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Looking fo Taiwanese ice "Snow"

pretty darn sure I've had it at Taiwan Cafe in the past.

Sep 14, 2012
vvrimon in Greater Boston Area

this sunday: cheap chow near 6A

Hi All,

This Sunday my chow-minded friend and I are driving down from Boston and doing a scenic drive along 6A. We'll probably get to Sandwich around noon, and continue down 6A. We are looking for cheap and chowish eats, which seems tough right now, because a lot of the roadside fish and clam shacks reccomended on this board seem to be closed.

Specifically: roadside, farmstand or anything you can either eat outside or take to the beach would be ideal. Any farms doing cider doughnuts down here? A great pub with good beer and good food would be good, too. Budget-minded is key. Thanks!

Oct 28, 2011
vvrimon in Southern New England

Watch out, Boston...[moved from Boston Board]

I have to post because I am beyond disturbed. In today's NYTimes food section, one article states that some bakers are having to learn to cook without butter....because some trace trans-fats are found in butter. Bakers having to give up butter...imagine!

It's bad enough that it's happening in NYC. I'm worried that Boston will follow suit.

To top it off, also included in this week's NYT food section is an article about Coca-Cola releasing a new "healthy Coke" replete with added vitamins and minerals.

Butter Bad?
Coke Good?
Have we lost our minds...and all sense of perspective?

Mar 07, 2007
vvrimon in Not About Food

Green Mangoes in the Boston area?

I can't find green mangos...but I have found green papayas at Tropical Foods in Roxbury (near Dudley.) If anyone does know where to find green mangos, I'd love to know too...

Mar 07, 2007
vvrimon in Greater Boston Area

A&J Bakery in Salem--a new local gem (long)

A&J King Artisan Bakers
48 Central Street
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 744-4881
Closed Monday

Jan 22, 2007
vvrimon in Greater Boston Area

A&J Bakery in Salem--a new local gem (long)

Perhaps you saw this Wednesday's article in the Globe about new bakeries popping up everywhere. My SO and I went on a little field trip to try them all out. Far and away, A&J King in Salem stole the show. If you love Standard Bakery in Portland, Maine, and prayed for something similar...rustic, hearty, soulful, deceptively show up in our neck of the woods, your prayers have been answered. Though not everything was perfect (not big on the corn muffin, personally) some real treats were the raisin scones (I think they called them biscuits), which were wonderfully short without being overly crumbly, and not one bit dry, and a wonderful outer-carmalized properly-crust to soft inside ratio. Also impressive were the pecan shortbreads (I read they use Plugra butter, and with shortbread being the vehicle for butter that it is, their choice of premium high-fat butter shines through), their wonderful bouchons (which could make me give up big, clunky American brownies forever, because while these have all the richness of a brownie, they somehow achieve an elegance that a brownie lacks {and probably doesn't aspire to achieve}). Also sublime was the bread pudding, which was, thankfully, not a sugar bomb, despite being glazed with a hard caramel, and its eggy richness was cut just right with bourbon (perhaps?). Also a damn fine coffee cake, wonderful, light, crusty but not stab-you-in-the-gums crusty french breads and rolls, a lovely ciabatta. I would, in short, haul ass over there.

Jan 21, 2007
vvrimon in Greater Boston Area

Meyer lemons - where to find?

Try calling Russo's and asking them for some--I know they have them somewhere, b/c I order them wholesale frequently.

Dec 15, 2006
vvrimon in Greater Boston Area

From Kitchen Arts & Letters to Room 4 Dessert: a boston hound in town for one day

thanks for the suggestions! Funny, I was already thinking either Fatty Crab or Momofuku. Where is Levain Bakery exactly?

Nov 03, 2006
vvrimon in Manhattan

From Kitchen Arts & Letters to Room 4 Dessert: a boston hound in town for one day

1st time posting. Boston chef and baker going to be in Manhattan for about 12 hours, and plan to start the day browsing in KI&L and end around midnight at Room 4 Dessert. On our way downtown, looking to have lunch for $25 and under, dinner for around $55 apiece, stop for a few snacks of course, hit up a few bakeries, and browse in a few chow-friendly shops. Suggestions?

Oct 31, 2006
vvrimon in Manhattan