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Best French KCMO

Agree on Cafe de Amis. Very good place-can't wait to go back. That being said, I haven't been to any of the other french places in town, so I can't compare it to anything here.

One night in Kansas City, MO and interested in BBQ

Coming from someone who travels solo quite frequently for work, go to Jackstacks in the freighthouse. You'll like the neighborhood, and it's a pretty cool place with some other things to do in the area other than just eat (P&L, Art galleries, union station, crown center, etc). Everyone has their own opinion about KC bbq (as you can tell), and each and every recommendation here you will get great bbq.... But I think you'll feel the most comfortable at Jackstacks.

Dec 08, 2008
clclark2000 in Great Plains

Downtown Detroit-1 night

Will be in the city tomorrow night, only staying one night. Staying at the Renaissance Center area. Where should I go eat? Ideally, nothing too formal, but am open to anything. Ideally, a decent bar/club atmosphere would be great.

KC-Tops for 2008

cool.... I'll have to try it. Nice to hear about the marg's. Any alternative to jalapeno's $25 pitchers of tequilaless concoction is a relief to me. I can be happy with average mexican food as long as the atmosphere, service, and most importantly of all, the rita's are good.

Dinner around Starlight Theatre - KC

Can't go wrong with Carmen's. I've prob eaten everything on the menu there over the past 4 years at least once and have never had a bad experience.

KC-Tops for 2008

Lot of new places opened in KC this year (a lot closed as well). What is the best new place? I'd say my vote would go to Blanc Burger.

Also, I heard a rumor the owners of Blanc and the Drop split. One of them is taking Blanc, the other the Drop. Don't believe though there will be any changes... at least I hope not. Also, there is a new mexican place located where Swizzle used to be at Gregory and Wornall. Anyone been there yet?

KC - Blue Grotto anyone?

Checked it out this past week... Good, but not overwhelming good. If you like wood-fired pizza, you may like this place. I probably prefer Pizza Bella, but I have only been to each place just once. I do think the salad I had pre-pizza was pretty darn good.

Birthday dinner for 5 in KC, MO

Can't go wrong with Carmen's in Brookside.

KC - Rehearsal Dinner for 30?

If you want to go way casual I'd recommend Manny's on SW Blvd. Think they have something that works out to 12-13 pp, so the leftovers can buy a lot of pitchers of margs! Went to one there, and to be honest was one of the most fun rehearsal dinners i've ever been to. They have a number of different rooms/areas there to fit the bill. Also, I had my rehearsal dinner at Buca Di Beppo down on the plaza. Same as Manny's, there are a bunch of different rooms to choose from, and the prices aren't outrageous. I'd highly recommend Buca if you are looking for a relatively casual experience. I'm not a huge fan of the food there, but everyone left our party raving about it (though most were out of towners that had prob never had real Italian Food).

Omaha! Let's talk Omaha! (CA local needs your help)

Not a huge fan of my trips to Omaha, but I'll admit there's some pretty good places to eat. I usually like M's Pub in the old market. Great place to pop in and grab a drink, and there are some interesting dishes there. You would easily find something tasty for the non-meat eater. I have also been to Nicola's, which has a nice little courtyard which is good to relax with friends and share a bottle of wine. Not exactly local, but in my opinion you get the best steak experience at Fleming's Prime, though it's pricey. For a down home, more casual steakhouse, i always like to go to The Drover, which is a pretty cool place if you like old school steak houses. I'll agree with previous poster about V Mertz. Also like the place right across the street from there, the French Cafe. I'm sure many of these places will have a Mo Day Brunch. I'm not a fan, but I think for Mother's day brunch many people would recommend Wheatfields. They do have a tremendous bakey and a lot of "treats" can be had. Menu their is enormous, as are the main courses. Food is great, though I am always reluctant to go b/c I can't walk for a couple days. I'm usually there on business when i'm in town, so I like to be able to function after I eat somewhere. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

One dinner in Kansas City?

I have heard great things about Starker's recently as well. Another that doesn't get mentioned much, but I think is pretty outstanding is Cafe Trio'. I will agree with the others on Bluestem.... if I had a gun to my head and had to pick one place to eat tomorrow night in Kansas City, that would probably be where I'd go.

KC, MO recommendations?

Savoy is a great restaurant... Other recommendations in that area would be the Mango Room, The Bristol in the P&L District, Garozzo's in Columbus Park, Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ, Lydia's (Italian), PizzaBella (all in Crossroads area), and Arun (if you like Thai Food).

Good Asian Find in KC

I'm a fan of Red Snapper... always good food and good service. It's not your run of the mill Chinese restaurants if that's what you are looking for. It's a little bit more expensive, but they do give you a LOT of food, so consider sharing. I think it's a great alternative to PF Changs if you're not looking to deal with Plaza parking and want to save a few bucks.

What's new in the power and light district? (KC)

Downtown, Kansas City.

KC- laid back - not barbecue

I always like to go to Carmen's in Brookside on these nights. Pretty laid back (though you often have to wait 20 min on weekends for a table-no reservations). Food is great, relatively casual, not overly expensive. Great place altogether... Prob depends on what location in the city you will be looking though as i'm sure that will factor into your decision. One thing about KC is there seems to be a lot of laid back places with good food.

Sunday night dinner in Kansas City

Mccoy's has good food, in Westport.

Tom Fooleries on the Plaza.. Neither is great, but if you are looking for decent casual options for a sunday night, both have decent menu's and may have some atmosphere, if you're looking for that on a sunday.

Bandon, OR

Hello all,

Does anyone have any recent insight into this area? I'm going to be traveling to Bandon next week solo, and would love to have some recent recommendations on places to eat and or drink. Specifically, i'm going to be wanting to eat some fresh seafood. I'll probably be staying somewhere in the downtown area of Bandon (the resort was booked for the type of room I was looking for). Also, are there any bar and grill type places with decent food and any kind of nightlife? Thanks for any help you can provide!

Jun 20, 2007
clclark2000 in Pacific Northwest

Kansas City dining - brief visit

If I was bringing a New Yorker in town, I'd probably do the following:

Brunch at Bluebird Bistro (as mentioned). I've never had a bad experience there. Cool place, good all organic food (i think). If not there, eat at Succotash in the City Market. Both are close to downtown.

If you want a quick easy lunch, but don't want to be stuffed, you can stop by andre's or there's a nice cafe in the Nelson Atkins with outdoor seating that's pretty cool. Or there are numerous places on the Country Club plaza if you're going to be walking around sightseeing and such.

Dinner at Jackstacks in the Crossroads. There are numerous other options in this area as well, but if your set on BBQ, you can't really go wrong here. If you can time it correctly, go here on the first friday of the month when all the galleries in the area stay open late. Otherwise, 1924 Main, Lidia's, Piropo's, Carmen's are all other favorites that are not too far away from the downtown area that are nice, and within or close to within your budget (though a couple may be a bit more-depending on drinks!). Enjoy....

Dinner in Down Town Kansas City MO

Plenty of choices....

I'd go with Lidia's in the Crossroads district or Piropo's a short cab or drive across the river in Briarcliff as my absolute first choices. Then followed by Garozzo's in Columbus Park. Le Fou Frog (French), Majestic (Steak), Savoy (Steak and Seafood), Phillips Chophouse (Steak), and Mango Room (Carribean) are also good options.

Mexican Food In KC

I agree on Tienda Casa Poloma. To me this is the only Mexican restaurant in town that has set itself apart from the others. I could eat at this place every day. Seems to be kind of a hidden gem. One thing I think would be cool with this place is if they'd occasionally whip up some fresh squeezed margarita's or import some hard to find tequilas for sale in the market.

NY Style pizza in KC?

Yeah I prob wouldn't call Avelluto's NY style... I dunno, for that matter I guess you could call any thin crust pizza NY style? It's not bad, but i'll take D'Bronx any day if I can't be in NYC myself. I do need to get down to Grinders.

Jun 06, 2007
clclark2000 in Great Plains

NY Style pizza in KC?

D'Bronx is the closest you are going to get in KC to NY Style. This is good pizza, and the place is as close to a NYC style Pizzarria/Deli as you'll find in the area as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Jun 05, 2007
clclark2000 in Great Plains

Kansas City bars-best bars for beer drinkers

Barley's Brewhouse has a bunch of beers on tap. I don't care for their locations, but you'll find plenty of beers to try. Yardhouse probably has the largest selection, followed by Barley's. If you want local brew, try 75th Street Brewery or McCoy's in Westport. If you like imports, Charlie Hooper's has a ton of them available, though they don't have much on tap.

Agree on Harry's Country Club. Great place to sit outside and drink Ham's, Schlitz, etc.

KC Area Sushi

Thanks kctraci, that sounds like a good deal... i'll def check that out.

KC Area Sushi

Neither time have I been impressed with the quality of fish or the prices. It's been awhile, but it seems that the prices paid for nigiri or sashimi were a little on the high side for what you got. The place just really seems more like a hip place to hang out downtown (not that there is ANYthing wrong with that) rather than a great sushi restaurant.

KC Area Sushi

I've been to Nara twice now and neither time have been impressed. Other than for cocktails, I doubt i'll go back.

KC Area Sushi

Anyone know the best deals on sushi around the city? The only places i've been are Jun's, Domo, and the new place downtown, Nara. I love Jun's and Domo, but I think i'm going to go broke from eating there so much and would love to know about any special happy hour deals or all you can eat specials around town. I seem to remember Sakura on Nieman road used to have a $20-25 all you can eat on Tuesdays. Does anyone know if they still do that? Any other recommendations would be appreciated.

Des Moines Update

I'll agree, 801 was outstanding. Had the Del Monico, and it was among the best steaks i've had, though it was indeed expensive (ranked up their with NYC steakhouse prices!). But it was worth it, no complaints here. Cooked perfectly.

Also ate at Continental, which was pretty good. I did not think this was outstanding, though i liked the atmosphere pretty well.

Had a couple meals (and a lot of beer) at El Bait Shack. Pretty cool little place, though I found that many of the beer taps are "out of service" on any given night, so the actual number of different beers they offer is considerably less than what they actually have. But overall this place is great for having some cheap food and a nice selection of beers. Plus Mother Trucker one night was a good time....

Des Moines is a nice place, looking forward to the next trip.

May 25, 2007
clclark2000 in Great Plains

Des Moines Update

Thanks for all these great recommendations. I'm looking forward to trying out a few of these places.

May 04, 2007
clclark2000 in Great Plains

Des Moines Update

It doesn't look like there has been anything posted recently about Des Moines. I'm going to be there for the next couple weeks staying downtown (on expense acct). Could anyone make any recommendations for good food within walking distance of the Renaissance? The only place i've been close by is Splash, the seafood place, which was good. Anything else? I'm willing to drive a ways out of downtown if it's worth it. I also will be looking for decent watering hole holes in the area with decent food as well. Any help would be appreciated!

May 02, 2007
clclark2000 in Great Plains