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westside produce-driven restaurants?

We'll be in LA next week staying in Century City, escaping the unending dregs of a vile midwestern winter. I'm dying to taste fresh, local produce (that isn't a stored turnip) and hoping for some tips on nearby places (low end, mid end, even higher mid end, any kind of food) that really feature local stuff. We'll have a car, though, with our limited knowledge of LA geography, perhaps we shouldn't try to venture too far away.

Thanks LA chowhounds!

Mar 15, 2009
rose1 in Los Angeles Area

Ostia midday meal?

We're going to be in Ostia Antica either Sat or Sun of next week and are interested in heading into Ostia for a midday meal. Any suggestions on good places to try? We're open to high end, low end, any end that's good that we'd probably have a preference for simple and straightforward places over fancier places.


Feb 20, 2009
rose1 in Italy

Downtown Minn recs?

5 colleagues and I are looking for a chowish place near (or within easy and reasonable cab fare) of the Hyatt downtown. I'm particularly interested in a place that is conducive to good conversation but perhaps not quite a expensive/upscale as 112 Eatery (though I plan to try it myself!) Any suggestions welcome - and comments on the following places: Ike's, Solera, Nye's, any of the places on "Eat Street" (can we walk there btw? Or should we cab it?)

Thanks so much!!

Oct 27, 2006
rose1 in General Midwest Archive