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Sunday Brunch on Long Island?

Ll dent has an awesome brunch. Only place on long island that has chicken and waffles. The staff is so friendly . They make you feel like your are family at their own home having a meal

Pizza in Astoria

Anybody know what became of the original owners of Grand Ave Pizza on 30th ave? The father and son that owned it in the 70's & 80's until they sold it to the current owner. Are they still in business elsewhere?

Jan 18, 2010
Beckster in Outer Boroughs

Ruby's BBQ joint in East Meadow?

I heard that they worked out some of the problems and the food is greatly improved. Anybody have any firsthand knowledge of this?

Best time to go to Di Fara's?

Has anybody been there at 12 on a weekday? Is he wait still long if I show up say on a tues at 12?

May 01, 2009
Beckster in Outer Boroughs

Taste in Garden City--Still Open?

What is Limana? any info?

New BBQ in Wantagh - Tennessee Jed's

That was the previous owner when the place was called smokeys. New owner has no affiliation with them what they told me

Wildwood BBQ - Pig Roast Bonanza!

I heard they changed pitmasters recently. Curious to see if the quality of the food changes

Jan 28, 2009
Beckster in Manhattan

my new hamburger ranking

Onthe corner of 62nd and Madison a street vendor named tony dragone makes a burger over charcoal that is one of the best I have ever had.

Jul 23, 2008
Beckster in Manhattan

Empanadas in Mineola

Seba Seba bakey in jackson heights (queens) make the best in NY the mini ones are the best

Any eats on Taconic North of Red Hook?

The taghkanic diner is awesome. I can eat the gravy like a soup. The chicken wings are HUGE and very fresh. The pizza place across the street from the diner(Jo jo's) is great as well

Desparate for a recommendation on South Shore LI

Nickys clam bar in Bayshore right on the water, good service and good food and live music

New BBQ in Wantagh - Tennessee Jed's

Seconds is OK but for the real deal go to Swingbellys in Long Beach

Good Wings in Nassau?

I AGREE!!!!!!! used to be a weekly wings customer at croxleys but now do the all you an eat specal Monday nights at swinbellys for 9.95. Order then naked with sauces on the side

New BBQ in Wantagh - Tennessee Jed's

Went there on Sunday . I thought the food was really good. It lacked smoke but overall tasted really good. It is better than a lot of other places on the Island that is for sure.

BBQ' Mastic/Shirley Bellport????

Was there about 2 weeks ago. It is under new ownership. It is greatly improved. The food was not edible with the previous owner. Could challenge now to be on of the best on the Island now

Little Italy

Paesanos on Mulberry Street. Very good food that is reasonably priced. Order a bottle of the house wine(it cheap about $18) but is excellent. Stay away from the manicooti other than that everything is excellent

May 02, 2008
Beckster in Manhattan

Best Pastrami Sandwich

How much do you Katz fans tip at he slicing counter?

Mar 25, 2008
Beckster in Manhattan