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Chinese Restaurant in Rockridge?

Yep, perfectly fine Chinese-American food. I actually took a group of 6 year-olds to Becky's last night for a birthday dinner. They loved, loved, loved it. (This should tell you something.) Our very friendly waiter thoughtfully arranged to have fried bananas brought to the table for the celebration. Personally, not my thing, but the kids agreed they were "awesome." I was simply happy drinking my Trumer Pils with my chow fun and watching people parade up college ave. So, I have to agree, if you're local and don't feel like making a trek to China village (superlative food, IMO), then Becky's can handily satisfy your craving.

Scopa, Ravenous or Zin Wine Bar?

We'll be in Healdsburg next week and are stumped about dinner. So many options... At the moment, we're considering Scopa, Ravenous and Zin. We've been to Cyrus already (wow) and Willi's (always a fave) and want to branch out a bit. Given the three above options, what would you choose? We'll be out at the wineries all afternoon and will be hungry. (If you've got another suggestion, I'm all ears, as long as it's in H'burg.)

Thanks for your help!

Teen Scene? Lunch spot around Union Square?

Thanks for all of these great ideas! I have to admit, I am drawn to the suggestion for the Cheesecake Factory. As much as it pains me, I think the gals would love to sit outside on the patio and watch the scene down below. That said, Belden is an excellent alternative. Great food and a grown-up, city-style street scene. I'd thought of Taylor's initially, but honestly, I think the girls are up for shopping hard, so staying close to the shops is tops. I will bank that idea for the future. Thanks again to everyone for their tips!

Teen Scene? Lunch spot around Union Square?

I'm treating my teenage niece and her BFF for a day of shopping and lunch in San Francisco soon. Trouble is, I'm out of touch with what's new/fun downtown. I'm hoping someone could toss a few dining ideas my way. I'm taking these HSM fans (High School Musical to the uninitiated) to SF to escape suburban mall food. Nothing too $$ or palate-challenging, please. (For context, I think sushi might be pushing it for these girls.) Thanks!!

Pre-Nutcracker dining?

I'll be taking my daughter and her cousin (both aged 6) to see the ballet, for a 2 p.m. performance. Can anyone recommend somewhere to dine before-hand? My daughter has a very sophisticated palate, but her cousin isn't quite as adventurous. (By the way, I'd prefer not to go to Max's Opera Cafe... Ideally somewhere with a great wine list.)

Is there something in the vicinity that might do the trick? If there's somewhere we should go that's not in the Civic Center area, we could easily cab it to the War Memorial.


Can't-miss wineries around Sonoma?

I'll be visiting Healdsburg soon and want to taste some stellar wines. I'll definitely hit Rochioli and maybe Bella (yummy zins) or J (good food pairings). Anywhere else? It's been a while since I did the Russian River wine road... Cheers!

WANTED: Lively, delicious dining in Calistoga area

I'm plotting a fun Napa weekend to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday next month, and it's been a while since I've eaten in the northern end of valley. We'll be staying in Calistoga and feel the birthday dinner is an occasion where we'll want lots of wine, so we don't want to be driving--a cab for a short jaunt would be okay. We'll be a somewhat large-ish group--8 or 9--and would love a lively atmosphere coupled with really good food. I recall Cafe for All Seasons being good, but it's been a while... Any dinner suggestions? Post-dinner watering holes? Brunch? Any shouldn't-miss wineries? (Not touristy like Sterling; some off the beaten path wineries would be nice.) Lots of the searches revealed older posts, so I'm hoping someone is up to the task, armed with some fairly recent intel on the subject. Looking forward to reading the tips.

What to cook with a gorgeous 94 Opus One?

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. In the end, we decided to drink the wine on its own with some toasted nuts and brie. With much fanfare, we opened the bottle only to be a thoroughly underwhelmed by the wine. It was still very tannic and thin on flavor. While we didn't decant it beforehand, we swirled and swirled and swirled it in our glasses trying to find something positive to say. It was merely okay, not anything I'd be clamoring to have again. I have had some Opus in the past that made me understand all the hoo-ha. But this particular bottle was nothing special--all talk, no action.

In case you're at all interested, we did end up having some big, fat filets that we grilled and served with a yummy wild mushroom ragout I made with sauteed shallots, mushrooms, lots of butter and a reduction of whatever red wine (a syrah from the always awesome Ridge) was left over from the night before. We had some luscious zin from Limerick Lane with our dinner and were fat and happy afterwards.

Oct 29, 2006
diablita in Wine

What to cook with a gorgeous 94 Opus One?

I've been saving a 1994 Opus One. The time has come to share it, so I want to do it justice and make sure my dinner is up to snuff. I was considering going the "steakhouse" route and splurging on some dry-aged bacon-wrapped filets and making some creamed spinach, but though yummy, it seems a bit pedestrian. Anyone have a divine menu suggestion to really showcase the wine?
thanks, diablita

Oct 27, 2006
diablita in Wine