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Savannah & Environs for $10/entree?

Thanks for the thoughtful comments and the additional recs, Buddha49. I especially appreciate you narrowing things down for me in Tybee (AJ's!) and giving a stronger rec to Express Cafe. I will try to check out those bars if I can, much appreciated.

As for Sarge, below, I appreciate you taking time to write me a comment, too. And I think I understand your point - eating cheaply can indeed be a poorer overall value, depending on one's strategy. I don't want to eat at places that feel too pricey for me. I am a grad student, and I don't want to spend more when I eat out on vacation than I do when I eat out in my home city. I eat at places where really good entrees are $10 or less, no matter what city I'm in (Yes, this is even how I eat in Chicago). I want to eat like a thrifty, value-conscious, enlightened local. A local who does not have a lot of money to spend. And chowhounds have helped me to do this in dozens of cities. I just wanted to give the board a specific price to work with. I think its doable, though I wont be doing any so-called fine dining. I'm pretty happy with the breadth of my list here. And you're right, I will be eating breakfast at home most mornings, to save money.

Savannah & Environs for $10/entree?

I probably should have added Geneva Geneva's Homeplate (Bee Rd near Victory Dr) and Sweet Potatoes (Waters Ave and Eisenhower Dr) as two less-expensive outer-Savannah comfort food places that are also recommended several times on this board.

Savannah & Environs for $10/entree?

We’ll be house-sitting in Historic Savannah (not far from Calhoun Square) for a week very soon. We’ll probably eat at home several times because we’re a little on the thrifty side, and we have a 2-year-old (she can be relatively well-behaved in restaurants though). But I would like to get to some of the best places in Savannah in my budget. (about $10/entrée or less). We’ll have a car, but I think we might only use it for trips out of the center (to Tybee, Hilton Head, maybe ferry to Daufuskee) My little daughter and I don’t eat red meat (eg no mammals, including pork) but everyone else in our party does. I can usually find some chicken, veggie or fish thing at a red meat place.

I’ve sifted through the board for recommended places that seem to be within my (roughly) $10/entrée budget and I’ve come up with the list below. It seems like a lot, but I'd still like to get some comments, especially on places we could go after 5pm (though we would be good candidates for any high-quality early bird specials).

Clary's Cafe
Express Cafe & Bakery on Barnard & Congress – for Bagels and Bagel Sandwiches

Sandwiches/Lunch Only:
Mrs Wilke’s Dining Room – at $16/pp, it’s a bit more than I want to spend, but I see from this board that it is a must.
Zunzi's, on E York btwn Drayton & Abercorn. Takeout counter.
B. Matthew's on Habersham and Bay – also open for dinner, but more expensive then.
Soho South on Liberty & Bull Sts.
Polk's Produce and Floral, 530 E. Liberty Street

Blowin' Smoke on MLK btwn Gaston & Minis.

For a drink (if I can leave the kid at home):
Jazz’d – live music, the tapas are probably too expensive for me unless each one is a meal.
Molly McPhersons - for a bar meal
Mansion at the Park - The bar upstairs

Vinnie Van Go Go's - Pizza

Leopold's - Ice Cream

The Breakfast Club on Butler and 14th - for breakfast or lunch
The Crab Shack – Tourist-discovered but still good
North Beach Grill – Carribean
AJ’s Dockside Grill on Chatham & 14th – fish (gets more expensive at dinner)
Flying Fish Bar & Grill: - fresh seafood on the way to Tybee - at the east intersection of Hwy 80 and Johnny Mercer (there are 2 Hwy 80/J mercer intersections) on the westbound side of 80.

Hilton Head:
Dye’s Gullah Fixins – in Pineland Station Mall – this place seems interesting
Guiseppe's – typical suburban pizza joint but recommended
The Sea Shack - 6 Pope Ave (Executive Park Rd) seafood dive with long lines
Palmetto Bay Sun Rise Café – (Palmetto Bay Rd & Helmsman Way) open ‘til 3 Breakfast & Lunch locals joint
Frankie Bone’s Restaurant & lounge – Lunch & Early Bird seems reasonable – may need reservations
May 5th Grill & Cantina – Hard to find behind Park Plaza on Office Park Rd.

Dufuskie Island:
Marshside Mama's – S End of Haig Pt Road - Secret

I would be very grateful for any additional suggestions or any help prioritizing these places for my visit.

Suggest a Post-Inauguration Lunch Place (Takes reservations, $15 entrees)?

Thanks. I have changed my reservation to White Tiger. If its good enough for the Indian Embassy, its good enough to me. and the potentailly lower hassle factor helps me make this decision too. I feel good about this. Thanks for the help.

Suggest a Post-Inauguration Lunch Place (Takes reservations, $15 entrees)?

By the way, I looked into 1:30pm Inauguration day reservations at these restaurants, thanks for the recommendations.

Here's the run down:
Capitol City Brewing Company - NOT taking reservations
The Monacle - taking reservations via - Nothing after 1pm available now
Irish Times - NOT taking reservations
Johnny's Half Shell - taking reservations via - No reservations available
Dubliner - The guy on the phone was pretty sure they're not going to be taking reservations for groups of less than 8 also had reservations available for two restaurants that seem to be within about a 20-minute walk of the Capitol and Union Station (I know it will take longer in these crowds). Both of these restaurants seem to be well recommended on this board:

So I made a reservation at Rasika. Do you think I should have gone with White Tiger or Jaleo instead? Or something else? I still may have time to change it.

Suggest a Post-Inauguration Lunch Place (Takes reservations, $15 entrees)?

Ok thanks for these recs:

Johnny's Half Shell
Irish Times
White Tiger
the Monacle
Capital City Brewing

I'll see if any of these guys take reservations that day. Even if my friend has to bolt catch a train, the three of us remaining would like to try to eat somewhere if we can get a reservation.

By the way, I looked into MARC trains. They are running on a special schedule on Inauguration day. The very first northbound train to BWI that day leaves Union Station at 3:51pm. That will not work for a 4:45 flight. Amtrak is our only option for a reserved seat to the airport, on a schedule we can rely on (they do not contend with street traffic).

Also, if the swearing-in ceremony in fact wraps up before 1pm, I'm not positive that it would neccessarily take me more than an hour to go the three blocks i need to go our Union Station platform (ticket already in hand). Maybe some of this depends on where in the ticketed viewing area I am placed. If I happen to be put in a ticketed section that is on the north side of the area, then perhaps I will exit out towards union station. If I exit on the south side I might have to walk around a big perimeter. My position is unknown right now.

I would also like to say that I appreciate and will definitely heed all your caution. But I am a pretty savvy traveller. I'm expecting surprises and and I won't put my one friend in a situation where he risks missing his flight. I will also expect crushing crowds like I've never seen before. (I was in Denver for the Democratic convention and I've been to Times Square for the ball drop) But I will also assume that if they give me a reservation (on Amtrak or at a restaurant) that they will honor it and I will be able to get to it, even if I have to walk around a big security perimeter at the mall and push my way slowly through crowds.

That said, I don't know DC well, I have an utmost respect for this board for restaurant and other advice. And I would still genuinely be interested in this board's recommendations for a inexpensive-to-moderately priced ($15 avg entree price) north central DC place that (usually) takes reservations.

Suggest a Post-Inauguration Lunch Place (Takes reservations, $15 entrees)?

Thanks for your feedback on the travel plans.

I agree that my friend is somewhat insane to want to take the Metro route to the airport when his schedule is so tight. That's why I bought him an Amtrak ticket, though its $55 for a 20-min ride (Dep. Union Station 3pm, Arrives BWI at 3:20pm. His flight is at 4:45pm. He's checking no bags and will have already printed his boarding pass.) I am basically assuming we'll ultimately fall back on that.

So I guess I'm now asking, is there a place, north of the parade route, that is inexpensive-ish, recommended, within a brisk 30-minute walk of Union Station, and usually takes reservations? I can call around and check if any such places are actually taking reservations on Inauguration day and report back here.

Suggest a Post-Inauguration Lunch Place (Takes reservations, $15 entrees)?

Oh, by the way, one of my friends has to quickly head to BWI airport for a 4:45 flight. So we're looking for something like a 1:30 reservation time. He wants to take the Green Line to Greenbelt and the B30 express bus from there. He's have to leave at around 2pm to do this. But he also has an expensive, refundable Amtrak fare purchased for 3pm, departing Union Station, which he would rather refund than use. But it is an insurance policy.

So I think we are looking for either a 1:15pm reservation nearish to a southern Green line stop. (like Navy Yard perhaps - which would put us at Eastern Market maybe, I don't know). Or if my friend takes Amtrak, then we would do a later reservation (1:30 or 1:45) and be able to go any place with a 30 min walk of Union Station.

Suggest a Post-Inauguration Lunch Place (Takes reservations, $15 entrees)?

I and 3 of my friends are coming into town as we have tickets to the inauguration Swearing-In. I am not completely unappreciative of the hassles we have to be willing to endure to be there. It does seem like the ceremony should be over by about 1pm and the parade should start at 2:30. I'm not sure I'll even try to see the parade after the swearing-in. My friend and I are in our early 30's and on a budget. So we are willing to walk a good ways if we can stay within our budget (Average entree price $15 or less). I think we will need a place that will take reservations in order to ensure that the crowds won't be our undoing. Any Thoughts?

Best Non-Red-Meat BBQ Item in Central Texas?

Okay, I realize this question may border on sacrelidge. But, for medical reasons, I have had to give up red meat 2 years ago (that means no mammals, including pork).

Now I find myself about to visit Austin for the first time and eagerly looking forward to sampling the best (relatively inexpensive) local food. I really want to take a drive out to Lockhart, but deciding which BBQ place to visit in the greater Austin area may be trickier for me. Any recommendations?

Oct 11, 2008
nico_suave in Austin

Rome Recs for Under 10 Euros?

I have been reading this board in advance of my 2 week trip to Rome. I'll be staying in Trastevere beginning Wed. Oct. 17th. We are there because my wife is on an academic grant to collaborate on an Italian play she is translating. We do not have much money at all and we have a 3-month-old baby with us, too. I do really appreciate good simple food wherever I can get it (and whatever it is), however, and I do not require any atmosphere.
Though in the minority, some posters on Rome here have seemed to mentioned that they would like to stick within a budget. When they get specific, however, that budget tends to be around 30 Euros/person. My question is, what if I wanted to stay under 10 Euros/person? This is probably a economic zone occupied by primis, pizzas and perhaps some ethnic food, but if you reccomend it I will try it. I will have plenty of time and an ample sense of adventure, just not much disposable income.

Oct 11, 2007
nico_suave in Italy

Acme Burger Company now open! (Salt Lake City)

I also agree that the Acme Burger Company has been somewhat overrated by many of the posts here. The burger patties truly are good, but very little else about the place is gourmet or even terribly creative as far as I can see. I've had gourmet fries at many places, but they're pretty standard here, despite the gourmet prices. The beer list is fine but nothing special. At least one poster above likened this place to vegas - I agree. A hound on the strip has to pay at least 50% more for good proletarian food than he/she would in any other city. The prices are 50% too high here too. The ostrich burger is good but you need not charge more than $10 for it in Salt Lake City.

Oct 01, 2007
nico_suave in Southwest

SLC Ice Cream Rec: Nielsen's Frozen Custard

Great! I'm glad someone agrees with me. The prices are not ridiculously cheap, but I feel they are affordable (about the same or a little better than Cold Stone Creamery) and the unique quality of the ice cream makes it a good value. Concretes are definitely pushed as THE thing to order there. If you want to get one, you should come with an appetite or someone to share with, because it's like eating a pint of ice cream. It really isn't any more fluid than the regular ice cream, even though it is sometimes described as a milkshake. There is a frozen custard place in St Louis called Ted Drewes that also serves "concretes" - if you get them in their drive-thru, the server passes them to you upside-down. No drips. These are the same. While the concretes are certainly good if you're up for them (they come in about 50 different flavors and they are delicious), the really special thing about this place is the frozen custard itself. A (usually generously-scooped) single cone will suffice as an excellent introduction to the stuff. And a cone is less than $2, I think.

Jun 25, 2007
nico_suave in Southwest

SLC - Vosen's Bread Paradise (opinions?)

What did you pastries did you get? Where were you visiting from? According to google maps this place is downtown on 200 S, 2 blocks from the gateway and is a German bakery. I've never heard anything about it or noticed it before. I'll have to take a look when I'm down there again. Anything in particular i should order?

Jun 25, 2007
nico_suave in Southwest

SLC Ice Cream Rec: Nielsen's Frozen Custard

I have lived in Salt Lake City for a year and a half now and I credit chowhound for introducing me to most of my favorite inexpensive places in town: Red Iguana, Mazza, Thai Garden, Settebello, etc. I even found a mention of Pace's Dairy Ann (I hear the locally-made popsicles are not as special as they used to be, but where else can you buy anything to eat for 32 cents?). However, I am suprised that noone seems to have yet mentioned Nielsen's Frozen Custard.

Real frozen custard is a rare and unique treat for an ice cream lover and summer evenings at either location is a true Utah scene. Sometimes the lines are so long, it can take over 30 minutes to get to the counter. Nielsen's is to other ice cream shops as Settebello is to other Utah pizza places.

The two closest locations (3900 S & Highland in Holladay or 2600 S & Main in Bountiful) certainly do not lack for business and it seems like many natives know about these places, but I still think chowhounders should mention this place for the benefit of people relatively new to Salt Lake. The Bountiful location is nice in a Johnny Rockets kind of way. The Holladay store really could not be uglier but there is an air of authenticity to its horrible layout and shabbiness. There are also stores in Layton & St. George, apparently. The summer lines are worth it. They are even part of the experience. I don't think there is a more delicious, more authentically-Utah place to get ice cream in the state.

Jun 23, 2007
nico_suave in Southwest

Telluride, CO, must eats for young honeymooners

I second Baked in Telluride. It would be considered a really good "local" bakery in any town. But in Telluride it is really a find: good food, no pretense and no "scenery tax" (It's cheap).

Jun 17, 2007
nico_suave in Southwest

A Good Sedona, AZ entree for about $10?

So amdist a host of recommendations (thank you to everyone so far), the three that fit the $10 entree, recommended food bill are:
Ti Gavo at the Enchantment Resort at Boynton Canyon
and Casa Rincon
Is that correct? (I will be there at dinnertime, but I'll look to order a lunch-type meal) Do these three all fill the bill (even if its a stretch)? Are there any others that should be ion my list?

Mar 15, 2007
nico_suave in Southwest

A Good Sedona, AZ entree for about $10?

I will be driving through Sedona in a couple of weeks at around dinnertime. I imagine I have a lower income than most Sedona visitors, but I enjoy good food. When I eat out, I usually order an entree for around $10 and maybe a drink for abotu $3 (or maybe just water). That's usually it. I like views and atmosphere, but I am reluctant to pay higher prices for them. I prefer hiking and scenic drives for collecting views. At Ringo's repeated behest, I have tried to review a significant amount of the board for a restaurant that fits my desires, but I still need some input. Some of the posts are quite old (when did we lose the ability to sort posts by date?). I like all cuisines, when done well. Here are the places that popped up that sounded like they might fill the $10 bill (am I wrong on any of them?):

Javelina Cantina
(nice mexican with the most affordable (dining wise) and fabulous views of the red rocks. Also for Mex: Casa Rincon, Oaxaca)
The Coffee Pot
(100 omeletes to choose from. Fantastic Belgium waffles, pancakes, etc)
Heartland Café
(Not a bad place for lunch. In the Fall, the courtyard is really nice)
Shugrue's Hillside Grill
(on highway 179, a short distance from "the Y." next to Javelina)
Thai Spice
Pizza Picazzo
(good pizza in a very upscale setting)
Ken's Creekside
(dishes priced $8-17 & the portions are generous)

My question is: For those who have been to several of these places (or similar others that I should know about) Should any of them rise to the top of my list on the basis of food quality?

Mar 14, 2007
nico_suave in Southwest

3.5-hr ATL Layover - Best Value MARTA-Accessible Dinner?

Wow. Lot's of great information. Thank you. It seems some of you would attempt this and some wouldn't. I think I will give an escape from the airport a try, but I won't kid myself to think that I will have a luxurious amount of time to play with. Fleur, it seems, is slow, so I will order an entree right away and maybe even ask for the check before we are ready to go. But I haven't heard anyone trying to steer me away from that place for food reasons. That's a good sign.

Other places that I will investigate, thanks to your suggestions:
Enoteca Carbonari (near North Ave. Station)
Table 1280 (Arts Center Station)
The African trucks near the taxi rank at the Airport (These trucks sound so "chowhoundish". I'm definitely going to keep this in my back pocket in case delays or security lines force me to cancel my trip into town. Any particular truck to seek out?)

Thanks for all your input. I'm really looking forward to my very brief visit to Atlanta.

3.5-hr ATL Layover - Best Value MARTA-Accessible Dinner?

Hello. I'm from Seattle, but I have a 3 1/2 hour connection in Atlanta coming up on Wed. December 20th. I'd love to quickly MARTA to a great dinner spot and back. I should be able to board the train at Airport station at 8pm and I should be back at the Airport by 10pm. If I were to go someplace around 5 Points that would give me 40 miutes of total MARTA travel time, 20 minutes of total walking time and 1 hour to eat. Sounds perfect. I'm really excited to eat in Atlanta for the 1st time.

I'm looking for a place that is really great at about $15/entree (or less if it's great). And a place that's within a 10 min. walk from an Airport line MARTA stop.

Zagat's recommended this place quite highly:
Les Fleurs De Lis Cafe
Healey Building
57 Forsyth St (Walton St.)
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 230-9151

I'm not sure I can cross reference the MARTA map with the map of the recent "top 50" Fall Dining Guide ( but it seems like these restaurants might be near train tracks, if not MARTA stops:

Lobby At Twelve
361 17th Street Inside Twelve Hotel at Atlantic Station
(404) 961-7370

Eclipse di Luna
764 Miami Circle N.E.
(404) 846-0449

Floataway Cafe
1123 Zonolite Road N.E., Suite 15
(404) 892-1414

The Globe
75 5th St. N.W.
(404) 541-1487

Do any of these seem to be perfect for my purposes? Do you have any other such places you could highly suggest?

I would really appreciate your help. I hope to return to Atlanta for more time in the future, but for now, I want to get as much of taste of Atlanta as I can on this ambitious layover.