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Best steak place in Washington DC for a large group of guys

Thanks everyone, we decided to go w/ a table in the main dining room at the Capital Grille, probably won't be making any toasts.

Capital Grille
601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004

Best steak place in Washington DC for a large group of guys

Hey, I'm wondering what would be the best steak place in DC for a large group of guys in the mid 30's. Probably 10-12 guys, a lot of drinking, a lot of laughing, etc... Think the opposite of what Prime Rib would want. We've already done Charlie Palmer so that place is out.

Anyone have any experience w/ the private room at the Palm?

Thank you very much.

Al Tiramisu

Completely agree. The prices for their specials are completely ridiculous when compared to the entree prices. And you feel like a schmuck asking 'how much is this special?', 'how much is that special?'.

One of the top five annoying things that restaurants can do.

Looking for a good corn dog

Tallula in Arlington used to have an awesome corndog as a quick appetizer, haven't been there in a little while though.

Romantic Dinner near Alexandria?

No debate, Eve is the place you should go.

Arlington-Falls Church Rotisserie Chicken

Tried Super Chicken a couple weeks ago, the yucca and french fries were very good and plentiful, the chicken was also very good. Would still choose Crispy and Juicy over anything I've tried, mostly because of the sauce. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the hot, orange sauce. Excellent.

Kid friendly Dining

The Rainforest Cafe in Tysons closed a couple years ago.
Coastal Flats did not take the space, since they are in the new wing, which was not there when the Rainforest Cafe was there. I don't know what took the old space.

Agree, the entire Sweetwater chain is great for kids.

a la Lucia or Rustico

I've been to both, they are completely different in my eyes. If you're looking for a good wine list then head for A La Lucia, it's is ten times longer than at Rustico, which is more of a beer place. The pizza is excellent at Rustico but from your description you're looking for AL more than Rustico.

I recommend a reservation for either place.

Who is extending Restaurant Week?

I've heard Colvin Run Tavern is extending it through 1/31/07.

Any update about Overwood in Old Town?

At first it was suppose to open in early 2006, then pushed to the Summer, saw an August date at one point, now it doesn't look like it will open until 2007.

btw, it's taking the place of Ecco.

Indigo Landing?

Way too overpriced for the quality of the food. Worst service in the area, hands down. Slow, very inexperienced staff, especially up front and at the bar.