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The eating healthy for $3 a day challenge … help

Shit man I'm in happy land, I love buying cheap and cooking something awesome. The bean advice is spot on...ham hocks, all that can also get great flavour with pigs ears, pigs feet, and all the viscerals, heart, kidneys, yeah buy hte stuff noone else buys and learn how to cook the cheap cuts...all the best...great thread


Jun 14, 2007
kiwichef in Home Cooking

Guest insists on bringing a dish... rude??

Yeah I wouldnt get bent out of shape about it...having said that Americans suffer from being overpolite sometimes me thinks, so yunno...something like "listen and so...give the ribs a miss and bring a bottle of wine this time round okay, can you do that for me?

Otherwise...your'e knackered.

Jun 14, 2007
kiwichef in Not About Food

Restaurant Suggestions for 1st time Visitors to USA

When I think of NYC eats, I always think Jewish deli, and hot pastrami sandwiches. They're the best.

Jun 13, 2007
kiwichef in Manhattan

Cleaning Whole Shrimp with Shells

Im curious to know why you want to eat the heads and shells?

I like to use them for a stock, by simmering in water, or fish stock, or coconut milk, and then adding the stock to whatever to form a sauce......


Jun 12, 2007
kiwichef in Home Cooking

Splurge restaurant in Rio

Rua Aprazivel 62, Santa Teresa
Ask for Pedro Ph 2508 9174
Chef- Ana Costilha

Wonderful ambience, Hip, wide range of Brazilian wines (be surprised) and 100 or more different cachacas. In a quiet neighbourhood close to Lapa. Take a cab from Leblon about 20 reals. No regrets.

Went to McDonald's today. A couple of observations...

Unbelievable too me that people still support McDonalds....tragic really, generic homogenised crap that it is...makes me ill...really the bone.

Jun 03, 2007
kiwichef in Chains

Brazil - 28 days and no clue where to get some good chow!

Hey listen it seems you're getting some great advice here...if when in Rio you want to experience a very cool, laid back restaurant then try Aprazivel in Santa Teresa. Ask for Pedro when booking and tell him the kiwichef (Rob McCall) sent you over, and he will make sure you're looked after's probably the coolest hangout in town, has a great Brazilian wine list, and some wickid cachacas...but it aint cheap...

I have reviewed three other restaurants in Santa Teresa, which you can find on my blog at The first couple of pics below are from Aprazivel, and the next two are from Bar Arnauldos. The Carne de Sol at Bar Arnauldos is in my opinion the best...and its not expensive.

All the best.

Uma braco......

Rio in June

Suggestions a many...

Churrascaria's yep right on...
Juices are amazing...try Acai...awesome stuff resembling chocolate and strawberrys
Moqueca...fantastic fish stew, spiced up, from Bahia
Feijoada...the national dish, a meat medley, cooked with black beans...will knock you out.
If youre game try Sarapato, see my blog at


for more info...though Ive only just started blogging so theres only 1 article, but Ill be adding one a week.

Also, try a Pizza joint, they love pizza, especially fruit pizzas served as a dessert.
Pay by kilo buffets are popular for lunch and well worth a look.

Im reviewing a fish restuarant, and a restuarant specializing in Mineira cuisine next week, so keep an eye out for those blogs.

If you want a guide whilst in town, send me an email and I'd be happy to oblige.

Oh and school up on some Portuguese before you come. You'll need it. Oh and if its you're first time here, dont bring jewellery, or a 35 mm camera, unless you want o get robbed. You need to be wary here.

All the best


Behind the Scenes at Alinea

More for the gastronome artist. It appeals to me visually, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it..I'd frame it maybe, but then I would probably prefer to buy an original piece of contemporary art, to hang on the wall. I

Apr 15, 2007
kiwichef in Features


Larousse Gastronomique without doubt the best food companion I Ive ever bought...and second best Ma Cuisine by Escoffier...brilliant.

Dec 12, 2006
kiwichef in Home Cooking

Barbecue... what are the best accompaniments / plating?

If you've never been to a Churrascaria and there is one near you, go an try it..every kind of meat you can imagine barbequed to perfection, with a full salad bar. Sides include traditional brazilian black beans, rice, and farofa (fried cassava flour, with egg yolks, I think).

Nov 03, 2006
kiwichef in General Topics

What's That One Thing You Can't Go A Week Without????

Mums chow

Nov 03, 2006
kiwichef in General Topics

Best breakfast in Sacramento - Fox and Goose

Cream chantilly is added to the scones traditionally with strawberry jam first, the combo with a cup of tea is called devonshire tea, I don't beleive their is such a thing as devonshire cream, is there?

Oct 31, 2006
kiwichef in California

What's The Most Exotic Food You've Ever Eaten????

\Sorry cheep!!

Oct 30, 2006
kiwichef in General Topics

What's The Most Exotic Food You've Ever Eaten????

Barbequed chicken hearts are nice...and cheap!

Oct 30, 2006
kiwichef in General Topics

What is your favorite Cooking Magazine

the worlds best food mag as voted by at The World Food Media Awards is available at

Oct 30, 2006
kiwichef in Food Media & News

What's Your Secret Ingredient?

Sumac !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the most fantastic spice ...lemon flavoured, great fro marinading red meat especially venison...don't cook the venison past medium as it tastes like kidneys.

Oct 30, 2006
kiwichef in Home Cooking

Cooking dry-aged steak

oh unless the butter was simply placed on the hot steak of course

Oct 30, 2006
kiwichef in Home Cooking

Cooking dry-aged steak

Hi there,

Fascinating comments...this is how I go about it.

A cast iron pan should be hot, hot, hot way too hot for butter, better to use a griddle, if you want the lines, but anyway, toss the steaks in oil, pepper and salt, (don't oil or butter the pan as it should be too hot), and cook to medium rare 2 to 3 minutes each side to colour then take off the heat and place in a hot oven to cook through, say
4 to 6 minutes for a thick check the tenderness, simply touch the steak with your finger, this part takes some practice to get too know what is medium rare, rare, etc...then rest, as mentioned by our friends here this is key to allow the juices to stop racing around inside the meat so that when you cut the meat the juices don't come seep out all over the plate. As far as those comments regarding the Bernaise Sauce, listen, butter and tarragon in a hot pan would spoil the steak if you ask me, you'd be better to learn how to make a good's worth the effort.

Oct 30, 2006
kiwichef in Home Cooking

Pots and Pans Recommendations for Re-Equipping a Kitchen


I love my Scanpan wok, especially useful if your'e a vegetarian...quality products in my book.

Oct 30, 2006
kiwichef in Cookware

Proving cast iron pans

after you've seasoned the pan(I just wait for the salt to brown, and then discard), don't wash it with soapy water just wipe clean with a paper towell and store, smearing the surface with oil, and it should be good to go next time.

Oct 30, 2006
kiwichef in Cookware

Nov/Dec in Christchurch - where to eat ?

wow, lambasting Ballantynes, how rude!! I'm joking, I agree partially withg your comments about the staff, however they stock great products for farmers!

what FOOD is associated with history? or perhaps a piece HISTORY associated with food?

All food is related too'd be better to explore food that isn't related to history, now that would keep you busy.

Oct 29, 2006
kiwichef in Not About Food

what FOOD is associated with history? or perhaps a piece HISTORY associated with food?

Good one chucukling

Oct 29, 2006
kiwichef in Not About Food

Crock pot and beans

Hi there, Next time you might want to give this a try.

Feijao is served with every meal in a typical Brazilian restaurant, and too make it is simple...I dont feel there is any need to soak the beans if you are cooking in a slow cooker, just clean them as they can contain alot of loose impediments, then saute chopped onions and garlic, with dried salted pork (or bacon as a substitute)and tomato paste (cook tomato paste out to remove bitterness) in a little dende oil (or lard) add the beans, chopped linguica (favorite spicy sausage) cover with water, add bayleaves and leave it too slow cook. A clay pot is best, sealed with a flour paste, or you can cook alot quicker with a pressure cooker(in whihc case you might soak the beans), with similar results...serve over white rice...looks good on the plate with chopped fresh green herbs and salad leaves...

Good luck.

Oct 29, 2006
kiwichef in Home Cooking

Nov/Dec in Christchurch - where to eat ?

Oh Criky

I think I've given you a bum steer..the South East Asian Restaurant I mentioned I think is The Bodai Tree...sorry I really can't remember...hang on I'll look it up, won't be long...its Bodhai Tree...thre u go

Nov/Dec in Christchurch - where to eat ?


I forgot The George Hotel near Hagley park has a restaurant called the Pescatore which is highly rated as one of NZ's best fine dining restaurants. Definitely worth a visit. It's also a lovely place to stay.



Nov/Dec in Christchurch - where to eat ?

Hi Tara,

Here's my top

French le Bon Bolli opposite the art gallery...good food if a little pretentious
Morrocan Simos in cashel mall, quiet, conservative
NZ Contemporary Fare try Barcelona, great food, fun and lively, try Hell Gourmet Pizza...
Fish and Chips well for my bucks you need to travel to Akaroa, for the best fish and chips in CHCH , where you can sit by the sea...finger lickin scumptious fish, with these battered chips which are worth a try!!!!!
For South East Asian cuisine You have to go to THe Bodim Tree at the east end of Colombo Street. It's superb! The best restaurant in ChCH in my book, quaint, informal with food that rocks.
Beer is good opposite the art gallery and has a vegetarian restaurant there as favorite brew is Monteiths Original.
Lamb is best had at Hays Restaurant on Colombo Street.

Best coffee is on Victoria at the SOuth end, go to C4...great coffee, and good NZ fashion close by.

Best department Store cafe is Ballantynes, on Colombo.

Best wine and food matching is at a restaurant on the corner of Colombo and Bealy Avenue called sAGGIO DE vINO. They have NZ truffles on the menu there too.

Best steak is NY Steak House in Victoria near Saggios.

I could keep going but I the way don't go to Two Fat Indians, the chefs are dodgy, two chefs recently went to court for raping a waitress there...yeah, sad but true file.

Yours truly,

Restaurants around Hawkes Bay/Napier

Hi there,

The Hawkes Bay / Napier area has fantastic food, and wine. Napier was destroyed by an earhtquake in the 50's so the architecture is art deco. Go to for a comprehensive listing or restaurants. Also visit, which is NZ's world renowned food mag. My advice is too visit as many vineyards as you can and enjoy some food and wine matching along the way. Some of the wines are spectacular.