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How do you say Cheers in Every Language...

the more informal Dutch expression is "Proost," with a long "o" sound. Similar to German.

Nov 01, 2006
lkp210 in Not About Food

High class AUTHENTIC Chinese ... possible?

in my experience, "expensive" or "high class" in chinese restaurants, stateside or in China, tends to = gross. In chinese culture, you show respect for your guests by serving them rare dishes, the more you like them/are trying to impress them is proportionate to the rarity of the delicacies. Unfortunately, rare dishes are usually cruel and horrible and/or bad tasting, and are meant to be eaten while still alive. or are things on the endangered species list.

The best stuff are the staples, done well. Which is hard to find outside of china, even in a place like LA or SF.

Oct 25, 2006
lkp210 in General Topics

Roscos Chicken & Waffles

I've been to the one on Pico and the one in Hollywood, and I have to say that the food there is not exactly up to the hype. It's a fun place to go, and a fun place to get a t-shirt, but then the novelty kind of wears off.

The chicken is pretty good, especially w/ the hot sauce. The waffles are soggy, which is fine if you like soggy waffles. But I don't like soggy waffles. The sides seem to be where it's at -- cornbread, mac and cheese, grits, etc. Also, the food is not expensive, but it ain't cheap, either. I say worth going a couple times for the novelty. I have never had any problems with service.

Oct 25, 2006
lkp210 in Los Angeles Area