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Norma's or Sarabeth's?

Most definitely Sarabeth's IMHO - Norma's has been so terrible every time I've eaten there that I am actually mad at myself for giving it multiple chances to disappoint.

Jan 05, 2009
cas2410 in Manhattan

chocolate covered espresso beans

We did this for my sister's wedding and used them from Trader Joes because they were far cheaper. Good too, unfortunately, cause now I am tempted to get some everytime I go in there.

Dinner for 70 in SF - Monday in April

Thanks everyone! I took a look and have made some calls. I'll be sure to update when we eat.

Dinner for 70 in SF - Monday in April

I am throwing a conference in April and am desperately in need of some help. Each year we take the group out for a dinner in the city where we are hosting the conference, but I am stuck on where to take them in SF.

It is a group of about 70 people and it will be on a Monday in April. I am looking for a restaurant that can accommodate them (either in a separate room or renting out the main dining room) and will measure up to the quality of food that they have been receiving at our conference location (The Ritz-Carlton).

I am totally open to cuisine and location, although in SF proper is preferred. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Breakfast with Biscuits

Thanks! Those all look great...

Breakfast with Biscuits

I am looking for a breakfast/brunch place for tomorrow to take my sister who loves biscuits. It can be anywhere from San Francisco to Palo Alto. Gravy is not required. Doesn't need to be fancy and although we can tolerate a wait, I'd prefer not to spend the better part of my morning in line.... Any help is much appreciated!

early friday dinner - union square area

Try Colibri - it's not too far off Union Square and it has a great small plate menu.


cheap good Italian in North Beach?

Ristorante Franchino on Columbus is fantastic. Their special penne pasta with veal and chicken is pure bliss and Franchino and his wife add charm to great food.