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Looking for a decent restaurant near/ around the ACC

Hi chowhounds I'm looking for a decent restaurant near/ around the Air canada Centre for tonight.

Thanks Everyone

Ottawa Suggestions


Check out Murray st in the market, there's an abundance of great restaurants. My suggetions would include


Murray street charcuterie and wine bar

Sweetgrass aboriginal bistro


and for a pub/ greasy spoon type there's

Chez Lucien
137 Murray Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 5M7

(613) 241-3533

I hope you find some good chow!!!

Seafood, fish wholesalers in Toronto

newport fish importers

This is where Hiro sushi gets some of his fish.

queso in TO?

I know that cheese boutique carries haloumi, althought it is fairly expensive. I have seen a cheese thats similar to haloumi at some portuguese markets (o nosso talho) its called "Douro blando" I think it may be similar to haloumi ( nice and salty and squeeky texture) its pretty cheap too.

Hope that helps abit.

Looking for a goose...

Sobeys on Dupont and ossington has frozen ones , aprox 50$ each

How is the fishmonger near Dundas and Dupont

newport fish wholesale is located at dupont and dufferin, I've been told this is where restaurant suppliers buy some of their fish. They have incredibly fresh fish, I've also heard that Hiro sushi buys some of his fish from them.

Buca opening soon?

should be open early August (hopefully), with the City strike there are no permits being issued to new restaurants


Try Forte bistro and lounge Corey Mintz recently wrote an article about salads and made a reference to it.

Union is open!

how much was it for a dinner for two??

Anyone come across 'Jambon De Bayonne' in Toronto?!

try the cheese boutique I think they might carry it

Organic macadamia nuts? Marcona almonds? Where in Toronto? this is a restaurant supplier that sells Marcona almonds at approx $37.00/ Kg (or at least that what they sell them to me at...



Ramps?? Am I too late?

i bought some a week ago at youngs produce at royal york and bloor. 1.99 a bunch!!!

Dinner near Fairmont Ch√Ęteau Laurier, Ottawa, ON

Phelana, try out Sweetgrass Aboriginal bistro 108 murray street. They're open for lunch mon-fri, open for dinner mon-sat.
The prices for lunch should be able to meet your budget, and its definately not your ordinary restaurant.
Here's the website
Happy Chowing!!

Pistachio paste/butter in the GTA


Ritter Sport Chocolate in GTA

I've seen them at the Loblaws on dupont and christie.

Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

Hi, anyone know where i can get some awesome smoked meat/ rueben sandwich in the GTA?