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Next Miami/SoBe Visit in 2 Weeks

Glad you liked it.

Must-try foods in South Florida?

Probably should do Graziano's on Bird Rd too

Next Miami/SoBe Visit in 2 Weeks


Must-try foods in South Florida?

Here are a few
Stone Crabs - Joe's stone crab (in season only)
Frita - el mago or el Ray de las fritas
pan con minuta - La Camaronera
Chicharrones - El Palacio de los Jugos

Best Charcuterie

I had no idea they were open.

2015 Miami Spice

I think CF is referring to off the menu dishes and not necessarily cheaper than normal fare.

Last I heard, macchialina was closed only though the 16th which means only 2 weeks missed unless the renovations are taking longer than expected.

Best Charcuterie

I remember reading that the Sra. Martinez popup at the Miami Beach Thompson has lardo wrapped figs.

here is the article from eater

Best Chicken Sandwich

Dutch's Korean fried chicken sandwich (lunch only).

Haven't had it in years but the chicken biscuits at Yardbird should probably be tried. I remember it being my favorite thing there.

Both are in south beach in case anyone else is wondering.

Best Charcuterie

The charcuterie plate at Bay Club (bar by Lucali) in SOBE is expensive but very good.

2015 Miami Spice

The Dutch is always a good place to go for spice as they make new dishes which are usually great. They change their spice menu in late august/early September. I usually catch both and is really the only spice I do these days.

Brickell and Wynwood

Shikany is closed.

Brickell and Wynwood

Campania is closed and the association with Sardinia ended within the first 2 weeks of opening.

I would add Myumi Sushi in Wynwood to your list.

I would also add Mignonette, even though it is not in Wynwood, it is on the way to Wynwood from brickell.

Hottest Taco Joint in Miami

Go to Taquiza for tacos in South Beach. There is none higher.

I like the tortas and quesadilla at bodega though.


As an aside, at the Bay Club (bar next to Lucali) you can get the meatballs, small calzone, salads, etc. as well and it is the only place you can get an 11 inch pie (plain or pepperoni only). The 11 inch pie at the bay club is just as good as the 20 inch pie served next door (which you cannot get at the bar).


The meatballs in Lucali Sobe have been around for at least 6 months. They are different than the ones in Brooklyn as they are all beef. What makes them great is the Lucali tomato sauce.

Recommendations for Miami/SoBe

Correct, we do not get food trucks in SOBE.

ALTER (new Brad Kilgore place in Wynwood)

I liked all the desserts.

Birthday Dinner

While I am not enamored with Quality Meats, I think the food is solid and it would be a very good place for you to go at least once, especially with a non-adventurous group. It is a beautiful space and is the hot steakhouse on the beach now.

My less adventurous friends swear by this place.

ALTER (new Brad Kilgore place in Wynwood)

The 5 course tasting menu is a relative good value to the dishes. I would do the whole menu though.

Birthday Dinner

In addition to CFs options:
Quality Meats


BTW the bay club (bar next to lucali) now serves 11 inch pies. You have to go to the bar to get them Lucali only serves 20 inch pies. The bar only has pepperoni and plain pizzas though. The 11 inch pie is just as good as the 20 inch.

Il Gabbiano vs Prime 112


Miami - Financial District

Edge Steak Bar, Db Bistro, River Oyster Bar, Il Gabbiano

A month in MIA

Do you know around where in Miami Beach your apartment is? Is it North or south of 30th st?

date spots in miami?

Casa has not changed and is still a top place to take a date you want to impress for the first time as long as they are not as into food as most of us are.

date spots in miami?

Drunken Dragon's food is not as good as 27, plus it is Korean/asian fusion which I think Lau in particular should avoid (he's had much better), and finally it is hip but is crowded and pretty loud. Very nice space though.

date spots in miami?

He is from NYC, so I would nix Lucali in this case.

date spots in miami?

Not sure he is looking for fancy. I agree on Cypress Room but it lacks the cool factor that 27 has in spades. I think Cool and Cozy is what he is looking for. Lau, if I am wrong, let me know. 27 also has the advantage of being one of the best places to get a drink in Miami (there and the broken shaker next door).

MM74 is a good spot too but I would do Casa Tua over it in this case even though the food at MM74 is superior. It is tough to beat the ambiance at Casa Tua, especially given what I understand of the parameters.

Edit - If dark is more of a priority than cool, Frod's recs are better than mine. Though I do think Casa Tua would be the most romantic overall.

Quality Meats is in NYC where Lau lives, and frankly, despite the recent herald review, I felt it was pretty much like many other good steak houses that litter Miami. They did a very nice job on the interior though, but it is not cozy - it is cool.

date spots in miami?

I think 27 is your best bet because Vagaband is cool but not intimate.

If you want to overspend you can do casa tua - I have not been in years but I understand food is still good but very overpriced, and it has the ambiance you are looking for.

Another place I have not eaten in almost a decade is Romeo's café, which is dark and intimate but not as cool as 27 or Casa Tua.


I did it and enjoyed it. It is not as refined as their usual fare and the portions are larger. I believe the price applies to kids as well though.