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NH lakes- open for christmas dinner?

Will be staying in Laconia, just found out family dinner isnt happening so we are left looking for a place open christmas evening. 5-7 adults, one child....type of food might nto matter given I am not even sure what will be open! Same with cost...willing to drive but probably not more than 30 minutes. thanks!!!

Dec 09, 2010
raynardm in Northern New England

casual party for 25 brooklyn or queens.need some help!

hello- I am looking for a place to have my husband's BLS graduation party next june ( places fill up that time of year, and it might take me awhile to find the right party).

I am open to several ideas, from brunch, lunch or dinner....appetizers and drinks, alchohol or non-alchoholic. What i envision is a casual but nice place for about 20 adults and 5 kids (well behaved restaurant kids) possibly outdoor garden. does not have to be a private room.

He likes all foods but we are looking for either american, italian, continental....somehting good for all ages. we could do a nice sit down or even pizza or burgers. BBQ is good as well. Cost is a factor..I started out with a $500 budget (i know cant do drinks as well as food for this) but I feel liek that was probably insane....anyone have any ideas that either fits that budget or isn't triple that price? just in general that i can look into? interested in a weekend, pref. a saturday afternoon.

any advice and direction would be great, Ive searched the boards and only come up with a cuple of places mentioned again and again, none of which really work for us, but thanks in advance for any help! it's kind of overwhelming lol.

Aug 27, 2009
raynardm in Outer Boroughs

restaurants to go to with an 8 month old?

well be in town for 6 days with our 8 month old....we are from nyc and she is used to going to and is very well behaved in restaurants. (if she did get fussy we;d remove her ) I know high end dinners are still out- right? how about lunchtime??? commanders brunch? one of john besh;s places? nyc mid-mid/higher end restaurants are used to having babies around so i think our perspective is skewed...whats it like in NOLA? please make any recommendations!

Jan 04, 2008
raynardm in New Orleans

Brunch/lunch on a Saturday in the Village or Chelsea

its east side/union square, but you could take the L over to it about Candela? they ahve great atmosphere and really good, well rpiced food. the brunch is 15 with one drink or 20 for unlimited drinks. Ive had a very nice fritatta and the best pancakes Ive ever had! light and crispy. they open at 11 on sunday and get really packed by 1pm.

Oct 27, 2006
raynardm in Manhattan

help me feed picky grandma

ok, so picky is putting it lightly. She will be in town for 2 days and is rreally hard to feed. her requirements...
1. place must be crowded regardless of time fo day- but we'll be eating at regular times this trip so should be ok.
2. she will only eat "american" or italian asian, nothing wierd or too modern/odd ingredients.
3. must not be ina secluded room- she loves t look at all the people in a bigger place or the street.

siiigh. she loves the olive garden. she is obsessed with times square (bless her heart we go there eveyr visit and she goes, ok now what? and we say um, thats it unless were going to a show there sint much to do here---and she gets annoyed lol)
She is OBSESSED with going to carmine's because we ate there once 8 years ago and she feels safe there. however we cant go for every meal--and going to times square more than once in a 2 day trip may make me cry. any good alernatives to carmines? should we try the west side the area any nicer?

please give me some alternatives fitting these requirements, hopefully in village? and save me having to share massive plates at carmines (3 of us dining) for 2 nighs in a row!! :)

Oct 27, 2006
raynardm in Manhattan