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Biryani Park Malden....OMG!

Friends have been raving about this place for about a year. Finally made it there Saturday for dinner. One of the most complex and flavorful meals I've ever eaten. Mushroom 65, String Hoppers, Sri-Lankan Pumpkin Curry, Devilled Goat, Devilled Lamb & Fish Lamprais.

Owner and folks that work their are some of the nicest folks I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. If you want to enjoy one of the best meals in the area, this is the place. Please come out and support these folks. You won't be disappointed.

Oct 30, 2012
lel in Greater Boston Area

Trip Report

Boston natives - spent 4 days in San Francisco with my 14 year old son last week. Here's our take:

Ferry Building Marketplace - Boccalone -- great muffelata and lonza with provolone. Now this is what a farmers market should look like. Farmers markets in the Boston area pale by comparision.

Buon Gusto - very good food with great service (close to hotel - fighting jet lag). Felt like old school Italian. Son had mixed seafood over pasta. Excellent array of seafood: salmon, white fish (cod?), clams, mussels & prawns in a light red sauce. I had prawns with peas and mushrooms over pasta in a somewaht different red sauce. It was oustanding.

Eritrean/Irish food truck located in food truck park - Bangers and chips with curry sauce for son. High quality beef sausage was above average and curry had nice flavors. Mixed vegetables and chicken over enjera with a spicy sauce for me (can't recall name of truck or dish). Very good. reminded me of Ethiopian place I frequent back home. Very complex flavors and a bargain at less than $10.

Mission Bowling Club - took fellow chowhounders advice on this place, and glad we did. Oustanding chicken skewer and burger was everything it was cracked up to be. We happen to hit it during happy hour and paid $10, instead of $15 for burger...such a deal.

Bi-Rite - had to try ice cream after the salted caramel was named best ice cream in America by GQ food svengali Alan Richman. We waited in line about 25 minutes. We both agreed -- at the expense of upsetting some fans -- that the ice cream is overated. Are we the only folks that feel this way?

Swan Oyster Depot -- Waited in line for close to an hour. We get it! Food lived up to the hype. 3 shrimp cocktails, two bowls of chowder, 1/2 dozen, delicious. This coming from a Bostonian that is no stranger to outstanding seafood. Go figure, had to fly all the way to San Francisco to get the best New England clam chowder we ever tasted.

Sadly, we had to leave before eating Mexican in the Misssion District and Chinese in Chinatown. San Francisco = Great Eats!

Aug 21, 2012
lel in San Francisco Bay Area

Good Bar/Food in Cambridge or Brookline

Looking for suggestions where we'll be able to get two seats at the bar around 8:00 pm Saturday in Cambridge or Brookline for a few drinks and appetizers/small plates. Thanks in advance.

Jan 31, 2011
lel in Greater Boston Area

The New Brown Jug - Beware!

Parkway Plaza in Chelsea. Not to beat a dead horse, but I would wait at least a few months. That's how bad it was.

Sep 27, 2010
lel in Greater Boston Area

The New Brown Jug - Beware!

No comp, no manager/owner (who was at location) acknowledging problem(s), no nothing. That is what made it so frustrating. I wasn't looking for a freebie. I was looking around the dining room at virtually every customer complaining and saw absolutely no one that would be considered a manager responding to the cluster f%#& that was occurring. The poor wait staff was left to take the heat. Pathetic! I agree that the BJ pizza is great when cooked properly. If they don't get their act together soon neither of us will be able to enjoy it. They'll be out of business. I'm a lifelong Chelsea resident and recognized several "regulars" get up and leave.

Sep 21, 2010
lel in Greater Boston Area

Ajicito Pepper in Boston?

Market Basket in Chelsea has them

Sep 20, 2010
lel in Greater Boston Area

The New Brown Jug - Beware!

The New Brown Jug, a Chelsea institution for pizza for the last 30+ years has hit rock bottom with its expanded menu and move to a new location. Let me briefly list the series of mishaps that occurred early Friday evening: 15 minutes for waitress to arrive after being seated; sweet potato fries arrived 20 minutes after ordering, and it was another table's order; one of two salads arrived 10 minutes later, and it was another table's order; second salad arrived 10 minutes later; first of three pizzas arrived 15 minutes later; second of three pizzas arrived 15 minutes later - inedible because it was undercooked (sent back); third of three pizzas arrived 10 minutes later - undercooked and barely edible (we were starving at this point).

I'm not a math major, but when I look at the numbers it took over 1.5 hours to get our food. I get that growing pains come along with a menu expansion and move to a new location. It wasn't the wait that was the most frustrating part. It was the total lack of accountability by anyone working in the establishment (owner and management in particular). I felt sympathy for the waitress. She kept telling us that "they don't know what they're doing in the kitchen. They keep yelling at me every time I check on an order. The new computer system has everyone confused. The Manager keeps yelling at me and telling me to wait"...and on and on.

It got to the point that it was actually comical. I saw several tables (the smart folks) get up and leave before ordering or receiving their food. The servers were bringing food from the kitchen and had no idea what table ordered what. They were walking up to tables and asking them if they ordered a particular item. Wow! I have never had a dining experience like that in my life. Every table was looking around at each other and complaining...and I mean every table. I can't imagine how much future business they lost during the 90+ minutes we were there. Gorden Ramsey and the Kitchen Nightmares crew where are you to help these folks?

The New Brown Jug
1014 Revere Beach Parkway, Chelsea, MA 02150

Sep 20, 2010
lel in Greater Boston Area

Holiday Luncheon - Catering

Planning a work luncheon for 20 in downtown Boston. I'm looking for ideas to bring food in. No dietary restrictions. Suggestions? Thanks.

Dec 07, 2009
lel in Greater Boston Area


Where can I find fine cheesecloth in the Boston area? Thanks in advance.

Oct 21, 2009
lel in Greater Boston Area

New Bridge Steak Tips

I saw the finished base mixed with Ketchup, not the actual making of the base. Yes I'm sure. We used to goof on them for being so secretive.

Oct 08, 2009
lel in Greater Boston Area

New Bridge Steak Tips

Let me clear up the New Bridge steak tip marinade question. I worked there a number of years ago and it was a closely guarded secret. Whenever the marinade was made they would prevent the workers from entering the area where it took place. They would have large jars that contained an green herb colored base to which ketchup was added. It was about 80% ketchup to 20% base. At the time the three owners and one of their son's were the only people who knew what was in the base. This is fact. I saw it many times with my own eyes. No Coca Cola, chili sauce or bottled Italian dressing were ever used. In fact, the salad dressing was also a highly kept secret.

Oct 07, 2009
lel in Greater Boston Area

Good Balsamic Vinegar?

In the North End --

Oct 22, 2008
lel in Greater Boston Area

Singha Beer

I've been trying to figure this out and hope someone can enlighten me. Singha beer is one of my favorites. When ordering in local Thai restaurants it is normally about $4. If purchased by the case at larger liquor stores (Kappy's etc.) it runs about $35. It doesn't make sense that it costs basically the same amount for a Amstel ($4 per at restaurants and $22 per case at liquor stores) as it does for a Singha. I would assume that at $35 per case you should be paying twice as much for a Singha. What am I missing?

Sep 11, 2008
lel in Greater Boston Area

Empanadas, Hatian & Jamaican Patties

Searching for the best of the above in the Boston area. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Aug 04, 2008
lel in Greater Boston Area

Medjool Dates

Where can I find Medjool dates in the Boston area? I previously purchased them at the fruit and vegetable store on Salem St. in the North End. I believe they have recently gone out of business. Thanks in advance.

Mar 28, 2008
lel in Greater Boston Area

Mexican Chocolate

Any idea where I can purchase Mexican chocolate in the Boston area? Thanks in advance.

Jan 18, 2008
lel in Greater Boston Area

Country Ham

Where is the best place to purchase a country ham in the greater Boston area? Thanks.

Dec 13, 2007
lel in Greater Boston Area

Banana Leaves

Any idea where I can locate them in the greater Boston area? Thanks in advance.

Sep 10, 2007
lel in Greater Boston Area

Pho Anh Dao, Chelsea

I'm a Chelsea native and have frequented this place a number of times. A bit of history: the place was originally called Wings, which had been in business for 40+ years up until approximately 5 years ago. Larry Wing -- the owner -- was a Chelsea icon. At one point it served some of the best Chinese food in the area. It began declining around 1992. My last visit to Wings was in 2000. When I entered Larry Wing was asleep in the waiting area. Needless to say, I only ordered a beer. Fast forward to Ahn Do: decent Vietnameese; very nice proprietors. I've had several rice dishes and all were good for a local quick fix. It's is the only Vietnameese joint in Chelsea. It's not my first choice, but when I get an urge for Vietnameese and am feeling lazy, it hits the spot.

Apr 12, 2007
lel in Greater Boston Area

fresh tortillas from cinco de mayo, chelsea

It's located a stones throw from the Chelsea police station -- about 1/4 mile from the Chelsea Walk.

Jan 19, 2007
lel in Greater Boston Area

Emily's in Chelsea

Food is delicious! Several choices which bring it beyond a typical red sauce joint. I highly recommend it.

Dec 22, 2006
lel in Greater Boston Area

best steak or turkey tips in Malden, Medford, or Everett?

Incorrect. I used to work at the NB a lifetime ago. There is a secret recipe that only the owners and a select few know. They would actually lock the door when making it. It consists of 7 parts ketchup and a green made from scratch mixture.

Oct 31, 2006
lel in Greater Boston Area