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Three nights in Venice, after many years.

Grazie mille!

Feb 20, 2013
choifoto in Italy

Three nights in Venice, after many years.

My wife and I are planning a trip in April to Venezia and Firenze. We both have pretty sophisticated palates, having lived in Brooklyn, NYC for many years, where good, reasonable restaurants abound.

We are staying in Dorsoduro and I'd appreciate a rec for a place in that sestiere for our first night (a Sunday) since we will have just arrived. It doesn't have to be really fine dining; I'd prefer something more relaxed since we will be tired from the trip. The next two, nights however, we can go farther afield for something more momentous.

BTW, it's been decades since I have been to Italy. Is lunch still considered the main meal? What time do people go for dinner?

Feb 19, 2013
choifoto in Italy

Barcelona: Agut, Neichel, Casa Calvet, El Racó de Can Fabes?


I've got sat and sun night in Barcelona as part of my honeymoon and was wondering if anyone had experience at any of the aforementioned restaurants. What am I looking for? What we're ALL looking for: genuine atmosphere, incredible food, not touristy, not corporate, not a mob scene, good service....

Oct 30, 2006
choifoto in Spain/Portugal