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Mother's Day Brunch in Central Jersey?

Old Man Rafferty's in New Brunswick. They will take reservations. I don't know about their Hillsborough or Asbury Park locations.

Can call Molly Pitcher in Red Bank and get on their cancellation list.

Old Man Rafferty's
284 US Highway 206 Ste 3A, Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Apr 27, 2011
FoodDoc in New Jersey

How many pizzerias in your town? Do we need that many in NJ?

It's a free country. They wouldn't be there if they weren't making a living. All of that real estate would be empty without them. One hand washes the other. They are good members of the "Money Chain".

Apr 17, 2011
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Pop's Garage and Dauphine Grille Asbury Park

Tim McLoones Supper Club upstairs has great musical groups like the Shirleys, etc with great atmosphere with dancing and good food. To say avoid it you're missing out on a great time. Go there dance the night away, have fun and be young again.

Apr 07, 2011
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Difficult group of ten looking for fabulous BYO between exits 116 and 138 on GS Parkway

Belford Bistro in Belford and Nemo in Keyport both exit 117 are excellent IMHO

Belford Bistro
870 Main Street, Belford, NJ 07718

Nov 10, 2010
FoodDoc in New Jersey

La Tavola Cuchina

Anyone been to this new Italian in South River where Baccio's was?

Oct 24, 2010
FoodDoc in New Jersey

favorite restaurant in nj

Daniel's Bistro in Point Pleasant Beach is hard to top.

Daniel's Bistro
115 Broadway, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

May 28, 2010
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Doris and Ed's Reborn?

As I said above, they must have moved the building much closer to the bay since I was there last for "the view"

Apr 29, 2010
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Doris and Ed's Reborn?

What a puff piece. The article says they have an "outrageous view of Sandy Hook Bay and the New York skyline." Unless they moved the building since I was there last the view is far away from the water. This makes me wonder about anything in the article. I stopped going to D&E's when IMHO it went downhill after Mary left.

Mar 24, 2010
FoodDoc in New Jersey

New Italian Restaurants Jamesburg/Monroe Township NJ

On Rte. 522 just east of downtown Jamesburg. Atmosphere is very nice. Service is great, especially Dianne.

Mar 12, 2010
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Best Fries

For my money the best fries are at the Keyport Fishery (take out). Anyone else think so?

Jun 22, 2009
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Ye Cottage Inn, Keyport

I would stick to Drew's (BYOB) or Trinity. For lunch on a nice day get a take-out sandwich at the Keyport Fishery, walk across the street and sit overlooking the bay.

Jun 19, 2009
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Due Mari Pesce e Vinoteca - New Brunswick

I agree. No more peofessional waitstaff. Just a bunch of kids that ask you "are you done working" EEKS

Mar 28, 2009
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Sushi in the Keyport, Matawan, Redbank Area?

Raritan Bay, Navisink River. Bring your pole and some worms. Nothing fresher. Yummy?

Mar 18, 2009
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Fiddlehead's Jamesburg NJ

Chef's Table unfortunately is no more.

Mar 11, 2009
FoodDoc in New Jersey


Corvino's on Rte 130 North Brunswick is a BYOB which opens Sun afternoon for private parties only. The food and atmosphere are very nice.

Mar 03, 2009
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic

Need Sunday brunch recommendation in New Brunswick, NJ

I agree 100%. OMR's Sunday brunch has carving station with three meats, omelet station, shrimp and crab claws, lox and bagels, soup, great dessert station, etc etc. Last time we went it was $18.95

Jan 15, 2009
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic

Due Mari Pesce e Vinoteca - New Brunswick

Went after a Rutgers football game. Food was top notch.

Jan 03, 2009
FoodDoc in New Jersey

east brunswick for christening

Covino's on rte 130 in North Brunswick opens Saturdate and Sunday afternoon for private parties.

Nov 25, 2008
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic

Best seafood at the Jersey Shore (Central)

Although it's been said many times, many ways Shipwreck Grill Brielle is tops.

Sep 20, 2008
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic

Trinity Restaurant - Keyport

I guess I'm a little prejudiced. I grew up in Keyport many years ago. It's great to see two Keyport High graduates have made Keyport the place to go for great food. Hopefully Drew's and Trinity will lead the way for other great places. I haven't tried the Irish pub. Any thoughts?

Jun 29, 2008
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic

rio mar south river?

Large private party room. Good seafood but a little salty for me.

Jun 18, 2008
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic

christening venue in east brunswick nj

Corvino's on Rt 130 North Brunswick is open Sat and Sun afternoons for private parties. I have found the food and atmosphere quite nice.

Jun 18, 2008
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic

baby shower east brunswick nj locations???

Covino's on Route 130, North Brunswick will open Saturday or Sunday afternoon for private parties. You get the whole restaurant until 4 pm. Food and atmosphere are very good.

Apr 21, 2008
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic

Trinity in Keyport

Believe it or not the green salad at Trinity is very good. Not a piece of iceberg lettuce to be found. Very tasty.

Apr 08, 2008
FoodDoc in New Jersey


Dre's Bayshore Bistro in Keyport

Nov 16, 2007
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic

Just moved to East Brunswick

Jensen's in South River closed for good last July 29

Aug 11, 2007
FoodDoc in New Jersey

Keyport Fishery Reopens

Remember, take out only. In nice weather bring a folding chair and sit across the street overlooking the Raritan Bay. Also fried only (or was before the fire).

Oct 26, 2006
FoodDoc in Mid-Atlantic