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Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

Thanks for the write up. Seems to be more than just a novelty. I'll consider taking my gf when she visits.

Hong Kong - Xiao Long Bao

Liu Yuan is fantastic overall. One of the restaurants that has thoroughly impressed me each time I've visited. Since I've moved back to HK last year I've eaten out a lot. Probably gained 15 pounds or so. There's so much good food to be had but I always look for an excuse to go to Liu Yuan, highly recommend!

Hong Kong - Xiao Long Bao

Note I only really like Crab Meat 'xie fen' XLB.
Quality isn't exactly the same as the Chef's former restaurant but Fu Sing has a decent version. Skin isn't too thick and filling has enough crab taste. Be prepared to pay for it though.

Best 'cook-yourself' Korean B-B-Q place along the Yonge stretch?!

Agree with Sariwon.

Was my go to place with my Korean gf when I lived in TO.

Sushi Shikon (aka Sushi Yoshitake)

Had a spectacular experience here a few weeks ago, from start to finish the food, service and gracefulness of the executive chef was something that I've never had before. Was it worth the price? For the first time, yes. Would I go back anytime soon? No... But maybe once a year?

In any case it was one of my best 3* experiences to date. Highly recommend if price is not an issue.

A rarity and may be the Best Chinese 'Complimentary' soup in the GTA

I love Chinese soups. Too bad I'm not planning to have any Chinese food when I'm back in Toronto next month (except for Omei).

Funny you mention xin dau ji, I was at the one in Jordan (2nd floor of the building beside) a few nights ago. I remember commenting on how good the soup was (unfortunately it became unmemorable as I had even better soup at a Shanghainese restaurant in Wan Chai the next night. The pig was fantastic and warrants a trip back though for sure!

Edulis review (long)

Will be back in Toronto for a week and planning one tasting menu meal. I was deciding between Edulis or Momofuku. Any thoughts?

Tom Ho Won, Hong Kong [Split from Ontario board]

Having recently moved back to Hong Kong I find myself visiting Tim Ho Wan quite often, all hours of the day sometimes even at 9pm. It's not the greatest, but it's very consistent. I find myself going back because ive never had a bad meal there. It's good quality for a very affordable price (note I've only been to the Olympic branch).

Tasting/Chef's Menus in Toronto - Post existing/new offers here

Tried doing a search, but only yielded out of date results.

With a growing dining scene in Toronto and places trying to stand out...anywhere offering some sort of dessert tasting menu? Or at least anyone know of somehwere that would cater to fit more dessert courses in?

Best Pasta Dish of 2012

As much as I enjoyed the SPAGHETTI fresh cut semolina pasta, crab, santa barbara sea urchin, basil from Marea...

The Garganelli pasta quills, cream, truffle butter, radicchio, prosciutto, peas from Osteria Morini was the best i've had so far.

May 25, 2012
s0memale in Manhattan

ISO: Good Resto with pan-seared foie gras within GTA

North 44 always has a decent foie gras dish on their menu

North 44
2537 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4P 2H9, CA

ISO Best Tasting Club House Sandwich.

I've given up on club sandwiches here in North America. I'm too acustomed to the smaller more compact versions in asia.

2010 Beijing Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

Going to Beijing in a few days, this is really helpful.


Gramercy Tavern - How's the food these days??!!

Can't speak about Gramercy Tavern however on my most recent NYC trip I went to Eleven Madison Park, Corton and Jean Georges and thought EMP was the most memorable of the three! It could be that I have been to Corton and JG in the past and EMP was something different, however my girlfriend (having never been to any of the restaurants) would agree that EMP was definitely worth the trip alone! Can't wait till my next visit to NYC...

Eleven Madison Park
11 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010

Gramercy Tavern
42 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003

Jean Georges
1 Central Park W, New York, NY 10023

239 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Apr 30, 2011
s0memale in Manhattan

Chowhound's Own Top 10 Restaurants of GTA

Many mentions for Copper Chimney, I'm guessing most are referring to the Ajax one?

Copper Chimney
619 Kingston Rd W, Ajax, ON L1S6L8, CA

Let's Try ANEW- The best Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) in Shanghai?? WHERE????????

Can't go wrong with DTF.

Full List of Top Chef Masters 2 participants and some judges

Wow Susur Lee! Very interesting...

Feb 11, 2010
s0memale in Food Media & News

Best BUFFET restaurant in Hong Kong?

Absolutely correct!

Nicholini's has been my favourite buffet ever since the first time I went there back in 99/00!

Top Chef -Season 6 - Episode 7 - 10-7-09 (spoiler)

Definitely the strongest 4, but i'm guessing one will not make it to the final four. My guess is that one of the four will be the executive chef on the losing team of restaurant wars or some equivalant challenge.

Oct 09, 2009
s0memale in Food Media & News

Truffles is Closing!

oh wow, I need to go one more time to enjoy the spaghettini with truffle foam! good thing my mom is visiting next week!

In search of Hong Kong's 'BEST WON-TON NOODLE'

On my recent week long trip to Hong Kong two weeks ago, I went to Tasty's twice (it is only 1 minute from where I live). I have never been a fan on won-ton, mostly because I don't appreciate the taste of shrimp...I have to admit both times I had the won-ton noodle at Tasty's it was pretty darn good! I actually wanted more! I guess it goes to show that when something is done properly, its pretty hard to resist!

Best Sushi in Shanghai? (Quality over Quantity)

Nadaman Sushi Bar in the Kowloon Shangri-la wasn't too bad. Definitely very expensive though.

Hong Kong and Macau: favorite dishes

Is it in the building Manning House ? If its the same 'members only' place that I was fortunate enough to visit on my last trip to HK (Nov 08), I was actually a bit dissapointed with the meal! The only dish I can really remember, was the sticky rice cooked in a pumpkin (or squash - sorry I don't quite remember), this was definitely very flavourful.

I had a much better feast at the Snow Garden in Causewaybay the night before!

Hong Kong and Macau: favorite dishes

I had "3. Tasty Happy Valley (正斗) - stir-fried beef noodles (干炒牛河)" on my last trip to HK in Ocotober. Really was the best 干炒牛河 I ever had!

I actually added Tasty to my 'must go to' in Hong Kong partly cause of that dish!

Chef's Table - One Harbour Road, Grand Hyatt

sorry I shouldve made it more clear, I didn't dine at the chef's table, just the regular dining which is beautiful, especially the window seats.

Chef's Table - One Harbour Road, Grand Hyatt

Hi Charles,

Sorry for my late post, but I haven't had much time lately to reply.

I actually ate at One Harbour Road on my trip to HK back in March'08. I was fortunate enough to dine here on someone elses expense account. Bottom line as you mentioned already: not worth the price. You are exactly spot on with your comment "'premium' for more privacy and better ambience and service" - the dining room and ambiance is spectacular, and service is top notch as you'd expect. But is the food really worth it? No is definitely my answer.

I had a 7-8 course menu, which was around 700-800HKD/pp. Nothing too extravagent, Sharks fin soup, steamed fish, chicken, fried rice etc. but everything was actually executed properly. Don't get me wrong, I actually think the food here is VERY good. There was no bad dish that evening, and actually one stand out - the baked crab shell was amazing.

Again to sum up, I actually had a pretty good meal here, but if I was footing the bill, I really dont think I would enjoy it as much due to the price. Apart from the Sharks Fin there was really nothing that warrants such a high price. I'm really someone who doesnt mind paying a premium when it comes to food but One Harbour Road is definitely a pass for me on future visits. Unless someone else is paying of course.....

ps. the mango pudding although 50-60HKD (I think) was actually one of the best mango puddings I have had.. ever!

Best Korean BBQ in HK?

sorry to move off topic, but I was wondering if you could share any of the Korean beef places in Seoul ? I may be visiting there soon and wouldnt mind trying it out!

Cafe 28 - Richmond Hill, A Very Pleasant Surprise!

Hi Charles,

Once again, thank you so much for one of your informative reviews! I can't wait for your next surprise!

Ever since I read this review, I can't seem to get the words 'foie gras fried race' out of my head! I'm really curious to know if it was just downright dissapointing, or it's not that bad, and actually worth ordering - if I am craving something like that.

Also is it a big portion, or could I order one of the mix grill sets as well?

Best Korean BBQ in HK?

ahh great, thanks for the info! its been quite some time since ive actually had Korean food in HK(my gf is Korean so having Korean food in HK is not usually a priority), but will be sure to check han ah rum if we are ever in the mood! where is the location?

Best Korean BBQ in HK?

I think the general consensus is Sorabol at Lee Theatre behined Times Square.