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Restaurant help in Cary, NC

Sushi -- Asuka in Morrisville is great for lunch. Sushi Thai is ok.
Burgers -- Cookout, 'nuff said. Several locations, Walnut St in Cary. Drive thru only.
Pizza -- Randy's Pizza, technically in RTP off NC54 with locations in Durham.
Indian -- None in Cary that I recommend. Udupi is ok for veg food.
Thai -- Thai Villa
Chinese -- Mama Wok at Preston Corners, try the shrimp in hot and sour sauce or the "real" chinese menu items printed in the green menu if you are brave.
Middle Eastern -- Neomonde, excellent for lunch. Off 54 in Morrisville.
Italian -- Vespa in downtown Cary.
Vietnamese -- There is a new upscale joint that the Goodknight's have floated near SAS campus -- Aan?? Never been there but I hear it is pretty good.
American Food -- None in Cary that I'd go to.

Nov 01, 2006
Icorpse in Southeast

Chinese food in the triangle

Where can I find some good chinese food in the triangle? My wife and I used to like Neo China but the place has gone downhill over the last year or so. We absolutely love Charlie's in Chapel Hill for lunch. But it is a bit of a long trek.

Oct 31, 2006
Icorpse in General South Archive

RTP: Saffron

The most upscale Indian joint in the triangle has to be Azithra (sp?) around Brier Creek. Hands down the best fusion Indian cuisine in the triangle. BTW, fusion cooking is the "in" thing in India this fits right in. Super staff, stiff prices, nice drinks.
In my humble opinion, the best Indian food in the triangle can be found at the restaurant called Royal India in North Raleigh. It is off capital blvd near Toys R Us. Their Sunday lunch buffet is great. I have never tried Saffron but I hear that their chef is from a very good restaurant in India. Usually, when you try the buffet, quantity rules over quality. Azithra has lunch specials but no buffet. I hate Spice and Curry. Indian food is not about dumping copius amounts of spices into every dish. I like Bombay Grill for lunch. Much better.

Oct 31, 2006
Icorpse in General South Archive