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Two Stones Pub to open in Kennett Square!

sorry--strip malls just dont do it for me. Again, that's the Delaware model--it's certainly not what Kennett is known for. And the idea that another restaurant shouldn't go downtown because Half Moon is already there is ludicrous. Competition is good for everyone, and Half Moon has a corner on the pub market in Kennett, so they dont need to stretch too much to improve their service, food, etc. Not to mention who doesnt love the idea of being able to walk down a quaint main street and have several dining options? And I still dont understand what the parking issue is. The garage is almost always empty in the evening, and you dont need to pay after 6pm. Again, I see this as both an urban legend and a function of suburban living--people dont want to park more than 15 feet away from their final destination.

Jul 10, 2013
crm227 in Philadelphia

Two Stones Pub to open in Kennett Square!

why oh why are they moving into the Shoppes at Longwood? Isnt there a ton of vacant space in downtown Kennett? Would be nice to have a place like this right in the Borough, even if Kennett Brewing is moving in nearby. Perhaps there is an issue getting another liquor license downtown? Otherwise it's classic Delaware business strategy--find the closest strip mall and open a restaurant. I guess it's convenient if you need to stop at the grocery store on the way home...sigh.

Jul 09, 2013
crm227 in Philadelphia

Advice for Casual Birthday Dinner in Brooklyn

Hey folks--
Been trolling the boards doing some research for an upcoming 60th birthday dinner and thought I'd throw out my thoughts for some feedback. Here are the details:
--mom's 60th birthday
--Saturday night, need to eat early (530ish)
--6 adults and one infant (8 mos)
--not ethnic
--preferably in Carroll/Cobble/Boerum

At this point I'm thinking either Lunetta, Chestnut or Po. I've had good meals at each (and not so good meals at some, too) but there are clearly mixed opinions on the boards about them all. Worth noting that mom/dad are not foodies, but do appreciate a well-cooked meal. So whaddya think? Am I overlooking someplace that might otherwise fit the bill? Thanks!

Feb 18, 2009
crm227 in Outer Boroughs

Best BBQ, no reservations tonight

four of us went to RUB last Saturday night around 830pm...waited for about 45 minutes, but tucked in at the bar for two pints of Six Points...since you're looking for casual anyway, I doubt you'll even notice the is good, too

Mar 08, 2008
crm227 in Manhattan


in the West Village...anyone been there?

Oct 27, 2006
crm227 in Manhattan