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New French in Eastchester

Bump. Anyone has an update on Bistro Parisien? Planning to go in a few weeks.

Cassoulet in Lower Westchester?

I have tried botht he cassoulet at Encore and Rollin. Encore's was exceptionally good. It actually encouraged me to try making my own a few weeks after. Rollin's was very disapointing, dry, with fatty meat. It actually tainted my experience at Rollin, which I used to really enjoy.

Polpettina homestyle pizza kitchen (Fisher Ave. Eastchester) this is so much more than just pizza...

I went for the second time last night. I am so excited about this place, definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood. Fresh and delicious food, bringing a new twist to the usual Italian found in these parts. Beef meatballs are amazing, and so are the fries and the thin crust pie. They also have a small bar and a their liquor license. Rumor is that they are expanding next door.

Quebec City and Charlevoix in Two Weeks - Looking for Suggestions

profjmm, I am sorry I did not see your post before you left. I hope you had a chance to go to Les Saveurs Oubliees. Ate there about 7 years ago one of my most memorable meals. By far the most amazing lamb I have ever tasted. If you did go, please do report back to confirm it is still worth the trip!

Restaurant Les Saveurs Oubliees
350 Rang Saint-Godefroy, Les Eboulements, QC G0A2M0, CA

Jul 18, 2010
juweee in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Acuario in Portchester

Or is Patrias a better option. Looking for good food, decent prices and good atmosphere...

Acuario in Portchester

Considering Acuario for bday dinner for 8-10 people. Anyone recommends? Any alternatives to consider in the vicinity? Looking for Latin specifically. Thanks in advance.

Portchester bday dinner, atmosphere and good value

I am planning a bday party for about 10 people. We'll go salsa dancing in Portchester, followed by a nice meal at an moderately priced local central/south American joint that serves good food, and has fun atmosphere. BYOB a plus! Any thoughts?

Cinco de Mayo

Any suggestions lower in the county?

Cinco de Mayo

Looking too, in Westchester. Hoping to catch a mariachi band with the kids. Any suggestions?

Martine's fine bake shoppe, Tuckahoe

Yes, MUCH MUCH better than the dud place that was there before (worst bday cake ever). I have had their croissants, chocolate croissants and they are very good, though I still have a hard time with the sweet glaze on top (just not authentically French if you know what I mean...). Their selection of pastries seems really nice, not just the Italian basics you seem to find on every corner in this town. They also make fresh Challah and other breads. They are definitely worth our patronage.

Toscana in Eastchester, where Gina Maries used to be...

Wow! Another Italian restaurant in Eastchester... How creative!

Good place for group of moms around Scarsdale

I need some inspiration on where to take a group of 12-15 people for food/drinks on a weeknight. We want to sit together, at a place that is not too loud so we can actually hear one another. Thanks in advance.

Cocktail mixers?

Thanks for the tip!

Cocktail mixers?

Where does one find exotic fruit juices for cocktails? I am specifically looking for passion fruit juice. Tried Stop & shop, A+P, Mrs Green's, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's already without luck.
Thanks in advance.

Greek Festival in New Rochelle

Do you know the times?

Restaurants with free WiFi-- Lower Westchester

Thanks everyone for the answers so far. I am looking for something a little more upscale though, where I can have a sit down meal with service and where WiFi is free (unlike at Starbucks where I need to pay for a day pass).

Restaurants with free WiFi-- Lower Westchester

I know of Thomas Stone in Tuckahoe which offers free WiFi. Any others?
Thanks in advance. Need a place for business chow.

Fried Chicken in Westchester?

I'll probably get flamed too, but Stew Leonard's is pretty good (in the hot food section of course...).

Cold Stone Creamery - closed in Scarsdale & Rye

I am so glad to see them out of business. What a rip off that was (mom of 3 here).
I wish I could still get a Baskin Robbins cone on Mint chocolate chip, but instead I have found a nice alternative called 'Main Street Sweets' in Eastchester (used to be 'Just the scoop' where they sold Longford's NOT by the pound). Apparently, their ice cream is homemade. I only tried once, and it was good. They do have a version of Longford's cookie monster, though my hisband says it's not quite as good as the original.
Anyhow, I thought it may be worth mentioning. They are trying hard, so they probably deserve us giving them a try! It's in the Chester Heights section.

Lulu's in Scarsdale, NY.... Not Just Cakes!

awesome, thank you! I am eyeing the Dulce De Leche and Sublimity Jane... Next bday cake, here I come!

Has anyone tried Rue des Crepes in Harrison?

Just answered my own question: They open at 10 and yes they do brunch.

Has anyone tried Rue des Crepes in Harrison?

Do they serve breakfast/brunch?

Is it possible to delete threads from my CHOW?

I think it would be helpful to be able to manage your threads. I would love to get rid of some that are still active but I have no interest in anymore. Can you take this as a suggestion for future improvements?

Jun 09, 2008
juweee in Site Talk

Lulu's in Scarsdale, NY.... Not Just Cakes!

This is a great thread. Thanks everyone! I'm definitely getting my next cake from them.
Could anyone sum up the different types of cakes, and what they consist of? (Maui Wowie, After midnight, Glazey River, Dulce de Leche were mentioned but no description...) I am not big on 'over the top' sweets, so I prefer a moist cake instead of a dense ganache, and I enjoy frosting in restrained amounts. Any recommendations?

Lulu's in Scarsdale, NY.... Not Just Cakes!

Nice cakes. Seems pricey... how many people did the frog one feed?

Father's day breakfast

Hub loves waffles. I'd love a suggestion for a 'nice' breakfast place to celebrate father's day. We usually go to City Limits, but would appreciate a little less pricey option.

Interstate 87 lunch spot

We drive up to Canada from Westchester many times per year. I could use a few ideas for a pit stop along the way that is family-friendly, not too expensive, and preferably not a chain. It has to be convenient access from the highway. We often stop at Lox of bagels and moor in Glens Falls, but we could use some inspiration for a hot meal. Thanks!

Tagging posts

It would be great if we could tag our posts with towns/villages/cities, so we can easily access posts that are relevant to our immediate vicinity.

Jun 03, 2008
juweee in Site Talk

Southern Westchester farmers markets

Which ones have the best selection?

We usually go to Bronxville on Saturday, or Rye on Sunday. Both have a decent selection, but I am wondering if some may be worth a little bit more driving. Must have a pickle stand!!!

Best terrasse-dining in Westchester

I am reviving this post in the hopes of getting a little more ideas. There is a new resto from the same owners of Harvest? Is it open yet? Is there a terrasse?