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Looking for a place for a light lunch in Sonoma (town) that is not girl and the fig

El Molino is one of my favorite spots (summer menu #1 is up), but the "lightest" item on their menu besides chips is two tamales with cabbage.

The plates get bigger and richer from there, topping out a a green chile stuffed with cream cheese & corn and served with sides of rice, beans, salsa and 2 corn tortillas.

I usually eat half there and save the second half for the next day.

No way is it light, lunch fare.

If you're coming on a Friday, consider the farmers market on 1st Street West off the plaza for fresh fruit, bread, cheese and other nosh.

Banh Mi in Sonoma County

Banh mi at Crisp Bakery was excellent!

Hot Box isn't open for lunch any longer.

Phnom Penh at Santa Rosa Avenue and Petaluma Hill Road had a more traditional sandwich on Tuesday (possibly other weekdays, but not today). On Saturdays, they've had a good selection of prepared foods near the register – fresh noodles, rolls and other tasty treats at very reasonable prices.

New Eritrean restaurant in Santa Rosa

Well, I'm kicking myself for never making it to Santa Trata. Miles on posted that the restaurant closed recently. He also mentioned the closure of Nhabee, which I'd visited & enjoyed. An Ethiopean restaurant is opening at the former Nhabee site on Fourth Street, so I'll get another chance to support a small, locally run endeavor. Injera :)

On my soap box - we Sonoma County folks are fortunate to have talented cooks who take the risk to start their own businesses. It's up to us to support these folks - I'm thinking of Chloe's on Airway Drive and Mateo's food stand and our farmers markets and, and, and. So many good places have come and gone. If we frequent these endeavors, we can help them stay in business for all to enjoy. - Off my soapbox.

Korean BBQ in Santa Rosa

Nhabee is closed. A new Ethiopean restaurant expects to open in the space at the beginning of February. Phone number and address are the same.

Chloe's French Cafe in Santa Rosa

I got it at 10:30 AM and had to wait a couple hours to eat it, so chose the chicken curry on a roll. It was huge. I had half for lunch & half for dinner. Full of chicken, fruit and a mellow curry sauce (mayo?). Reminded me of curry chicken salads of the 1950's and 1960's. Very yummy - just a little Romaine in addition to the overflowing filling.

Chloe's French Cafe in Santa Rosa

Went today. Tried a sandwich - delicious. Admired the pastries - beautiful - both breakfast & dessert pastries, most under $3. Talked with Marc. They chose the out-of-the-way location because it has a great kitchen that will enable them to do both catering and mail order goodies.

I really want the cafe to make it too.

Sonoma County people please get yourselves there.


Chloe's French Cafe in Santa Rosa

Read about it in the Press Democrat's Bite Club

Anyone been there?

Open 7:30am to 5pm weekdays. Closed on weekends.

Chloe's French Cafe
3883 Airway Drive 145, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Cyrus - worth it or not? Boston hound would like to know.

You must have read the Cyrus posts on this list.

FYI it is in Healdsburg which is 70 miles north of San Francisco. If you are coming to Sonoma County, Cyrus is a good choice. French Laundry is in Napa County. If you are staying in San Francisco, that 70 miles can take between 1 1/2 and 4 hours to travel by car (forget public transportation!).

Sit down with a map & your travel plans, before stretching yourself too thin. There are many wonderful restaurant choices in San Francisco, Marin County and the East Bay.

Enjoy your journey.

Dining out for life - Sonoma County

Are theirs on the same date?

Dining out for life - Sonoma County

Jiminy, on Thursday, November 29 over 50 local restaurants are donating 25-50% of the food tab to Food for Thought, Sonoma County AIDS Food Bank. Some places include breakfast or lunch as well as dinner - so you can have your good meal and share too.

Worth Our Weight-Santa Rosa Brunch and More

Hey, your link didn't work.
I found this info online.
Deli Tues-Friday 10:30-1:30
Friday Dosas 11:30-2:30
Sunday Brunch 9-1


Worth Our Weight
1021 Hahman Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Gayle's Super Burger (Santa Rosa) - Report


Have you tried the Chippery at1021 Hahman Drive in Santa Rosa? It's just south and east of Montgomery Village...kinda catty corner from Montgomery High. My burger-eating buddy said she's had some good burgers there. Haven't tried it myself. Report back if you do.


Chippery Potato Chip Factory
1021 Hahman Dr, Santa Rosa, CA

Persimmons at Imwalle's Santa Rosa

Amazing amounts of many varieties of persimmons for $.99 pound. Supplies should last for weeks...their trees are still full of fruit. Great for eating out of hand, appetizers, salad garnish, puddings, cakes and breads. Pairs well with cheese and nuts. Enjoy!

Also their own peppers, apples, tomatoes and a full selection of produce and plants for your garden.

Located on West Third Street between Dutton & Stony Point Roads, just one block north of Highway 12.

Imwalle Gardens
685 W 3rd St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

French Garden in Sebastopol: anyone eaten there?

Yes, I recently enjoyed a friend's birthday brunch at the French Garden. There were many reasonably priced selections to choose from - crepes, omelets, eggs benedict, etc. We all enjoyed our food, though weren't sharing tastes - so I can't comment on different dishes. I'm a sucker for a good hollandaise sauce, so not objective even on my own.

The best part was the lovely rooms/setting. It's the sort of place you could bring an elderly mother AND send the youngsters out back to run around AND enjoy conversation (good acoustics). There was a full bar too.

We did look at the dinner menu and I was surprised to see how traditional it was - meat + starch + veggie. I guess I thought Sebastopol = forward, possibly vegetarian offerings. Or at least emphasis on local, seasonal offerings. I might have missed something.

Tea & Dim Sum place in SR

Sorry - Santa Rosa. I'll reform now. :)

Tea & Dim Sum place in SR

There's a sign & liquor permit on the old A&W on Armory Drive (parallel the freeway, just south of Steele Lane).Anyone know anything more? The place will need rennovations first.

October 2007 - Grocery Outlet

Soup season? Santa Rosa store has lots of soup choices including Pacific boxed stocks - chicken, veggie - $.99 each. Several choices of Wolfgang Puck's canned soup at same price. Crackers, chips and cheeses in great supply too.

Coming Back to Full Circle Baking Company in Penngrove

Santa Rosa - sorry! It's on Wednesday & Saturday mornings at the Veteran's Memorial Building just off Highway 12 & 101 in Santa Rosa.

I've no idea whether Full Circle makes it to San Rafael Farmers' Market on Sundays.

Coming Back to Full Circle Baking Company in Penngrove

The Penngrove store no longer has a deli, though they seem to sell loaves of bread there. Call before making the trip. They're still at SR Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings.

Full Circle Baking Co.

(707) 794-9445

Organic nopales in Sonoma County?

Melanie- Try the Sebastopol berry farm folks. They're at Santa Rosa Vets Memorial farmers' market on Saturday & Wednesday. They have organic raspberries and blueberries and handpainted gifts. They often have nopales, but I'm uncertain whether they're in season?

They may be on farm trails, so check there too.

Oh yes, Luther Burbank Garden in downtown SR probably culls their cactus occasionally, but they use -cides in their garden.

Happy cooking!

Bahn Mi in Santa Rosa

The local paper, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, includes mention of the Vietnamese sandwich, Bahn Mi, at Lee's Noodle House at 1010 Hopper Avenue.

Until now the only place I've found it locally was on Fridays at Thai-Lao Market on Santa Rosa Avenue - unfortunately they no longer bring it back from Oakland.

Has anyone here been to Lee's for Banh Mi or anything else? Is it worth the trip to North Santa Rosa?

Harvest Moon Cafe - Sonoma

Tahini Grill in Santa Rosa Closed

I too am waiting for good middle eastern food. Here's a recent review of what's available.

santa rosa

Can you be more specific? There are many choices here, considering the area's size...Here's a post to get you started.

Need Chowhound Help with Santa Rosa

Hi- Just that you've spent a week in Santa Rosa, worked hard and recuperated...I wonder what and how well you ate. Any reviews to share? Thanks.

September 2007 - Grocery Outlet

I'm not sure how each store orders from the big list of what's available...SR seems to try for organics and specialty items. Berkeley store had a more desperate mood with a security guard, narrow aisles, ugly produce (might have been the day) and poor merchandising. SR has natural light and seems to be remerchandised daily.

Tell them what you want, they seem to respond well to suggestions.

Petaluma Favorites

Della Fattoria bread & pastries. There's sitdown food too, don't know how it rates.

September 2007 - Grocery Outlet

More at SR GO- still lots of De Cecco pasta & organic sauces. Still have small Scharfenberger bars for $.79 (mocha & milk chocolate). Other good buys are Horizon organic butter (half # for $1.49), Wildwood organic soy yogurt quarts, Earthbound organic kiwis ($.99 per bag) & prunes, lots of Amy's organic frozen dinners ($2.99) & pizza, Rumiano organic cheeses, Godiva cappucino ice cream with chocolate hearts ($.99 per pint). Seems to be lots of organic stuff now, both above freezer cases & in aisle across from pasta.

A non-food note, Alba Botanica sunscreen $2.99 usually $8 dated 2008.

Crane Melon Barn Update

Crane Melon Barn should be open for about another month...

Reccomendations for Farms to visit in Son-Co

Melons are back at Oak Hill. Today they had watermelon for 50 cents (Moon & Stars, Sugar Baby); Eel River & Crenshaw melons (65 cents); french cantelope Charentais ($1). The Eel River melons are large like crenshaws - smelled great, but a melon to share or gorge upon.

They still have corn, tomatoes, peppers, onions, 2 colors of beets, carrots, green beans, summer squash, 2 types of eggplant, apples, pears, raspberries, cucumbers, salad mix, basil and kale. Plus flowers.

The quality of everything is amazing - vibrant food and flowers.