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Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

CF, fyi pubbelly's burger is back for sunday brunch (but they added bacon to it which I think overpowers it a bit but most probably most will prefer it) -- worth trying as it is shake shack style.

Michael Schwartz at The Raleigh

I thought the food was very good there. I have not been to Michael's in the design district in a while so I cannot compare.

Sunday Night Dinner

River Oyster Bar?

Mignonette - Miami

Yes, those shrimp still blew me away even without the heads. Looking at them I did not expect much but that all changed after my first bite. I will always get this dish there.

Mignonette - Miami

I had a great meal there.

Things that stood out in no particular order:

Oysters - I give them the edge over the Dutch (which used to be my favorite) because of more variety and I like their mignonette sauce a little better. My new go to spot for them.

Peel & Eat shrimp - must get this, far better than I expected -- incredibly sweet. One request I would have is to leave the heads on though.

Oyster's Rockefeller - Best I have had of this dish.

Lobster Roll - No mayo, drawn butter.

Kaluga Caviar - I didn't know I was that fancy. I mention it here because short of buying it yourself and prepping it, it is the cheapest place I know you can get it by a good margin.

Croissants - Lobster butter and mango -- need I say more...

Lobster devilled eggs.

Prime Rib

Their lemonade is awesome too -- not too sweet.

They have the bread pudding from blue collar there which was great and so was the lemon square.

I could not believe how much they had their stuff together during the second day opening. It was like they were open for months. I got everything I ordered very quickly after I ordered it. Service was fantastic.

Michy's and Miami Spice this year?

The Dutch has always done a good job with spice. They change spice menu in September too so you can do it twice. Scarpetta might also be a good choice.

Brunch/Miami Spice questions

Pubbelly usualy has a great value on their spice

I would do the $28 or $42 dim sum brunch at Hakkasan instead of spice.

The Dutch always does spice well.

Macchialina and Tongue & Cheek for brunch in South Beach. Restaurant Michael Schwartz probably has a good brunch.

Oolite Restaurant - New from Kris Wessel - SoBe near Lincoln Road

Snapper crudo was great. Just had it.

Oolite Restaurant - New from Kris Wessel - SoBe near Lincoln Road

I just went there again and it was great again.

Black Brick

Never had a bad meal there on multiple visits. I went again yesterday for their brunch and loved every non-traditional part of it. In particular, the lobster dumplings with butter were awesome and are among the best dumplings I ever had.


The short answer is yes. I have not been but chowfather likes it. And I think Frod has been and enjoyed it.

Cheap and cheerful in South Beach

No particular order
My Ceviche
Shake Shack
El Chalan
Burger & Beer Joint
Puerto Sagua
A la Folie
Jimmy'z Kitchen
Milos has a $24 lunch
Las Olas Café
La Sandwicherie

Miami Spice 2014 Edition

Blackbrick is already priced for spice. It does not make much sense for them.

Gotham no longer exists - will become another Mina restaurant soon.

Pb Steak does spice. Sushi does not.

red light-Kris Wessel's Highly Anticipated New Spot on Biscayne

Save some shrimp bbq sauce for the ribs...

Best restaurants on Lincoln Road

Oolite, Meat Market and Shake Shack are the top 3

Post Wedding Brunch - 20-25 People

I was unaware of this. Definitely an option...

South Beach Suggestions

I notice that you don't have 1826 on your top 15. Just for the record how does it compare to Bazaar?

South Beach Suggestions

Didn't know that. Thanks.

Where would you go for the best breakfast and dinner in Miami?

No problem, what is weird is that your reply is a year and a half after the thread started, is this a bug?

Bazaar is still good btw...

South Beach Suggestions

Restaurants near you
Lure (I actually like the Dutch better but lure is right next door and is solid -- what is weird was the quality of the sushi at lure is surprisingly good -- I would eat this at the sushi bar though if you go that route)
Restaurant Michael Schwartz
You should also consider Oolite which is a little further from you.

Cheap Eats (no particular order except the first two are very near you)
El Chalan
My Ceviche
La Sandwicherie
Joe's takeout (fried chicken)
Puerto Sagua

Post Wedding Brunch - 20-25 People

Try Lechon, Oolite, Sardinia, PB Steak, Barceloneta, and Lucali which might open their bar area for you.

Brickell Ave business dinner options?

Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for reporting.

Miami Spice

Since you are going during spice in September, the touristy thing is irrelevant as September is the slowest month of the year. Just search for top spots in sobe and choose your places from that.

If you want quiet, you should eat early. Indomania is quiet by nature, most other places get louder as it gets closer to 9pm.

Oolite Restaurant - New from Kris Wessel - SoBe near Lincoln Road

I had a small meal there. If you get the ribs save some of the sauce from the shrimp for them. Get the flan for dessert. It is incredible.

Miami Spice

You could do better on the restaurant side.

Fogo de Chao is just ok, Baires is not as good as it once was (but still good), Sardinia is very good as is Indomania. You should search the board for the best south beach options and take your pick.

Must Eats in Miami

Miami's is strong in Cuban, central and South American cuisine -- except for Mexico.

Must Eats in Miami

I would do El Chalan over Puerto Sagua.

Brickell Ave business dinner options?

Kill the concept of Nemesis, I forgot it was a business dinner. Not a good place for that (great food though).

Brickell Ave business dinner options?

DB Bistro in your hotel is great
Zuma is next door - which is good to very good but over priced and overrated
Il Gabbiano is nearby and is very good
Edge Steak Bar is very good
River Oyster Bar is very good
Nemesis Bistro is very good

Here is a good recent list for top Miami restaurants

Although how dare he not have blackbrick in there :).

One night in South Beach

Call up Bazaar and see what they can do. I would not do OLA. If you can't do Bazaar and don't want to do Milos, I would do the Dutch. In partuclar, the oysters, fried oyster sliders, king crab, pork chop and steak (ribeye) are all memorable. Both pastas are great too as is their snapper.

If you want to go Italian, Macchialina is a great choice. I also had a great but small meal at Oolite. If you go to Oolite, the flan there is life changing.