov 25, 2013
tomishungry in Not About Food

Have you ever been censored by Chowhound moderator? I have many times!!

CH moderator deleted some replies to my original post. Greatly appreciated the moderation to an off topic, vaguely snide reply to my original post.

Keep the good work CH mods! You have my support!

Oct 11, 2013
tomishungry in Site Talk

Euphemistic Food Names

Sea cucumber. Fish maw. Blood pudding. Offal.

Oct 07, 2013
tomishungry in General Topics

looking for metal coffee syphon

Does anyone know where to get a metal coffee syphon?

I've seen them in use in some NY Chinese restaurants like Mei Li Wah and Chatham Restaurant. The devices look like giant funnels that fit into the neck of a standard restaurant coffee pot. Don't know if they're still using them since their ownership changes, it's been a while since I've sat at the bar to watch.

From the looks of the syphons at both of those restaurants, they've been withstanding hard use for years. I've had a Bodum syphon, but it really didn't last too long with me. I'm looking for something a little more durable, and all I can find out there are glass bodies.

Thanks for your help!

Jun 17, 2013
tomishungry in Cookware

What cookware item do you want now?

A wok pit and a commercial exhaust system.

Jun 11, 2013
tomishungry in Cookware

If money was no object, what would your everyday cooking look like?

Thomas Keller menus?

Jan 15, 2013
tomishungry in General Topics

How Old Was It?

A bunch of hot sauces that I started buying in 1992. Bought them in New Orleans, shipped to CA, then moved with me to NY and now NJ. Still tastes fine, and I've got about 5 out of the 15 or 20 I bought back then.

Jul 18, 2012
tomishungry in General Topics

Mold on Apple Slice in Brown Sugar Jar

Put the brown sugar in a ziplock bag, and squeeze the air out. A good squeeze will loosen everything up if it ever turns into a block.

May 17, 2012
tomishungry in General Topics

Asian desserts...why don't I like them?

dessert without chocolate?

Can't be done.

A chinese dude.

Apr 25, 2012
tomishungry in General Topics

Question probably for Global knife owners..

I used a minosharp plus on my 8" global chef, my 5" global utility knife, and my Wusthof 10" chef. Ruined all their edges. Had to go to a whetstone to reshape everything.

I believe there's a Minosharp and a Minosharp plus. Documentation wasn't very clear when I did the research. From what I remember, the Minosharp plus was more suited for western knives and the Minosharp were meant for Globals.

Don't flame me if you had a great experience with a Minosharp! I tried the Minosharp + and spent a long time restoring decent edges for three knives.

Nov 14, 2011
tomishungry in Cookware

What's the best way to get my daughter eating spicy food?

I always made my daughter the spicy version and the non-spicy version, and asked her to take one bite of everything before deciding. I upped to ante to two, or three bites as she got older. She sucked down the blue cheese, caviar and mussels when she was three, and had started in on grilled duck breast and foie gras not too long after. Since I'm chinese, the dim sum, rice, tofu, veggies, etc. have been on the table since day one.

I forgot to pack her lunch one day, and, almost cried in joy when she told me the camp lunches were OK, at least the turkey wasn't nasty mystery meat. But, Mommy and Daddy's are still better.

Jun 24, 2011
tomishungry in Home Cooking

Taking Nominations for a new pasta pot

See if you can do anything about the heat source.

I experimented with two pots. A cheapo thin stainless steel pot and good sitram stock pot with a decent aluminum base. Controlled for temperature of the starting water, and the beginning heat of the burner. With equal volumes of water, both came to a boil at exactly the same time.

Yeah, I'm a geeky engineer. The pot makes zero difference for boiling water, it's all the heat source.

Jun 16, 2011
tomishungry in Cookware

Things That Call Into Question A Cook's Credibility...

Hey, those potato flakes make great potato bread without having to worry about moisture content!

And my wife bought the green cylinder. I just live here.

Jun 14, 2011
tomishungry in General Topics

What is the worst thing you've been served and ate?

Nasty fish or eels that looked like the jointed undersides of cockroaches in hot sauce at a company cafeteria in southern China.

I love hot food with taste. Habaneros, facing heavon peppers, yada yada. I've eaten fried scorpions in China. I'm chinese, traveled all over the world and willingly put away any food to be polite and try something new.

These things looked like horrid mutated shi'ar in a sauce that blasted my head off. Took three or four bites, then choked down the rice and veggies, which tasted as bad but didn't look quite as horrid. The only thing in my entire life I refused to continue to eat on looks alone. I tried to choke more down to be polite to my hosts, but the burn and the nasty sheet metal trays in a dark room blew me out.

Over ten years ago, and I still feel nasty thinking about that lunch. My fellow american buddy took it down without blinking an eye. Truly a low chowhounding day

Jun 04, 2011
tomishungry in Not About Food

Choose 1 national cuisine and 1 last bite.


Foie gras, goose not duck with a REAL baguette and a decadent sauterne.

Or my mom's dumplings.

Mar 28, 2011
tomishungry in General Topics

pressure cooker deep frying - who's out there?

Who's done this, and what are your results? I started reading about this in another thread, and the thought popped into my head that I could now deep fry without making a mess. New toy, new technique to explore and bragging rights to my friends who just shoot 20 foot flames off of their grills.

Anyone out there tried this? It's got to be faster. Does it result in crunchier/moister/hotter items coming out of the pot? Best fish and chips I've ever had was in London. Came out at nuclear heat for a piece of flounder. This never happens, since the fish gets cold and damp during the trip from the fryer. Can cooking this under pressure help me recreate this fish?

Food geek alert! This is actually more exciting than anything I've done all month!

>I've been resisting a pressure cooker because I don't need any more kitchen toys. But pressurized >deep frying? Now I'm excited. I've avoided deep frying because of the mess. The thought that I can >have a new toy and add another technique to the arsenal?

>I think this now deserves it's own thread.

Mar 23, 2011
tomishungry in Home Cooking

For All You Chain Haters...Secret Copy Cat Recipes...


I've been resisting a pressure cooker because I don't need any more kitchen toys. But pressurized deep frying? Now I'm excited. I've avoided deep frying because of the mess. The thought that I can have a new toy and add another technique to the arsenal?

I think this now deserves it's own thread.

Mar 23, 2011
tomishungry in Food Media & News

Do you pack your own food when you go...

Yup. Snacks, and drinks at Disneyworld in a wheeled knapsack. Water, crackers, diet coke (for the kid, of course) granola bars, etc. One of the guards protested until I pointed out the six year old.

They made plenty off me everywhere else. Those guys are masters at painlessly separating you from your money. I had to admire that "disney" card they give you if you stay in the hotels. It doesn't even feel like spending real money, so everyone goes crazy. I can't believe I bought some of those tchotkes.

Mar 23, 2011
tomishungry in General Topics

raising a chowpup and her non-chowish friends

How many hounds out there are trying to get their kids to try chowish food while fighting back against nuggets, mystery dogs, burgers and fries?

My little chowkid loves trying new food, but her little friends are having problems with seeing guacamole, hummus, homemade soups (eek! it's not Campbell's), chili, and other "weird" looking foods appear at lunch. Don't even get me started on dumplings, soy sauce chicken and rice, etc. Tempted to make some chicken feet and tripe just to harass them. Give me a recipe with with those and some sea cucumbers and I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

When we bought a school lunch one day, she told us about the green hotdogs, toaster pizza, and freezer mystery nuggets. She's still asking for school lunches because she wants to fit in.

I remember doing the same thing. I got delicious pot stickers and soups from mom, and all I wanted was bologna and pbj sandwiches (well, I still like those).

What are you doing to encourage your little chowkid?

Mar 12, 2011
tomishungry in Not About Food

Your First Cookbook?

James Beard, Theory and Practice of Good Cooking

Mar 04, 2011
tomishungry in Home Cooking

Cookbooks: Hows & Whys not Recipes

James Beard, Theory and Practice of Good Cooking.

Mar 02, 2011
tomishungry in Home Cooking

Pork rillettes failure!

Try this. Works, it's insanely easy and makes a wonderful end dish.


Dec 20, 2010
tomishungry in Home Cooking

Is Frieling Sitram the same as Sitram?

Frieling's the US distributor for Sitram.

Dec 09, 2010
tomishungry in Cookware

'Tis the Season! -- What's the WORST "perfect gift for a food-lover" you've ever received?

Pasta drying rack. Single hardest to store unitasker I've ever seen.

Dec 07, 2010
tomishungry in Not About Food

How Many Oysters?

My wife and I ate a dozen each at Hog Island near SF, and took a gross home with us. When we got home, she suddenly couldn't eat any more (she was pregnant at the time) so my friend and I spent the rest of the weekend pounding raw oysters, oyster soup, oyster stuffing, etc. It was Thanksgiving too, so it was a tough chow weekend. Couldn't eat an oyster for years after that.

Nov 10, 2010
tomishungry in General Topics

What do you drink at a wedding?

Congrats on the wedding!

Basics are champagne for the toast, red & white wine, beer and soft drinks.

Depending on the crowd, count on minimum 3 drinks each at a reception. That's 1.5 oz of hard liquor, a bit more than 1/2 a bottle of wine, 3 beers. I would personally add the champagne on top of the calculations, there's always someone willing to drink an extra glass of champagne.

You can adjust up or down if the wedding is an all night affair, or if you're going to stop the festivities after 3-4 hours.

I've seen people drink double or triple this at an all night affair where everyone's staying at a hotel. If it's on New Year's eve, maybe you'd better use New Year's celebration estimates for your friends rather than typical wedding recommendations.

Some shops will take extra alcohol back. Again, there's always someone who's willing to take care of it.

Oct 26, 2010
tomishungry in General Topics

The best creative cooking book - not a compilation of recipes but how to wing it or cook without a recipe

James Beard, Theory and Practice of Good Cooking.

Taught me the basics so I could "wing it" myself.

For chinese cooking, the Modern Art of Chinese Cooking by Barbara Tropp. Sadly out of print, but still available used. Don't tell my mom, but Tropp taught me why I was using certain chinese techniques in kitchen and the reasons it enhanced flavor, whereas mom just told me "do it this way".

Eek. I'm dead if mom ever sees this......some white lady teaching a nice chinese boy how to cook and improving on her recipes.

Sep 07, 2010
tomishungry in Home Cooking

First mayo post-mortem - What went wrong?

I use olive oil and more acid.

Jul 06, 2010
tomishungry in Home Cooking

best korean ingredients?

Hi everyone,

I've been playing with some Korean dishes over the past few months, and having a tough time gauging ingredient quality.

Can anyone out there with more experience tell me what are your favorite brands for ingredients like:

sesame oil
soy sauce (korean, I have my favorite chinese one already)
malt syrup, and does it really make a diff from corn syrup

Any other ingredients that you consider "key" to your korean cooking?

Jul 06, 2010
tomishungry in General Topics

More than one pepper grinder?

Got a set of six in a stainless steel caddy, one in the kitchen for cooking, and a few others floating around for good measure. Keeps all my common spices and salts ready for action.

May 07, 2010
tomishungry in Cookware