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Best place to buy a Weber gas grill in the GTA?

We used the bbq guys. My husband had a specific weber he wanted. They ordered it, assembled and delivered to our downtown toronto condo. They also removed the old non working grill. We had used their services previously for cleaning and were impressed with them as well.

Good Luck

Mar 30, 2010
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Italian restaurant with Italian Speaking Staff

I am attempting Italian language courses to prepare for a pending trip to Italy. I thought it may be fun to go to a couple of different places with my tutor to practice. Any ideas for places open for lunch that may have an italian speaking friendly staff. Other parameters: decent to great food, good fish/seafood options, nice wine, price point not an issue but in the downtown area (no driving) is preferable.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Apr 22, 2009
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Mother in law visiting - any suggestions

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback! The Gardiner is a real option for Sun - Jamie Kennedy's might be a little challenging for her - but WIndsor/Four season will be right up her alley.

Scarmouche (or something similiar is an idea for Saturday. The family we are obligated to meet are quite a "controlling" old bay street/financial types - who are already pushing us to come up and see their new 4000 sq foot condo, we really don't want to have to go up to to donvale area if we can avoid it. Hoping to meet on neutral ground. We did make reservations at Bymark. Any other suggestions of mulit starred, not too challenging food etc!

Does the red tea box serve wine?

My husband loves the fish & chips at Oyster Boy as well - seating may be an issue!

Mildred Pierce - I had not even considered. Great Idea!

Thanks again to everyone.

Mar 08, 2007
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Mother in law visiting - any suggestions

Thanks to everyone.

I have been given some great new ideas, that I had not even considered. Will let you know! She may be particularily interested in the Gardens or the Museum.

Mar 06, 2007
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Mother in law visiting - any suggestions

My 81 year old british mother in law is visiting mid March. Any interesting ideas would be appreciated. It is a fairly scripted visit, but here is what we were considering. Our base is Queen street west (Triinity Bellwood Park area). We will be cabbing due to mobility issues, she does like to be "spoiled", i.e. she would prefer high tea to a pub, and she prefers seafood- specifically fish. We will be eating early, of course, so I doubt reservations will be a problem. Cost - not an issue.

She arrives on Thursday pm. Thinking of Canoe if she is up to it. My husband works right there, views, fancy from her perpective. Any other suggestions, or anything in our area in the event she is tired.

Friday: possibly CasaLoma in the afternoon - is there a place to get soup, quick sandwich? We are going to the Raptor game and considering eating at the TD Platinum Club. I know, expensive vs quality, but again we are navigating an octurian here. Maybe the Royal York?

Saturday - Afternoon Ballet at the four seasons centre, any lunch suggestions? Again, lunch we probably need something light - but a bar for me :). Dinner more challenging. We must invite family members in Toronto, well established financial background - very old boy's network type. They live in the donvale valley area, we really don't want to go up there. We made reservations at Bymark for the group. Any other suggestions?

Sunday: It is her last day, would like to make it special. Always difficult for dinner. Thinking CN tower. Her day I am not too sure about, maybe the ainsley gallery (sp?) distillery district?

Thank you for any suggestions.

Mar 05, 2007
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

In House Catering with Professional Sushi Chef

thank you. Let me know if he would be at all interested. I will forward you my direct emai if he is.


Feb 14, 2007
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

In House Catering with Professional Sushi Chef

Thinking of hosting an in-house sushi party. Our preference is to have professional on site, not just catered. Has anyone done this in the downtown Toronto area? Any recommendations? We are hoping to have something on a Friday or Saturday and realize the super quality chefs will be occupied. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Feb 13, 2007
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Need takeout on Christmas Day

I recently moved from NYC where I am very used to serviced holiday dinners.

On American Thanksgiving (late Nov) the Royal York supplied - soup, turkey, amazing stuffing (to quote my guests), gravy/sauce, cranberry sauce, roasted potatoes, veggies, bread, I purchased 2 pies, don't recall the package deal. It was for 12 people - easily could have served 16 -18. We had to pick it up - they did have re-heating instructions but not as good as it should be.

In NYC, we used - check it out. If Toronto develops this type of ability I will be very happy :


From price point - may never cook a turkey again:)! I believe the smallest package is for 8.

Be careful if re-heating - use a thermometer. If you decide to use this service I will forward more specific advice.

Hey - never cooked in the holidays! but in NYC they would deliver - here we did have to pick up.

Dec 11, 2006
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What to try at Ki?

Blue dog et al - I apologize if my earlier post was not clear. The comparision I was attempting to draw was Ki to the similar restaraunts in NYC. Megu, Ono, Koi, Ninja, Tao, among others. Large scale - Japanese type, the bar is a major attraction. INMO, Ki holds up well. In fact better than some I listed above.

The link to the Keg and Hys is the concept of Ki is Ki was orginated form 2 high level management individuals from the two respective "chains". To that end I believe they are attempting to apply that model to Ki. Dependable, reasonable quality, attractive - exotic relative to the era (okay I was around before the Keg what bought by a large corporation and was 'trendy' and a destination place). I have heard Ki is considering similar establishments in Vancouver and a couple of US cities with a similar urban demographic if the Toronto model does well.

I agree with your analysis - infact I took a group of people last evening (a couple of which I did not know if they would enjoy 'japanese' food) and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the food. I frequent Ki - it is accessible, comfortable (I can get my husband to go because it is not challenging for him :)! Would I prefer if Kaji-san was closer to me - absolutely. But we make the trip to Ki often - and enjoy it.

Nov 16, 2006
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What to try at Ki?

Ki is a concept - based on the concept coming out of NYC. Think Megu, Koi, Ono, Nobu 57 (as opposed to the orginal) and others. Large resto/bar type places - hyped scene type places - large on the bar crowd. Also realize it is originating from Keg/Hy's management. In that comparison it is not bad. My last experience at Megu was painful - others not so terrible but really Ki is up there.

Ki's food is somewhat what you expect. Not spectacular but reliable. You can see they are attempting to take the Keg model and take a Japanese/Canadian fusion idea (albacore tuna with maple syrup?) not for me but they tried. It is actually a great place to take a large group of people who have diverse food interests. Their steak is reported to be very good (I dont eat meat). The pork pretty good. Their tempura - pretty good. Raw fish - decent.

Negatives: price point high. Service: very unreliable, sometimes pretentious relative to their knowledge. Last time I was there the sommelier was completely inadequate.

For $200 and interested in sushi: unagi, mustu, hamachi & jalapeno special (ask for lime and side of cilantro/the lime cuts the richness). toro - has not been dependable - from ortoro to chutoro. Most of it again is dependable - not inventive. Edamame. Sake.

Nov 15, 2006
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Is there any hope for carless Hounds near Pearson in Toronto?

If you are interested in Japanese try:

Reservations required. should be a very short taxi from airport.

Oct 26, 2006
dawson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)