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One night in Haight Ashbury - Magnolia Pub?

Better than Magnolia? I don't think so...Kezar's ok, the wings are decent, but it's a garden variety pub, and Magnolia's beer and food selection is better.

Critic pans Robuchon

Why would he write a formal review of a restaurant that isn't in the area where he lives and writes? There's a lengthy process that constitutes publishing a review, and the time factor alone prevents that from happening when he's on the road. His blog posts are very informal, and he doesn't always even post when he travels, just when something noteworthy catches his attention. I think he was just acknowledging that there's a standard that JR is supposed to have (according the Michelin) and he didn't think that standard was met. Yes, some more specifics would have been nice, but that's not what he uses his blog for.

Jan 31, 2011
barndog in Food Media & News

Top Chef All-Stars - Ep. #5 - 01/05/11 (Spoilers)

No, he wasn't.

Jan 13, 2011
barndog in Food Media & News

Restaurants near Market/4th

A short walk form your hotel:
Tropisueno - Mexican, in the plaza right outside the Marriott
Le Charm - neat little French bistro on 5th near Folsom
Zero Zero - fantastic new pizza place on Folsom near 4th
Lulu - Mediterranean rotisserie, right next door to Zero Zero
Oola - contemporary cuisine, also on Folsom, between 4th and 5th; great bar, good food
Mochica - Peruvian cuisine, on Harrison between 5th & 6th

A little further walk:
Radius - Casual, contemporary, on Folsom near 7th
Basil Thai - Great Thai, also on Folsom between 7th and 8th

937 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Oola Restaurant & Bar
860 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Basil Thai Restaurant & Bar
1175 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

75 Yerba Buena Lane, San Francisco, CA 94103

Zero Zero
826 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107

The 29-Hour Drink

In my experience, bartenders and mixologists are not the same. And as jeanmarieok posted above, it helps to know which kind of venue you are in. A mixologist will take a long time to serve you an expensive drink that may be the best thing you've ever tasted, but don't expect much personality from them; they've got too much on their plate, even when it's not busy. A bartender won't take the time to make a drink with more then three ingredients, but will get it to you lightning quick. If it's not too busy, he/she can also be a shoulder to cry on/confidant/fount of local knowledge.
In either case, if the place is hoppin', you wont get a chance to talk with them much. Gotta get them drinks out!

May 10, 2010
barndog in Features

Where can I find raw horseradish in SF?

Good to know. The guy I asked told me they didn't have any, but now I know where to look. Thanks!

Where can I find raw horseradish in SF?

Those are all great suggestions. Thanks!

Where can I find raw horseradish in SF?

Which one? I went to the 4th and Harrison location and they didn't have any.

Where can I find raw horseradish in SF?

The store-bought, prepared stuff is usually kinda weak, and I'm at a loss of where to go to get raw horseradish to make ourselves. Any info will be greatly appreciated. TIA

How or what do you start your day with? - moved from Home Cooking board

I'll have an egg sandwich as follows: one piece of cracked wheat sourdough, cut in half and toasted. One egg, scrambled and cooked in the microwave for 50 seconds. One piece of bacon, broken into two pieces for the top of the egg. Two small (about 1" wide) pieces of smoked cheddar to go on top of the bacon. I put the sandwich back in the microwave for 25 seconds, and I'm done.
I don't do this everyday, but fairly frequently. I get all the taste I'm looking for without having to gorge myself.

Dec 28, 2009
barndog in General Topics

Baking with asiago....

My wife and I are baking some savory muffins, and we've been topping them with asiago. We are looking for the cheese to get that golden brown color. During the last batch, we took the muffins out halfway through baking and topped them with the asiago, but it came out only melted, and not browned. I've been thinking that maybe broiling the muffins for a minute or so might be the answer. Can anyone tell me if that's a good idea? Or is there something else we're missing?

Sep 28, 2009
barndog in Home Cooking

Oktoberfest, Germany- Any info?

My wife and I and some friend made this trip two years ago. We had the time of our lives. You don't need reservations in the daytime, (but they help a lot). You can go into most beer tents and find tables that have a piece of paper that will say: Frei - 2:30; that means the table is free until 2:30 that afternoon (or whatever time is written on it). You can sit down, and some very nice staff will offer you beer and a whole lot of delicious food. I recommend getting there in the morning, (I think most open around 11:00-ish). Veal bratwurst is an awesome late morning dish to go with a lager. Great way to start the day. Most tent have a minimum of beer and food that you must buy, but if you stay longer than an hour it's pretty easy to hit.

I also recommend the Spaten and Hofbrauhaus tents. They're both pretty big and pretty accommodating to non-German people. A couple tents aren't very welcoming if you're not German (i.e. the Lowenbrau tent is very exclusive, locals hand down their reservation rights to their children, kinda like Red Sox season tickets). The Hofbrauhaus tent also is the only tent that will allow you to buy a beer without being seated at a table. If you want to go at night, you're going to need a reservation, and the experience is much more lively. Or you might be able to make friends with someone who has reservation and space at their table, but that's a bit of a long shot. There's also a carnival that goes on outside the tents on the Theresienwiesse, so there's plenty of stuff to keep you occupied if you can't get in.
Good luck!

Sep 17, 2009
barndog in International Archive

Party Venue - SF Only

We brought bbq from Baby Blue's. Nothing too extravagant, good stuff.
If you reserve the later shift, I don't know how strict they are about vacating the room after midnight, but I imagine they are flexible. We had to leave because there was another party after us.

Baby Blues BBQ
3149 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

Party Venue - SF Only

My wife and I used the Russell Room at B & B for her 35th birthday party just three weeks ago. It cost $150 (not $1,500) to reserve the room from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on a Saturday night for up to 35 people, and then we had to hit a $500 bar tab in that time. If you have friends who like cocktails, it's pretty easy mark to hit; I think we reached it by 7:30pm., and there were 25 of us. When it was 9:00pm they let us go to the Library to continue. You can have everyone pay for their own drinks, or you can cover it yourself. You get your own bar and bartender, and you can bring in your own food (we did). They even print up special menus for the event. I recommend it, We had a great time.
If you want to reserve it from 9:00pm to midnight, I think the reservation deposit goes up to $500, but the bar tab amount stays the same.

spreadable salami

Boccalone in the Bay Area started making a delicious nduja about 6 moths ago.

Jul 07, 2009
barndog in General Topics

Appetizer with "Wow Factor" to bring to a Friend's House

I have this recipe from my mother, who;s been making it for years, and it is always, without fail, an incredibly popular appetizer

Apr 22, 2009
barndog in Home Cooking

(Not about) Food words I'd like to never see again.

I keep my medication and a portable defib kit near the computer ;)

Mar 01, 2009
barndog in Not About Food

(Not about) Food words I'd like to never see again.

Thank you!
Ressie, resto.....type the whole damn word out, people!
You make a reservation at a restaurant.
Makes me apoplectic.

Feb 28, 2009
barndog in Not About Food

Top Chef Finale Pt. 2(spoilers)

Hosea faced elimination 4 times throughout the season, more than anyone else on the show. I wouldn't call that 'rarely facing removal'

Feb 26, 2009
barndog in Food Media & News

where to get a Prairie Oyster drink?

I would imagine that, due to liability from serving raw egg, you won't find anywhere that will serve one. That being said, I will echo Steve_K's advice, and suggest you make your own. They're very easy to make.

Feb 04, 2009
barndog in Spirits

Teetotaler seeks beer advice...

As Jeff mentioned, City Beer is a great resource for harder to find, exotic beer. That being said, Whole Foods has a pretty good selection, especially the one on 4th St and Harrison.
Personally, I find Dogfish Head's 90 Minute IPA to be really malty. If you want a good local IPA, try Lagunitas, Anderson Valley or Drake's. Lagunitas' Censored or Trumer Piis are some other good choices, if you want something less hoppy. Anchor Christmas and Anderson Valley's Winter Solstice are available now too, if you want some winter warmer beers.

National Drinks? Tequila is to Mexico as ... is to Other Countries

Czech Republic = Becherovka
Ireland = potin (pronounced potcheen)
Colombia = aguardiente

Dec 22, 2008
barndog in Spirits

Anchor Steam – dodging the prefab bullet at SFO

it's absolutely recommended. But plan ahead; you need reservations, and depending on what day of the week you want to go, they get booked up 2 weeks (Mon-Wed) to over a month (Thur-Fri) ahead of time

wine available at winery only

Just about every winery has a selection of wines that are not available anywhere else. Just keep in mind that it may mean that they weren't able to get it distributed, so it may not reflect that wineries best offerings.

Microbrewery tour along the 101?

If you go to Lagunitas on a Friday, they have a sort of 'happy hour,' but you might need to call ahead to schedule a tour.

Moylan's has better beer and is easier to get to than Iron Springs.

Speakeasy's nothing to get excited about and a pain to get to in the City, I would skip it.

Anchor requires a reservation to take the tour, and depending on what day you go, those book up weeks to over a month in advance. You're not just going to be able to walk in and get a tour or tasting.

If you want a brewpub, go to either 21st Amendment or Magnolia. Good food, good beer. Every other brewpub is mediocre, and not worth the trip.

City Beer is a great spot; 6 taps and lots of bottled beer, but very little food, just a rotating selection of cheeses.

Good Scotch Bars in Your City

Also in San Fran, check out Alfred's Steakhouse; their bar has a huge single malt library.

Jun 21, 2008
barndog in Spirits

Advice urgently sought for 1 day in Livermore, 1 day in SF

I would also agree that Foreign Cinema is a great spot for brunch; intersting scene, not typical brunch fare (as in more creative and tasty), and the bloody marys are fantastic. I've been a couple times and I haven't been let down yet.

Top Chef - Restaurant Wars [Possible Spoilers]

There was a point during planning where Dale mentioned that due to both he and Lisa wanting to to be exec chef, they decided to flip a coin. It was not a product of coming in second in the QF

May 21, 2008
barndog in Food Media & News

Irish Food Restaurant for Rehearsal Dinner?

For our wedding we had our rehearsal dinner at Johnny Foley's in their private room, and it was perfect.

Johnny Foley's Irish House
243 Ofarrell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

What are your food sharing rules?

If you ask, I'll gladly share.

Don't ask and I'll stab you in the a warning.

For some reason the entitlement that even friends think they have to my food makes me go primal. Only my wife gets away with impunity.

Apr 30, 2008
barndog in Not About Food