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SEA- Belltown Rocker Dinner?

Check out Cyclops. Krist Novoselic's wisdom tooth is embedded in the lucite bar.

Jan 12, 2010
donita.reason in Greater Seattle

Seattle Taco Trucks

the one on 45th is rancho bravo--right by dicks and the donut house. it rules, and is also open until 2 on the weekends.

japanese fried chicken in seattle?

now that takohachi has closed, i am looking for a good spot for tori no kara-age. any suggestions? ID favorites? will also gladly travel outside city limits for good fried chicken...

Indian in Seattle? Vietnamese? Gyros?

pesos is weird--well-known meat markety singles bar scene but with intriguing rumors about--and obvious efforts at--having good food. curious, i ate had a few breakfast research missions there. huevos rancheros = bad. other dishes--dungeness crab benedict, carnitas and egges--were decidedly disappointing. BUT BUT BUT the chicken fried steak w/ jalapeno corn gravy is awesome.

Korean Food in Seattle?

absolutely agree with hoosoonyi recommendations.

re: kawon. my friends and i made pilgrimage up there on a weekday night only to find it closed with this tragic, random, and very specific explanation: "we will be close the second and fourth tuesday of every month." just so you're aware.

if you don't want to make the trip all the way up aurora, shilla on denny way is fine--nothing spectacular, but fine. also: kimichi bistro, tucked in the back of the broadway alley mall, is great for lunch (specifically the hot stone bi bim bop and soon doo boo).

delivery in ballard?

awesome--thank you so much! particularly the mediterranean tips. is the japanese place you're thinking of bento sushi? that place is great. again, thanks!!

delivery in ballard?

looking for some good delivery options in ballard--not just pizza. all types of food welcome, we're very ethnic friendly. chinese, bbq, thai, mediterranean? thanks.

Happy Hour Suggestions Seattle

cascadia. $1 miniburgers (get 'em with black truffle butter) + a glass of bubbly = the happiest hour. gets crowded though.

Refresh my cookbook collection

i love mark bittman (aka the minimalist)--any of his books, specifically how to cook everything & the minimalist cooks at home. his whole approach is down to earth, varied, focused on getting the most flavor out of the fewest, simplest ingredients. you'll find that the recipes encourage your own tweaking & seasoning. awesome.

Jan 11, 2007
donita.reason in Home Cooking

Weekend brunch and/or breakfast around Seattle

i believe dim sum is always the best brunch option, especially if you've got a group and want something different. that said there's no place i'm wild on currently, though i like jade garden in the ID and have heard good things about a place way down on mlk called joy palace (haven't been yet though).

otherwise, i'd go with the boat street cafe for beautiful brunch classic. on the more greasy spoon but solid and comforting tip, i also like hattie's hat in ballard.

best use for heavy cream

cream-braised brussel sprouts.

quarter a pound of sprouts, brown them a bit in a little butter, add a cup of cream, cover and give it 25 minutes to transform into sweet silky deliciousness. a squeeze of lemon at the end doesn't hurt either.

Jan 08, 2007
donita.reason in Home Cooking

duck fat in seattle?

anyone know a place that sells duck fat? (or a restaurant that might be open to selling some?) i keep bacon fat onhand--easy enough--but duck's a harder fix to meet since i don't cook it often. thanks.