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best or favourite market in the world?

I love to eat out in Montreal but after visiting the Jean Talon Market I wanted to stock up and take it back to our hotel to eat there. All around the outside of the market are charcuteries, fish mongers and amazing cheese stores. The produce was beautiful and fresh and displayed like jewels.

Jul 22, 2011
jimmyb32 in General Topics

Little Nicky's Coffee

the tiny donuts are amazing! better than the ex & you can get 'em year 'round.

Where to get Raclette Cheese

I always go to Alex on Danforth down by Detroit Eatery. They will slice the cheese if you're using the raclette machine with the little drawers.

boston foodie needs recs - eating solo

L'espresso Bar mercurio - is basically across the street from your hotel. Wonderful coffees and there are always lots of university types hanging out with their laptops, I'm sure they'll set you up with wi-fi.
Jamie Kennedy is one of Toronto's 'star chefs.' He has a restaurant in the Gardiner Museum (also just down the street from your hotel). It's a beautiful room and not too expensive at lunch.
Have fun.

Mirco Brewery Beer w/ pub fare downtown TO?

Why not Starfish at Jarvis & Adelaide? Definitely a step above the usual Pub Clubs and wings fare we usually find. And a few micros on tap – I had a pint of Welly (Wellington County Ale) last time I was in.

pulled pork sandwiches in Toronto?

I'm not saying it's the best I've ever had but the Pulled Pork Sandwich at the Toronto FC games is mighty tasty. The bun is suitably squishy and the meat is tender and yummy. And when you take into account the usual sports stadium crap they pass off as food, this is miles and miles better. Add a nice cold Carlsberg, hmm.

Brickworks farmers market

I did both new Markets on Saturday. Not a bad first day's effort. I'm hoping the selection gets better as more stuff gets into season. I got to Withrow about 11 and the bread was all gone except for some chocolate banana loaves at a cacao stall. Lots of people were walking around with tall bunches of wild garlic. I picked up some ramps and mushrooms from Fun Guy and had a lovely omelette. One lady was selling heirloom tomatoe seedlings. No meat to speak of (organic or otherwise). Let's hope the meat-haters haven't ruined it for us carnivores.
I got to Brickworks around 12:30 and most of the farmers were long gone. There were lots of activities for kids and tons of plants for sale for spring planting. The fries from the Jaime-clones (you've got to see them to believe it) were delish. The veggie dog and veggie burg were not. Again, no meat except for lamburgers.
I wouldn't go to either Market expecting to fill my menu for a dinner party, though both were lovely starts.

Worst/Best Tourist Trap Food in TO

Rainforest Cafe. They suck you in with their animatronic animals to distract the kids and then hit you with disgusting, way overpriced foods. How's $11 for a brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce sound? (though they do stick a sparkler and yell "Volcano!" as they bring it to your table.

No name place on Queen East?

That may be The Comerade. I haven't been but reports say it is pretty cool. With a name like that I would expect vodka would be a mainstay.

TO Cinco de Mayo

You're thinking of Perolas.

Pulled Pork in TO?

Cubano sandwich is usually ham, roast pork, mustard and pickle on a soft white bun. The whole thing is pressed in a sandwich press so it's nice and crusty.

Pulled Pork in TO?

I've had quite a tasty pulled pork at McSorley's on Bayview. They also do what they call a cubano, also quite delish.

Chestnut flour - making at home

I used my coffee grinder to pulverize the chestnuts after I first roasted (to peel) and then chopped and dried. I sifted it a couple of times to get the chunks out. It worked beautifully. I made chestnut gnocchi and they were fabulous.
Next time I will order it online if I can't find the flour at any italian grocers. Thanks for your help.

Mar 06, 2007
jimmyb32 in Home Cooking

Chestnut flour - making at home

Can anyone give me some tips on making my own chestnut flour? I've been unable to locate it in my local stores. I have chestnuts, but am not sure what to do next.
Should I roast them first (to make getting shells off easier)? Or peel them before I try and dry? I have a convection oven, what temperature and how long?
thanks for your help

Mar 03, 2007
jimmyb32 in Home Cooking

Colborne Lane

What's happening with Claudio Aprile's new place? Have they opened? Is there a date set?

The Best Pizza

I recently discovered Danforth Pizza House and wholeheartedly agree. Angelo has been in the same spot for years (and it looks it) but the pizza is fantastic. And I like how well-done the crust is - desirable char fer sure!

Rose's Cafe on Broadview

I've never had bad service here. Always friendly. And the banh mi was wonderful, especially since it only cost me $2.
Absolutely the best take out value in the city.

Cubano Sandwich in T.O.

Anybody know who's making a great Cubano?