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Any decent pizza in upper Montgomery County?

Coal Fired Pizza in Kentlands isn't bad, neither is Guisseppe's in Kentlands or Mama Lucia's in Fallsgrove. They're not NYC but passable pizza for sure.

Coalfire Pizza Kentlands

Ouch. Thanks for the info on them. I'll try them anyway as it's so close but it's sad if yet another restaurant in Kentlands is mediocre. Looking forward to the June 5th opening of the new steak and seafood restaurant at 645 Center Point Way in Kentlands next week. Hope it's good. They sure spent a load of money getting it ready for it's opening and took out a 15 year lease.

Coalfire Pizza Kentlands

Thank you. I've been waiting for a report from here. I live 5 minutes by foot and have been dying to get a group of people to go with me. Soon... very soon. I did go inside and inspect the place pretty thoroughly it's 3rd day open. They said there was a wait each day they were open so far (well, only 2 nights). They didn't even advertise yet. Guess this area was hurting for a different kind of pizza place to open. There's Guiseppe's and Potomac Pizza both within a few blocks away but they don't have the cool atmosphere of Coalfire,

Gifford Ice creaam open in Pikesville

And they closed at Fallsgrove Shopping Center too in Rockville. Not good... I still like Ben And Jerry's the best as they give you very large scoops!

Best Deli in DC area?

Finally drove from Gaithersburg (right up the street from Brooklyn's deli) to Deli City with my buddy from Laurel, MD. We were impressed with the gamey tasting meat on our pastrami/corned beef on rye with cole slaw and russian dressing sandwiches. There was another young couple there so on the way out I asked them what they thought and if they were regulars. They had driven all the way from Potomac, MD and it was their first time, too. They said they were from Long Island and LOVED this place. They added that I must try the 2nd Ave Deli next time in NYC instead of Sarges (where we tried last time).

Not sure I would drive this far again for a corned beef sandwich but it was a very memorable excursion and road trip.

Deli City Restaurant
2200 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, DC 20018

Frustrated in Rockville -- why can't I get a decent deli sandwich?

In my opinion, there is nothing anywhere near Rockville that can called a decent Jewish Deli except for the Brooklyns Deli. Sadly, they close at 3pm so you can't get a nice dinner there. This stinks!

Then there's the Parkway Deli in Silver Spring. It is decent I guess. Here, you can actually eat for dinner. What a concept

Parkway Deli & Restaurant
8317 Grubb Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Meals for less than $5 in Gaithersburg/Germantown/Rockville area

Not a traditional restaurant but I use it as one. I go to the Whole Foods - Kentlands salad bar a lot and get an amazing salad with really unusual toppings for under $5. Then I eat it at the nice tables they have - no tip, water from the fountain. :o)

Best steak place in Washington DC for a large group of guys

We loved Chima in Tyson's Corner. Fixed price for meat and huge salad bar. Great deal.

Bethesda - Quick Lunch?

You asked for something different? RAKU on Woodmont Ave for their Bento Box. It doesn't get much better than this, for me.

Next to that, I'll agree that Organic to Go is one of the best deals in Bethesda for lunch. Great salads where you pick the ingredients and they mix it in front of you.

Frozen Yogurt By The Ounce

Yes - I tried this place a couple months ago and it was great. They were even offering free hot fudge after you paid for it, that day. I put on a ton, too much in fact. I loved that I only had to spend $2.25 instead of $4 or more there. It's at the corner of Wisconsin Ave and Jennifer Street I think it is... across from Mazza Gallery.

Best burger in D.C.?

Don't go to Houston's on Rockville Pike though... Closed for good! The Woodmont Grill's veggie burger isn't that great, but their regular burger is good. My wife got gristle in hers once though and will never order one again there.

Fun restaurant to take in-laws?

The Assaggi Mozarella Bar in Bethesda on Bethesda Ave is pretty good. We love that place. It's Italian but make a reservation.

CakeLove in Tysons Corner

Then how are they selling more and more cupcakes if they're so bad? Who loves them so much? This is not good for them... I tried the Silver Spring one when they opened and though my cupcake was overpriced for what I got, and just mediocre tasting. I don't want to have to wait 20 minutes to eat something so it will taste right. I eat chocolate chip cookies that I make, frozen right out of the freezer after I make a batch and freeze them. They still taste great, frozen. As does other baked goods I stick in the freezer and then eat frozen. No problem. But for Cakelove's cupcakes, I have to wait 15+ minutes for it to be edible? Uh uh... I'll stick with Georgetown Cupcake that we love. You can eat them... right out of the store! No problem with waiting. How could one wait anyway? We get the gingerbread cupcakes - SO good.

Decent and cheap deli near King Farm in Gaithersburg?

Yes, it's worth driving out of King Farm where choices aren't that great and over to Brooklyn's Deli. The rye bread is amazing there, at least the last time we had it.

Four Bakeries, 3 Sweet tooth, Bethesda, MD

Do you mean this place?

They're very close to Spring Mill. Thx for going to all those bakeries for me! I love Spring Mill and Great Harvest in Rockville. Great Harvest has the best Challah bread with raisins and pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips. And, their cookies are great at both those 2 places. The peanut butter cookies are to die for at Spring Mill as are their white bread loaves - great for making grilled cheese sandwiches.

Ming Asian Bistro in Gaithersburg (Kentlands), Just opened. Anyone been? 251 Market St.

Well, we finally went a week ago. We usually order vegetarian when we go out though we're not vegetarians. We split the summer rolls which we asked for with only vegetables, no meat or shrimp. The waitress first said they don't have them and then added that they could make them. She barely spoke English which appealed to me in some way. It felt very authentic. They came out very, very large, and looked great. Unfortunately they were stuffed with noodle and cucumber and that's about it. Pretty weak, not even any carrot, and the cloying sauce served on the side was just ok, and right out of a thick jar.

On to the next thing... the vegetarian noodle soup. I liked it and added a little hot sauce to it. My wife thought it was ok, nothing too special. It sure was cheap. $9 for dinner for two. After we sat down a lot of people poured into this place, mid week, so I think people are going to cheap, noodle places over overpriced pizza places (it used to be Doughboys). By the time we left, we got to see many dishes come out that looked pretty darn good. At least half of them were over rice, not noodle soups. I am looking forward to going back one day. We can walk there in 5 minutes from our new house in Lakelands. :o)

ISO whole coconuts (Rockville/Bethesda)

We just buy them at any Giant store. The last one we got was rotten! The white meat was awful, soft and smelled of mold very strongly. That was a first for us. A few months ago we got one there and it was rotten as well, but no mold. Just soft, awful coconut meat. Makes you really appreciate the good ones when you get them. I LOVE coconut meat but my wife says they're bad for wise.

Stop the presses...Rays Hell Burger Now Serves French Fries

Good to hear about the Root Beer Floats. Didn't notice it on the menu. I'll have to try one as I haven't had one in at least 20 years.

Steve: Yes, to each his own. The thought the sweet potato fries were seriously lacking in any actual flavor. They were really hot so maybe my tongue was a little burnt! Flabby or not, the 5 Guy's Fries have a great true potato flavor for me. Different strokes... I used to like Houston's fries a lot too. They were delicious to my tastebuds.

Ming Asian Bistro in Gaithersburg (Kentlands), Just opened. Anyone been? 251 Market St.

Thanks for the positive write up. I am ever more anxious now to try it!

Stop the presses...Rays Hell Burger Now Serves French Fries

So I finally went back to Ray's Hell Burger today after not having been there for 3 months or so. I was excited to try the fries and came from Gaithersburg to eat here. I was sadly disappointed with my sweet potato fries, and yes, they sure tasted tasteless and right out of a frozen bag. I confirmed this, asking them the question I always ask before ordering fries "Are they frozen out of a bag?" If they say yes, I rarely order them. Because it was Ray's, I thought they may come out of an amazing, special, yet frozen bag. Unfortunately I was wrong. The sweet potato fries were very weak, but almost totally grease free. I would never, ever order them again.

I tried one of my Uncle's regular fries and it was a sad fry at best. I kept thinking to myself, if this is a gourmet, top of the line burger joint with great sides, why, oh why would they offer such a miserable french fry with no potato flavor at all?

Or, am I so totally spoiled by the wonderful 5 Guys perfect hand cut fry that I'm unable to eat frozen fries ever again? 5 Guys is my favorite. I always split them with at least one or 2 other people, the small. Their spicy ones are wonderful. I'm guessing that Ray's doesn't do the hand cut fries because... it's too much, way too much work? Right?

I would never order any type of fries at Ray's again. My uncle liked his burger, and couldn't finish it. I much prefer the atmosphere at the original Ray's Hellburger a few stores down. We tried the "newer" spot tonight and though the girls at the counter were lackadaisical, and couldn't really help us with a suggestion when we asked. They were more like "Can I take your order? The menus are on the wall. I don't know the answer to that question so just order". There has been an attitude shift there to my perception.

Also, where the heck is the dessert?!? They had ice cream at the old place. I love dessert, but I didn't see anything on the menu, wall or anywhere about ice cream still being available. Many people like a sweet treat after a burger. They should have brownies, blondies and home made cookies, at the very least, on the counter as you pay. Lastly, we got there at 425pm on a freezing cold Saturday and every single seat except for 2 were filled! When we left at 510pm, it was even more crowded. Who are all these people that eat dinner at ... 425pm? :o)

Rant over. I'll still go back for a burger, macaroni cheese and cole slaw. I always take out of towners there and they love it.

Ming Asian Bistro in Gaithersburg (Kentlands), Just opened. Anyone been? 251 Market St.

I was watching as a new restaurant in my neighborhood was taking shape. It's a hard neighborhood to be successful in. Doughboys, Quisno's, Mirch Masala, Cantina D Italia, Maggy Moos, Itononaki (sp?), and Zodiac Grill all went out of business here this year! We moved in 2 years ago and love it here.

I highly doubt anyone's been here yet to Ming Asian Bistro since I haven't seen nary 1 review on the web of it but I thought I'd give it a try if a "hound" had gone and was merely a lurker here for the most part. Maybe you'll post your review. If not, I'm determined to try it soon myself. I don't eat Pho, as it has beef in it but I'm going to try the vegetarian noodle soup and maybe the veggie spring rolls and will report back in time. The only reference I could even find for it is on Yellow Book Superpages (totally useless) where it says as a review "It serves customers". Awesome. That's helpful :o)

I heard a great Kojo Nambde radio talk show on NPR yesterday talking about all the great Pho experiences in our DC metro area. Utterly fascinating show, how the best 3 Vietnamese places all used to be in the Eden Center but left and are out on their own now in different corners of town.

Bagels in MD

Me too. I have been going to Bethesda Bagel for years and didn't notice any quality difference. Since I go there a lot, and you can't beat $2.99 for a huge veggie bagel sandwich with lite veggie creme cheese if you're on a budget like I am, they'll get to know you and give you great service. They're not the best, but they're not the worst. I joke around with them and they joke with me. I love this place and their bagels.

Organic To Go (Bethesda) is GREAT!

I've been eating there at least twice a week lately, driving out of my way to get there. I like it THAT much! I get the salad with hot peppers (they're more pickled than hot), goat cheese, walnuts, tofu squares, black truffle salad dressing - I ask for 1/2 the amount they normally use which is too much, carmelized onions, and edamame beans. All for $6? They're not making much money off of me! It's enough food for 2 people, the salads are so big.

Today they were giving out free cookies with every order (I got the snickerdoodle which was hard, not soft, and not worth the calories at all). They also had free samples of their cherry gazpacho - again, not the best I'm afraid). I mentioned that I'm thinking of coming back in the evening on Saturday with my wife and another couple but I heard from a friend that the pizza's weren't that great, or as good as Nest Cafe down the street. They offered to give me a free 12" one to try. I was shocked. I said I couldn't accept that and was full anyway. They said, no problem, it'll be out in 5 minutes. It was, and my friend and I ate every last bite even though we were stuffed. Pretty decent pizza. Very different than what I'm used to. I highly recommend them for salad. I've walked into simple green, right across the street many times but the toppings are so much better at Organic to Go (Bethesda) that I never end up eating there. I have eaten their yogurt though with raspberries, mango, and walnuts. That was pretty good but I thought a bit pricey compared to Yogiberry. $4 for a small cup. Yogiberry is less than $3 I think, but that doesn't have toppings so I guess the $4 isn't that bad a deal after all.

I can't wait to try Georgetown Cupcake's ganache cake when they open. Never had one. At their prices, I'm sure I'll only try it once! And, I'm sure lines will be ridiculously out the door like I see in G'town when I drive by.

Best burger inside the beltway in Virginia

I can't believe you're even asking this question! You must be from seriously out of the area, the country, the continent if you haven't heard that Ray's Hellburger is the President's choice, most everyone on Chowhound's choice, the planet's choice for best burger :o).

Seriously though, get yourself to Ray's SOON! You'll be SO glad you did. I'd walk a mile for a Hellburger.

Where are the best Gaithersburg Restaurants

Just tried Uncle Charlies Backyard BBQ. It was a great brisket sandwich, great coleslaw AND potato salad. No ambiance, but friend young guys owning and managing this place (totally a dump but me and my buddy enjoyed our lunch here very much!)

To me, there's not really that many great restaurants in my new hometown of Gaithersburg. We like Buca de Beppo, Bonefish and Minerva Indian Restaurant on Rt 355 and Shady Grove Rd. We also like Moby Dick, a chain, but still pretty good veggie pita sandwiches and kabobs.

Ray's Hell Burger to move into original Ray's the Steaks Space

Yes, I was surprised today after taking a friend from Gaithersburg down there that both restaurants still offer seating privileges and both were filled with hamburger eating fools like myself. When we got there in the rain at 1145am on a Saturday today, the old Hellburger was 2/3 full but not much of a line. The other Hellburger 2 was mostly empty and he was directing people to the other store once a line formed at Hell 1. By the time we left, both were full but lines were very small. My burger was great but next time I plan to order a very simple cheeseburger without all the extra stuff on it (just like Michael recommended when I was there today but I was feeling stubborn). My friend did order it that way and he loved it. The tater tots are ok, the macaroni is VERY rich and pretty good. The Moorenko ice cream wasn't that good this time. I should have said something but we had already walked out with it and 1/2 way down the block. It had ice crystals in the flavor he recommended, something like carmel butter pecan.

The guy at Ray's the steaks up the street, the wine manager was there at 1pm and talked to us for a while, mentioned that they begrudgingly will be putting together a website with a menu on it, something people have been asking for for a while.

South Street Steaks is a Comin' to Downtown Bethesda

SSS just opened 2 months ago in Gaithersburg right up the street from my house (I live in Kentlands). I walked in today and they have great huge pics of Pat's, Geno's and Jim's up on the wall. I wasn't hungry but will be sure to try it soon.

Review: Yogiberry in Cleveland Park

I tried the one in Rockville right after they opened 1 month ago and they let us sample all 4 flavors. All are awesome just plain with no toppings. With flavors this great, who needs toppings? The berry flavor is the sweetest.

Best burger in D.C.?

I thought the fries were frozen out of a bag as they tasted awful. They confirmed, "frozen out of a bag". I thought... poor.

The veggie burger was just ok there at the Burger Joint in Bethesda. I said to myself as I left... never again would I go there due to the lame fries and the mediocre veggie burger. I've had great veggie burgers at other restaurants, this wasn't that great. Not bad, just not great.

For the prices they charge you'd think they'd hand cut their own fries like ... 5 guys!

Sunday breakfast Maryland burbs

For us, it's only the Original Pancake House in Bethesda on Woodmont Ave. Best pancakes and eggs in town.