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Summerlicious 2007

Everything else was so good except that steak! I wish I had ordered the chicken. Someone please try the chicken and let me know how it is...

Despite the steak, I may go back and try the place again on a regular night. The restaurant is really beautiful and I was impressed with the service overall...attentive and warm but not overwhelming. I was really surprised that it was so empty...but then again the last few times I passed by the place it wasn't exactly hopping either...

Ruby Chinese restaurant @ Woodside mall - opinions?

I live in Scarborough and we eat out several times a week, so I can tell you that there are still several fairly good Chinese restaurants in Scarborough, both for dim sum and dinner.

Dragon Dynasty Chinese Cuisine (Brimley & Huntingwood)
Elegantview Chinese Restaurant (Victoria Park & McNicoll)
Oriental Century Palace (Brimley & Sheppard)

In terms of Ruby, they're better for dim sum than dinner.

Street Treats Fair - quick report

Got there at 12:20pm and the lines were crazy long. It's too bad because the food looked so good!!! I guess everyone else showed up at 11:30am.

We ended up having french fries from the truck. :P

Summerlicious 2007

Had Summerlicious dinner at Chez Victor last night. Beautiful room with a lot of light and high ceilings, which made for a very comfortable atmosphere. Noticed that the restaurant was less than half full. Service was attentive and everyone was all smiles. When I asked where the bathroom was, our waitress informed me that the bathroom in the restaurant had been converted into an additional wine cellar and escorted me to the bathroom located inside Hotel Le Germain.

For appetizers, our table had both the Organic Tomato and Roast Watermelon Salad with Goat Cheese and Basil and the Fish Cake with Fennel Sauce and Pickled Mustard Sauce. The salad was a generous size and both were tasty.

For mains, I had the Kerr Farms Hanger Steak with Seasonal Mushrooms and Fresh Corn Polenta, cooked medium as recommended by our waitress. I wish she had just told me to order one of the other options because at this point, I encountered the toughest and worst piece of meat I've ever had in my life. My brother, who'll usually eat anything, declared that the steak had the texture like the bottom of his shoe. The steak knife refused to cut through the steak and I could not bite through the meat, which was dry and filled with tendons. Half the steak remained uneaten, and the other half that I tried to eat was either swallowed whole and washed down with my glass of wine, or literally spat out. It tried to eat it but it was just not edible. :(

As an aside, my Aunt had the Pan Seared Huron Whitefish with Roasted New Potatoes, Pickled Wild Leeks and Horseradish Cream and said it was delicious, so it could've been just a cheap cut of meat for the steak. I really wish they would just take the steak off the menu or substituted it for something in the same price range but still edible....even a pasta dish would've been better.

For dessert, there was a Chipwich with organic vanilla ice-cream sandwich between chocolate chip cookies or a raspberry tart with a side of raspberry mousse. Both were very good.

My stomach still hurts when I think about that hunk of meat...which is too bad because everything else about Chez Victor was very good.

Summerlicious 2007

Here are my previous Summerlicious/Winterlicious experiences.

Mildred Pierce (wonderful food & service)
Auberge du Pommier (Been twice, service was pretty bad when we went in Winter 06, but I think it was just that one particular waiter. But do go for the excellent food.)
North 44 (not on the list this year)
Filet of Sole (closed)

So-so and not memorable:
Canoe (food & service were so-so, but a fabulous view)
Ultra Supper Club
Toula (great view)
Crush Wine Bar
Courthouse Market Grill (closed)

No way:
Acqua (Food was inedible...the fish was sooooo fishy I ate 2 bites and couldn't take it anymore, just ate all the vegetables. A friend had the pasta and it wasn't any better, she left almost the entire thing uneaten.)
Celestin (food was REALLY salty)
Drake (cute waiter but cheap food)
Truffles (snooty service, mediocre food)

good resto-lounge?

How about Kultura, Ultra Supper Club or Brant House?

Where to buy Vietnamese Ham or Cold Cuts

Thanks, I'll take a look!

Where to buy Vietnamese Ham or Cold Cuts

It's probably a stupid question but what is the name of the ham or cold cuts that you get in the Vietnamese subs? It's the kind that comes in a block wrapped up in a green leaf and looks like luncheon meat.

Also, can anyone tell me where I can get really good Vietnamese ham or cold cuts? Not the subs but just the ham itself sold in blocks. Thanks in advance!