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Oyster knife?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I finally found them at Kitchen Stuff Plus in the Cloverdale Mall.

And, not to make anyone jealous, but I won't be buying my oysters from Rodney's. In two days I depart Toronto for my new life on Cortes Island, BC. If I want oysters (or clams), all I have to do is go down to the lagoon with a couple of buckets and fill them up. Here's a picture of an oyster bed when the tide is out.

Oyster knife?

Can anyone suggest where in Toronto (or South Etobicoke) I can find an oyster knife? I've tried WalMart, Linen's & Things and Caynes with no luck.

Bar Keeper's Friend

One of my pots or pans came with a sample pack of Bar Keeper's Friend cleaner. It's the best thing I've found for getting rid of the blue discoloration that affects some of my stainless steel cookware.

Can anyone tell me where I can find more of that stuff? Somewhere near South Etobicoke or eastern Mississauge would be great.

Asian grocery near Courtney/Comox

Thanks bevo. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear.

Asian grocery near Courtney/Comox

I'm moving from Toronto to an island located near Campbell River and am wondering how far I'll have to travel to find a good Asian grocery/market. I'm sure that there are several in Vancouver, Richmond and Victoria but I'm hoping to find something closer to Courtney or Comox.

Reliable source for spices

I purchase all my spices at either an Indian or Oriental market. My favorites are India Town Food Centre, Al Marwa Supermarket, Oriental Food Centre and Oriental Harvest. All are located on Dundas in Mississauga. The price, quality and selection of spices blows away any of the major supermarkets.

Close oven door during broiling?

Should one always leave the oven door open when broiling? It makes sense to do when something fatty is placed an inch or so from the broiler (don't want to get a flare-up from splattering grease hitting the element), but what about when a recipe calls for something like skinless chicken breasts placed 6" from the element?

Feb 19, 2008
Richard_S in Home Cooking

Etobicoke good eats

Not quite fine dining, but for excellent reasonably priced food I recommend Hoai Huong (Vietnamese place on north side of Queensway east of Royal York) and Churrasqueira (Portuguese roast chicken and potatoes also on Queensway between Islington and Kipling).

Basic food prep course?

I'm not sure if this is a silly question, but here's my situation...

I cook a fair amount and use lots of chicken and chicken stock in my recipes. I usually buy chicken pieces (thighs and/or legs for stews, breasts for grilling and wings for wings) and prepared (Campbell's) chicken broth.

It seems to me that it would be smarter to buy whole chickens, cut them up and use the remnants to make stock. The problem is that when I've tried cutting up and de-boning chickens in the past, I ended up with a mess.

Does anyone know of a basic food prep course where they teach you how to butcher a chicken properly and make a good stock?

Looking for foam food containers

Thanks all. It looks like Costco will be my best bet.

Looking for foam food containers

I'm trying to track down a source for foam food containers (you know, the type used for takeout or delivery food).

So far I've managed to find a couple of places online but they only sell by the carton (which contain 1000 pieces). I only need between 25 and 50.

Anyone know where in Toronto I can find these things?


There is (was?) a Swiss restaurant in the Delisle Court mall on Yonge north of St. Clair that had pretty decent fondue. I have no idea if it's still around.

Jewish food in South Etobicoke

Thanks for the suggeston pescatarian. I assume you mean the tiny little Loblaws in the Humbertown mall. I'll give it a shot.

Jewish food in South Etobicoke

I realize that I may be out of luck, but can anyone tell me where I can find basic Jewish groceries in South Etobicoke? The Sobe's on Queensway usually has chrain (horseradish with beets) and occasionally matzo, but so far I haven't been able to track down gefilte fish. Any suggestions?

Produce market in South Etobicoke?

I'm looking for a good produce stand/market near Queensway and Royal York. I currently go to a little spot in the Richview Mall (Eglinton west of Islington) that has a good selection of very fresh fruits and vegis at great prices but am looking for a place closer to home. Easy parking is a bonus.

Montreal Jewish Food [Split from Toronto]

Ah yes. Dry karnatzel with mustard on a piece of rye bread for ten cents. Those were the days.

You're right about everything else... the park across the street was Houde (the other hang-out park being Chamberlan across from Talmud Torah) and I did go to Sir Winnie for high school.

Montreal Jewish Food [Split from Toronto]

Gotta put in a word for St. Laurent. Growing up there in the 70's we didn't have anything like Cavendish Mall so we hung out at the St. Louis Shopping Centre. I remember great smoke meat, knishes, latkes, varenykys(sp?), matzo ball soup etc. at the St. Laurent Deli. I'm not sure who owned it, but if I remember correctly most of the people who worked there were Greek. A couple of them eventually opened Stan's in the same shopping centre -- great steak sandwich.

Gym oriented high prot/carb cooking, for people strapped on time in Toronto?

Canned tuna. Cottage cheese.

Also, try the following smoothie...

1 cup milk
1 cup natural fruit juice
1 to 2 Tblsp flax oil
2 to 3 scoops whey protein powder
1 banana
handful of frozen berries

Blend well

Jan 12, 2007
Richard_S in Home Cooking

Burrito Boyz

I've never had any luck finding a "California" style burrito here in Toronto. I'm looking for something similar to what I used to get at La Salsa or Baja Fresh in L.A. -- No rice or beans, just grilled chicken, sirloin steak or pork carnitas, guacamole, cheese and fresh salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Any suggestions?