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Adrienne Arsht Center

Proof is in midtown so it is further away than mignonette. The pastas at proof are not large portions so coma is unlikely unless you order lots of dishes. The pasta there is excellent. My favorite is the angel hair crab.

Pubbelly Lunch Tripe Alert -SOBE

Done. I am following you.

Pubbelly Lunch Tripe Alert -SOBE

They still have it today and tomorrow. Maybe I will open a twitter account just to contact you directly on this kind of stuff.

Pubbelly Lunch Tripe Alert -SOBE

12-3 pm Tuesday -Friday. But I was told the tripe stew (daily stew on the menu) would last until Thursday.

Pubbelly Lunch Tripe Alert -SOBE

They told me that the daily stew will be tripe from Tuesday - Thursday next week.

Edit - the Tripleta Sandwich is awesome too.


I just went and enjoyed it but it is not as good as Lucali. One thing though, their nutella pizza uses Italian nutella so they get extra points for that.

Bodega South Beach

Not been to Coyo yet.

Bodega South Beach

Bodega South Beach

Tacos are great, torta (scrambled egg) even better and quesadilla (steak) was outstanding and was the best thing I had. I think this is the best Mexican in Sobe. I went for lunch so the bar was not open, but the bar looks great.

Now if only their tortillas and chips were like Taquiza.

BTW they do have some service issues to work out. I have a high tolerance for this, but if service issues annoy you, you may want to wait a month or so to give them time to get their stuff together.

Miami mega list: feel free to comment! (wall of text!)

You should go to My Ceviche and Taquiza in south beach.

Edit and/or Bodega

Restaurant recs for a long weekend

1826 just changed chefs.

Looking for Private Diner Party Spot

You might want to check out if the Edition hotel can work with you. I have not been but if they can, I understand they have upscale, fun and cool in spades. There are two restaurants there. Matador and Market. I think Matador might be the most likely to accommodate you.

Eataly Coming to Miami/Brickell

I heard a lot of good things about the chicken rice dish at matador btw.


Not yet. Just heard about it. Will go next week. Seems like the old Giotto chef opened his own place. Giotto had a good reputation. I tried the Giotto calzone once. It was good but not lucali good.

Eataly Coming to Miami/Brickell

Thanks. I think you are right. Just found another article in June of 2014 which mentions that they are "said to have already signed a lease" - so hopefully it is true. It would be a big deal.


Thanks for the tip on Market. It is on my list.

Seattle couple coming in February. Need recs

You may want to try bourbon steak instead of mina 74. I liked burbon steak better (same ownership).

Makoto for sushi in bal harbour is one of the best sushi places in Miami. It is a bit pricey though.

Joes is a great place and you should go. One of the few places in Miami that can be considered an institution and the food is great.

I would do Mignonette for oysters.

Eataly Coming to Miami/Brickell

Link? Last I heard this was only a rumor...

Need Miami restaurant recommendation

I would do Versailles. It is a place you need to go at least once.

Cantina La Veinte--Brickell

In Sobe you should try Taquiza (very different form and much better than Taquizalan on Bay Road) on Collins avenue but it is not really a restaurant.

They charge for chips, but their chips are special, made from corn imported from mexico and they are outstanding.

South Beach/Miami Beach dinner spot to watch Bowl game

I tilt my chair twords the tv when watching games at sardninia.

South Beach/Miami Beach dinner spot to watch Bowl game

I would do Sardinia, though it does not have multiple tvs it has a good bar. The only issue is the TV is on the side but I have watched many games there and it has not bothered me. I don't see why you need multiple tvs anyway when the playoff bowl games are on at different times. I prefer Sardinia to any of the other restaurants already mentioned.

Macchialina also has a TV and the food is even better but I don't think it is comfortable enough at the bar to sit through a 3 hour game.

Italian restaurants in Miami

I have not tried Gabbiano in a while but have always preferred Macchialina. Macchialina is less expensive as well. Gabbiano's portions are larger and more straight-forward/traditional than Macchialina.

The space at Gabbiano is far superior. If you are interested in that, it could very well be the difference. Macchialina is a little cozy spot but can get a bit loud when crowded. Gabbiano is spectacular.

There is also the convenience factor which weighs heavily in Gabbiano's favor. The Brickell to South Beach commute is not fun.

You should go to Edge Steak and Bar in Brickell. Really convenient for you and a really great restaurant. You also might want to check out DB Bistro. They have some of the best charcuterie in town (also very convenient for you).

If you want to travel a bit more Michael's Genuine is always a great call. I have heard very good things about the Cypress Room too. Blackbrick has some really good Chinese and dumplings.

Chowfather is a frequent poster here and knows his food. Here is his list of top 20 restaurants in Miami.


Note that Azul and Toscana Divino are also very convenient for you. But I have not been to either within the last 5 years so I cannot personally vouch for them.

Italian restaurants in Miami

I would do Macchialina for everything but Pizza and Lucali for pizza. Lucali has the best pizzas and calzones in Miami by a good margin.

Pubbelly is not open for lunch. I would not do 1826 as they recently changed chefs.

If you want to stay in Brickell do Il Gabbiano. I would do Il Gabbiano over Il Mulino. Il Mulino is in south beach but the dishes and dining style are similar and Il Gabbiano's owners are the original owners of Il Mulino (the owners of the original Il Mulino sold out to the current owners, then opened Gabbiano).

Sardinia remains one of my favorite restaurants but I would stick with the above.

Scarpetta changed chefs recently and I have not been back since. Otherwise, I would recommend going there.

Critique this Itinerary, Please....resto at new Edition Hotel any good??

Not sure why you would do meat market over something like the Dutch.

From what I understand of the Edition Hotel Jean George's restaurant group does the entire F&B there. I never heard of 294 though.

[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in Miami - Fort Lauderdale for "Best of 2014."

Nemesis is closing soon.

[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in Miami - Fort Lauderdale for "Best of 2014."

In addition to CF's picks

Josh's Deli http://joshsdeli.com/
Sardinia http://www.sardinia-ristorante.com/
Mignonette http://www.mignonettemiami.com/

Thanksgiving in Miami?

The Dutch's along with a bunch of other menus are here:


Taquiza in SOBE

Great place. Open only for dinner (for now).

Issues - no great place to sit down and eat, but the tacos and chips are worth it.

The tacos are very clean (meaning not sauced up) and it really allows the tortilla (which is awesome) to shine. They use quality ingredients too. I loved their homemade hot sauce.

Though my experience in Mexican is limited, their chips are by far the best chips I have had anywhere.

The other stuff I had there was good but I would stick to the above. My favorite taco was the Lengua but they were all very good. The salsa that comes with the chips is not recommended (it is not terrible but is not special and I think it detracts from the chips). I would do just guacamole and/or use their hot sauce, but the chips are amazing even without anything.

Overall, these are the best Tacos I have had in Miami for sure.

Coming (home) to Miami for Christmas week, help?

Nemesis is closing December 10th unfortunately.

Coming (home) to Miami for Christmas week, help?

I like the ceviche at 105 but I like My Ceviche more. Obviously Ceviche 105 is a lot more comfortable and it is reasonably priced like you said.