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Sweet Adeline's branches to Pizza place

So we've been excited about the coming of Sweet Adeline's sister place - Ade's Pizza Pie (in the old Spuds place at Alcatraz and MLK), but got a little update this weekend that makes me even more excited.

We ran into Jennifer (Swt Adeline's owner) on Sunday and were telling her how excited we were -- she let us know that her business partner's are the folks from Dona Tomas! Hoping for a late March opening.

No delivery, but we are walking distance, so are excited to have a nearby place in our "Upper Temescal" neighborhood that we can walk to for dinner.

Looking for food lit that discusses two people becoming close friends because of their shared love of cooking or eating food

MFK Fisher and Me by Jeannette Ferrary might be up your alley.

Jan 20, 2009
foodnut in Food Media & News

First Foodie?

A fun article on then State Sen. Barack Obama's appearance on Check Please in Chicago!

I'm sure no other President would ever make this gaffe, but wonder what his "I'm president of the US and I don't have to eat my broccoli if I don't want to" (ala George H.W. Bush) food item is??

Jan 20, 2009
foodnut in Food Media & News

The Cheese School? Anyone been?

Saw this blurb in the Chronicle food section and it would make a great gift for my hard to shop for brother, but am wondering if any hounds have taken classes here & are they worth it? Should I just get the equivalent amount of $$ in a gift certificate to a good cheese shop instead?

"Students love the wine- and cheese-pairing classes at the Cheese School of San Francisco, but they sell out quickly, making a gift certificate a wise choice. Purchase them in increments of $65 (the standard class registration fee), to allow recipients to choose their time and class. The options range from Bang for Your Cheese & Wine Buck - good budget-friendly pairings in today's economy - or regional pairing classes. The Cheese School; (415) 346-7530. "

Barley Milk Powder

try these -- just googled for them, so no endorsement.,173,1...

Nov 13, 2008
foodnut in Home Cooking

Pork buns..he might purpose if i find them...

I also wonder whether you are trying to order cha sui bao at dinner time? Very unlikely to get them then -- you'll need to find restaurants that serve dim sum (breakfast and lunch). Unless you hit a bakery, you probably won't get pork buns after about 2pm in most places I've been.

Any Bierock Recipes?

The recipe I use is a hybrid of the one in the Saveur Cooks American cookbook and a recipe in Cooking Light. Don't have either recipe in front of me, but I know I add spicy mustard to the filling and the Saveur one has cheese in it as well, I believe.

Mmmm, thanks for the reminder -- I love making these because they freeze well for easy weeknight suppers.

Oct 22, 2008
foodnut in Home Cooking

Noble Pies, thistle pie

I haven't seen this feature in the SF Chronicle food section in a while, but they used to have a column around reader requests. You might try something like that to see whether anyone might have an approximation recipe -- or, best case, a former employee/owner would take pity on you and share the actual recipe!

The turkey pies were a family party staple for years - yum!

Measuring Cups

All of these are neat, but my favs are the Tupperware stacking measuring cups because they come with both a 2/3 cup and a 3/4 cup.

Oct 14, 2008
foodnut in Features

Rocky's Hamburgers in Oakland?

I'd concur on the burger -- we ate there a few weeks ago and the bun held up against eating and monitoring babyfoodnut through his dinner. They were very excited about having a toddler in the restaurant and came out from behind the kitchen/counter a couple of times to chat with us about our meal (and gave us an extra piece of fruit for the kiddo as we waited for the burgers to arrive).

My only fault would be that they didn't offer a kid's size burger, so we just got him a regular sized one and let him eat what he could. (A minor quibble, I just hate to waste food -- and burgers aren't something that I think are particularly doggy bag-able!)

After Work Cocktails near BART in SF

Depending on what BART station you want to use, Thirsty Bear is a reasonable walk to Montgomery St. Plus you can get nibbles if the drinking gets a bit longer than anticipated.

NEW: Tara's Organic Ice Cream, Berkeley - anyone try it?

But I would argue that those three blocks are quite far away from each other -- I tend to clump the stores of Elmwood/Ici area away from the Rockridge/Tara area in my mind. Will be nice to have ice cream right near the wine shop, Brugges, La Farine, etc.

Four Peeps for $100 (or under)

Heh -- when I first saw this topic, I thought, yes, generally Peeps come to about four for 59 cents around Easter. :)

If you don't know them well, you might want to review choices prior to finalizing your decision -- if you were out at some fabulous ethnic eatery with a "plain eater" it could really put a damper on the festivities...

Fiona's Sweet Shoppe - FiDi Candy fix

I believe they have Meynards in the rolls too -- I don't think the per pound ones are Meynards. Not sure of price on the rolls.

I'm now hooked on the sport gems -- slightly different flavor from wine gums but a harder/chewier texture.

Price per pound is hefty, but not too bad when you consider that almost everything in there is imported.

UMMMMMM! I might have to go now.

If nothing else, stop by and buy a small amount of something -- they are quite generous with the samples!!

Cochon on Fri., Brigsten's on Sat. Help on Thursday?


We are also traveling on Thursday for a childless long weekend in NOLA! Arriving a bit later than you, but we are planning on heading to the Copper Monkey for crawdads and beer that night. I need to look up the exact address, but my CH notes for the weekend say Conti off Bourbon.

Mar 25, 2008
foodnut in New Orleans

Tax Time -- Return or Owe?

Since our tax appointment today coincides with the annual day that our daycare offers to keep the kids late or overnight, I was joking to Mr. Foodnut that we would pick our dinner restaurant based on whether we get a return or owe money to the government.

So, just for fun, give us your "I got a return" restaurant and your "I owe big time" restaurant.

(For argument's sake, your return is big enough to do a meal for two in any Bay Area restaurant, what you owe still leaves you with a bit of cash to afford something in the cheap eats category.)

My return restaurant: Michael Mina -- have been wanting to go there, but can't really justify the splurge from any particular paycheck period

My "I owe" restaurant: A bit harder -- but I have to admit that I'm intrigued by the 96 hour feature on Bear Naked Burgers -- especially since you can get a pint for $1 & I'll need a beer to cry into!

Decisions for Anniversary Trip

Ah, that makes more sense.

Don't worry -- we've done these sorts of trips before. :) I'll just bring elastic waist pants to wear on the plane on the way home.

Mar 13, 2008
foodnut in New Orleans

Decisions for Anniversary Trip

We are headed back to NOLA for our 5th anniversary -- had been for the first time for our honeymoon. We're staying in the Quarter and I've begun mapping out our meals to maximize swoony food pleasure.

(Anniversary trip eats included Galatoires, Stella, Mr. B's, Bayona, Uglesich's, to name what I remember, so I was trying to go with some different places this time).

After perusal of the boards, here's my current plan...

Thursday (arrive in NOLA)
Dinner: somewhere nearby hotel for crawdads & beer (Copper Monkey? – Conti off bourbon st.)

Breakfast: Beignets & Coffee @ Café Du Monde

Lunch: Muffalettas @ Napolean House – 500 Chartres

Dinner: Herbsaint(??? -- this is one of the meals where I could use decision help. Might be nice to stay in the Quarter so we can stroll rather than taxi to dinner)

Breakfast: Dante’s or Coffee Pot Restaurant

Lunch: (again, suggestions?)

Dinner: restaurant August

Brunch: Commander’s Palace
Dinner: Brigsten’s (other suggestions??)

Breakfast: Hotel/Airport
Lunch: Muffalettas (if we have time go stop by Central) to make everyone on the plane pea green with envy!!

Comments -- further suggestions are welcome.

Mar 12, 2008
foodnut in New Orleans

Feelings Cafe? Other restaurant input

It is on my list for consideration for a trip this March -- I haven't been, but it was recommended highly by our waiter at Stella! (we were there 5 years ago, so can't vouch for continued reputation.)

Jan 25, 2008
foodnut in New Orleans

Maiz Berkeley Salvadoran

We tried to go last Friday night, but arrived to find that they were closed!

There was a sign in the window that seemed to indicate there had been an incident that necessitated some repairs before they could reopen. No specifics, or I was hungry enough to move on before fully reading the sign.

Where Can I Find Marzipan Pears?

try calling the California Culinary Academy -- ask someone in the baking and pastry program for a source (or maybe you could find a student who'd make them for you for the experience?) I've also called Masse's in Berkeley when I had a 'frosting issue' once -- they were a little thrown at first that I called for advice on a broken frosting, but cheerfully helped me out with some advice.

Michael Mina mediocre experience

To be fair to the original poster, Merv said "it wasn't one of those meals that I replay in my mind" and gave French Laundry as an example, not a comparison. You could have used any restaurant where you were delighted by the combo of food, service and atmosphere in that sentence, I think.

Knife sharpening @ Nob Hill . . . DON'T!!!

I don't know if they are still available, but I got my dad one of the knife sharpening tools that used to be sold through the old CH boards -- really liked it. Reminds me that I need to take my blades over to my parent's the next time I go. I think they were called Morty's knife sharpener or something like that.

Feb 07, 2007
foodnut in California

Lunch & activity for work group

My brain is dead from too much work -- fortunately, my boss is taking me and my coworkers out for lunch and afternoon fun this Friday.

So, we are looking for recommendations for a fun restaurant and activity for a group of 6. Moderate price range -- we work near the financial district, but could dine near recommended activities as well. I think we are all pretty adventuresome eaters -- though we have 1 person who's allergic to fish, so any seafood recs would need to have some other good dishes on the menu.

Thanks in advance.

Quiche/Brunch foods in Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda

Glad to know that they make quiche. I live right near there, so love supporting local businesses (not to mention their stuff is Yummy!)

Quiche/Brunch foods in Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda

I'm looking for recommendations for places where I can pick up some quiches/brunch foods in Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda.

Baby foodnut is getting baptized in a few weeks & I've decided that trying to cook for a crowd while sleep deprived just isn't going to happen. So, please recommend your favorite take-out places for brunch-type items.

(any menu suggestions are welcome too, though I know that's a bit off topic for this board. So far, I'm thinking mimosas, quiche, green salad, fruit salad, coffee cake/pastries.)

Thanks in advance!

Best pumpkin bread?

I really like the Celebration pumpkin cake/bread at Whole Foods (I think they make it there). Moist and yummy with chocolate chips and walnuts. Located in the tiered baskets on the baked goods tables.

Help on entertaining a difficult Boss to please in San Francisco

What about Harris'? They do require a jacket at dinner, so don't know if that meets your unpretentious qualifier.

Anyone been to ICI ice cream shop lately?

hee hee -- I'm glad to find this post because I tried Ici last Friday for the first time and while eating thought, "I wonder what Morton the Mousse thinks of this place". :)

I had the gingersnap -- not gingery enough and the pumpkin, which I did enjoy. The cone was tasty, but too fragile as many here have noted.

I also didn't really like the fact that I was asked "cup or cone" w/out any mention that there was a surcharge for the cone. I didn't notice the notation on the menu board until after she rang me up. The cones are rolled too small for the first scoop to fit snugly into the cone, making me nervous that vigorous licking would topple both scoops to the ground.

It is nice to have ice cream back in Elmwood (with thoughts of the long gone Bott's), though I'll hit the pharmacy soda fountain next time I'm craving ice cream in the area.