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Developments in Hamilton

The diner is called Lost in the 50's (I think). Nifty Fifties is/was in Charles Village. Anyway... they open tomorrow Sat. 1/24. Not too excited about East Perry, yet another carryout for subs etc. on Harford Road.

Sheperdstown and/or Harpers Ferry WV?

Will be near Sheperdstown and Harpers Ferry next week. Looking for one nice meal out. Food most important. Price range $15-$30 for entrees. Nice atmosphere a plus.

Primanti Brothers Type Sandwich in Baltimore

I saw some roaring 40's at the Wine Source in Hampden the other day.

Country ham - Need buns!

On the eastern shore we have the ham with sweet potato biscuits... the slightly sweet, earthy biscuit to counter the salty cure of the ham is awesome. Anyone know where to find these on western shore?

Places open in Baltimore for Christmas Day? or Eve?

Sotto Sopra has been open in years past and they are taking resos on open table for both christmas eve and day.

Recommendations: Maryland Eastern Shore in Winter

I have not been but have heard good things about this place.

Clementine - Hamilton

hawaiigrl2003... you are mentioning superior places 'downtown', (bars, bistros, restaurants) in some of your latest posts (this one, corks, parkside etc). what places are you talking about. we're all looking for good food. let us in on the info.

Heritage Turkey in the Baltimore metro area?

There was a story on WYPR this morging about heritage turkeys. Most places will probably be sold out at this point but they gave links to the farms.



Mid town pizza or Deli? Pre Whiskey-fest

Baltimore Hound with last minute ticket to Whiskeyfest at Marriot Times Square. looking for a great pizza place and/or deli for a late lunch early dinner. Need a solid base down before the festivities. Also, good diner for the next morning breakfast in midtown.


Nov 10, 2008
frites in Manhattan

Guinness Beer in Baltimore...

Mick Osheas on the 300 block of N. Charles St. I don't think you'll find a lot of deals on Guiness... it's not cheap to get wholesale. also try Dougherty's on Chase, they might be the cheapest around.

Sour beef and dumplings bmore?

Any suggestions on finding some of this good stuff. If they serve good beer too thats a plus.

Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd., Baltimore

No plans for lunch. We are planning on sunday brunch at the end of Sept.
open at 4:30 daily. closed tuesday.

Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd., Baltimore

OK pleiades... you called me out. We are set to open the Hamilton Tavern tomorrow night Friday 8/15... five months of renovations are over and we are ready... well, except for the website...

Hours Friday and Saturday 4:30 pm to 2 am
Sunday 4:30 till... Brunch coming in Septemeber!
Monday 4:30 till
Tuesday... CLOSED
Weds and Thurs 4:30 til

thanks for you anticpation and patience.


Hamilton Tavern Team

Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd., Baltimore

the opeining date has not been set. still too many variables to nail it down. poke your head in and take a peak. they seem nice about chatting it up with the neighbors.

SF Hound in search of grits

You can mail order from
wonderful grits and good biscuit flour.

DC Help this weekend

I have cousins coming to town and the familty wants to get together. There will be 8 of us on Saturday night. Some of us are very adventurous eaters.... others not at all. We'll be staying at Rhode Is. and 17th. Moderate pricing. Any suggestions?


Dinner in B-more pre-Theater

just a partnership shake up. unfortunately maggie is gone and hence the name change. same staff and kitchen remains.

Dinner in B-more pre-Theater

fyi, maggie moore's has an incredible rueben sandwich. they make their own corned beef in house. haven't tried much else can't seem to pass on the rueben when i've been there.

Remembering Simon's Pub-Butcher's Hill

He's at the Annabel Lee Tavern on Clinton and Fleet. It's a new place, very nice atmosphere and of course Mark's killer food. A review from the Sun... usually don't agree much with Ms. Large but Sam Sessa I like (we are of the same generation perhaps)

Chesapeake Chicken and Ribs

I think it took down the original one on Kent Island. Noticed it looked close/empty when I drove by last week.

Annabel Lee Tavern (B-More)

It is a smoke free bar/tavern... some people aren't used to it yet so they light up and are immediately asked to take it outside. I called and talked to the owner.

Annabel Lee Tavern (B-More)

corner of clinton and fleet.

Annabel Lee Tavern (B-More)

I've been twice since the 'soft opening' and snacked both times. I thought the food was really good... the meatball sandwich will be getting sauce, i asked... it's the owners grandmothers recipe. I really like the atmosphere, low lights, low music, no tv's with sports or sportcenter blaring, no smoking already (can't wait for the ban). My friend tried a special of pecan crusted chicken with sweet tomato rice... very nice. I like the fact they have menuire sauce on the menu... don't see that in bmore much. Small but good beer selection of draft and bottles, very nice and small wine list. Perfect place for pre or post Paterson/Creative Alliance shows. there is a small blurb about the annabel lee in the sun today (weds 12.13).

Fancy birthday dinner - Baltimore

Cork's is staying where they are. A new team is opening something where abacrombie was and Jerry Pellegrino is a partner.

Reservation nightmare at The Helmand

I know most on this board love the Helmand... I do too, but let's not make excuses for them. They overbooked. enginerd was seated late and not offered some sort of comp. free drinks, a bottle of wine, dessert, half off dinner etc.

Woodberry Kitchen

this may not be WK but either your or their cc processing company. this happens a lot... amounts listed as pending transactions are often higher than the actual check... if you wait until the transaction is posted it usually corrects itself. The cc processing co. will authorize for more than the original amount due to the extra $ assumed you will be tipping. this has everything to do with visa and very little to do with the actual restaurants... although in this case they may have keyed in the wrong amount.

Recent Chameleon Cafe visit?

Nothing of note or major change in the kitchen is going on. I don't ever remember there being only four entrees... except maybe the first few months they were open but I believe they usually tried for six or seven per menu. I think you just got that one sub-par meal that happens to even the finest restaurants every once in a while.

Bainbridge Is. recs

thanks for the tips... I was starting to worry no one would chime in. Harbour Pub looks great for the casual and Four Swallows was also a standout when I searched on google maps. I'm glad you mentioned Cafe Nola... it got very mixed reviews on google maps but they're website and menu look good. We're staying on the south end and there is a thai place called Sawan Kitchen. Have you heard or been to this? It's walkind distance from our cottage.

thanks.. I'll post about meals when I return home.

Oct 12, 2007
frites in Pacific Northwest

Bainbridge Is. recs

Baltimore hound will be staying on Baingridge island in about two weeks. Sun through Weds. any good recs. some of the places I checked are closed mon/tues. Maybe one splurge dinner and a few cheaper eats. Any places with some good oysters. I'll be in Seattle before and after but have searched the board and think I have more that enough places on the list.


Oct 07, 2007
frites in Pacific Northwest

North of Baltimore Recs

My friend is celebrating an anniversary at a b and b in northern balt co. He called to ask for recs and all we could come up with is Milton Inn and Oregon Grill. The Oregon G doesn't get a lot of love on the board so I'm wondering what else is there. As a last resort they would drive down to Towson but would prefer not. I suggested Andy Nelson's and he just laughed. I think they are looking for something more "anniversary celebration" like.