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Nominate your favorite restaurants in Miami - Fort Lauderdale for "Best of 2014."

Nemesis is closing soon.

Nominate your favorite restaurants in Miami - Fort Lauderdale for "Best of 2014."

In addition to CF's picks

Josh's Deli http://joshsdeli.com/
Sardinia http://www.sardinia-ristorante.com/
Mignonette http://www.mignonettemiami.com/

Thanksgiving in Miami?

The Dutch's along with a bunch of other menus are here:


Taquiza in SOBE

Great place. Open only for dinner (for now).

Issues - no great place to sit down and eat, but the tacos and chips are worth it.

The tacos are very clean (meaning not sauced up) and it really allows the tortilla (which is awesome) to shine. They use quality ingredients too. I loved their homemade hot sauce.

Though my experience in Mexican is limited, their chips are by far the best chips I have had anywhere.

The other stuff I had there was good but I would stick to the above. My favorite taco was the Lengua but they were all very good. The salsa that comes with the chips is not recommended (it is not terrible but is not special and I think it detracts from the chips). I would do just guacamole and/or use their hot sauce, but the chips are amazing even without anything.

Overall, these are the best Tacos I have had in Miami for sure.

Coming (home) to Miami for Christmas week, help?

Nemesis is closing December 10th unfortunately.

Coming (home) to Miami for Christmas week, help?

I like the ceviche at 105 but I like My Ceviche more. Obviously Ceviche 105 is a lot more comfortable and it is reasonably priced like you said.

Single diner in Miami

There are a ton of spots up around 71st street on the beach. Frod is the expert in that area so I hope he posts. I don't know the area well enough to give you good advice there.

You might also want to try indomania btw.

Thanksgiving in Miami?

The Dutch > Yardbird.

Thanksgiving in Miami?

The Dutch does a great job for thanksgiving.

If you are staying in south beach I would do Puerto Sagua.

Coming (home) to Miami for Christmas week, help?

Oh yeah forgot about that one...

Coming (home) to Miami for Christmas week, help?

Hotel Restaurants are open on those days, so you go to places like the Dutch, Edge, Bazaar, Morimoto, etc.

I have never eaten at Xixon so can't speek to it. I have not been to Yardbird since the chef left. B&B is not what it used to be last I went over a year ago. The others should be ok. Michael's genuine just expanded the bar and has a raw bar now.

Other restaurants to consider (no particular order)
Nemesis Bistro
Josh's Deli

Single diner in Miami

CF, Mike told me a few months ago he has tripe specials at Macchialina so he can eat it himself. That is why I was surprised when he told me Thursday night he is now offering it somewhat regularly.

Just to be clear, he said the tripe is offered on a special late night menu Friday and Saturday (I think it starts 11pm) and happy hour on Wednesday.

Single diner in Miami

I just found that out last night.

We need as many people eating this stuff as possible. No one can keep it on the menu here.

Good restaurants in Miami Beach that won't break the bank?

In Sobe
Macchialina, Pubbelly, Pubbelly Sushi (these are not cheap but they are not overpriced either).

Single diner in Miami

If you go to pubbelly, go early and try to get the new stone crab pasta. It is awesome (it is much better than it sounds). They always run out quickly. Their cochinillo, mofongo and pumpkin pork belly are killer too (most of their menu is great, but these are exceptional). They have a pumpkin dessert that is pretty great too.

Edit: Pubbelly also has the veal brains on the menu that was a big hit at the PB Steak Cobaya.

Macchialina, btw serves Tripe late night Friday, Saturday and for happy hour every Wednesday.

The Dutch changed their steak (ribeye). It is still very good but, I liked their old steak better and the new steak is much more expensive.

I thought the sushi at Morimoto (at the sushi bar) was very good, but pricey, I also thought the pastrami yellow tail was great and the tuna pizza and uni pasta were very good.

Bachelorette party in Miami - where to eat dinner?

In addition to those mentioned, I would consider Zuma. It is much more of a pain in the neck to get to but it is kind of a spectacular place. I like the food better at Bazaar, but the food at Zuma is still very good and I think the setting might be better for a bachelorette party. But if you want to stay on the beach, do Bazaar.

You could also do Drunken Dragon on the beach. It is not as good as Bazaar or Zuma, but is still solid. It has a great vibe and is much cheaper than any of the previous suggestions.

Driving from FLL to South Beach, anywhere to stop for lunch?

As to your second question, the answer is only if you are bored with South Beach and want a change of scene.

Driving from FLL to South Beach, anywhere to stop for lunch?

There are tons of options
I would do something like Yakko-San or Panya Thai personally.

Where to eat besides Michael's Genuine

+1 to Frod's recs. I would add the Dutch to the mix.

South Beach Must Trys?

Lure in your hotel
El Chalan (not seafood specifically but Peruvian which has lots of seafood dishes).
Oolite is not seafood specific but has great seafood dishes, particularly the bbq shrimp and the conch chowder.
Milos does an inexpensive lunch but it is a far walk
My Ceviche but it is quite a walk, you can get takeout there to eat at the hostel next door. The ceviche is worth it. Their other stuff is good too.

South Beach Must Trys?

Lure Fishbar

South Beach Must Trys?

Lure is in your hotel and is very good. The sushi is surprisingly good.

Oolite is another option that is not in the thread below. I like Oolite a little more than lure.


I would add otentic and el chalan (which is right near you) as cheaper casual options.

1826 is another high end option.

Recommendations near Jackie Gleason Theater?

+1 Oolite is the way to go.

Where to eat near Hilton Bentley on South Beach

My Ceviche. Stone crabs will not be in season until the 15th. You just missed them.

Where to eat near Hilton Bentley on South Beach

Sardinia is a cab ride. They can walk to macchialina (depending on how hot it will be -- it is a bit of a walk though. If you do walk walk west to alton first then north. South Beach gets wider as you go north.)

Where to eat near Hilton Bentley on South Beach

Taking the bus is a huge waste of time. I do not recommend it. Time is precious on your vacation.

Where to eat near Hilton Bentley on South Beach

My Ceviche
Tongue & Cheek
Joe's Take Away (if open)

Tongue & Cheek

Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

Lure makes a very good burger. Based on the big mac but with superior ingredients and not fried.

I like the lechon burger but the sliders (which they unfortunately took of the menu were better).

Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

I have not tried the Wolfgang burger. On my list.

Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

CF, fyi pubbelly's burger is back for sunday brunch (but they added bacon to it which I think overpowers it a bit but most probably most will prefer it) -- worth trying as it is shake shack style.