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coffee in wilmington, nc

thanks, wilmington hounds, for the restaurant tips. I will try them all out.
Now, on to coffee. What's the best coffee in the downtown area? Any place serving counter culture coffee, pride of Durham, NC.

Local seafood in Wilmington, NC

Hello 'hounds, I; looking for a restaurant in Wilmington that specializes in fresh, local ingredients, esp, seafood. It's for a special; occasion, so price is no object.
Thanks in advance.

Best coffee in Austin

I did in fact start polemicist way back then. Agreed that Anderson's is the best place to buy beans in Austin.

Dec 05, 2006
Tom Philpott in Austin

Best coffee in Austin

do give it another chance. I am familiar the young barista of whom you speak. She'll get it together. The guys who come in earlier do a really good job.
Btw, I tried JP's. I liked the vibe, but the espresso was just fair. I really liked the vibe and space at Clementine; the drip coffee was downright weak, the espresso more than passable , especially goosed with some half-and-half. Thanks for all the responses, everyone.

Nov 10, 2006
Tom Philpott in Austin

Best coffee in Austin

Hey everybody, I've found the dream austin Coffeehouse: a new place called Cafe Medici on West Lynn at 11th.

The owner worked for a while as a barista at the highly regarded JP's Java in the north campus area (haven't been yet). Medici is using very high-quality beans from a place called Cuvee Roaster out of Spring, Texas. The barista told me Cuvee will soon be moving operations to Austin.

The espresso at Medici is proper: smooth, sweet, rich, with a long finish. Capuccinos are also very good: proper balance between milk and espresso, etc. Moreover, it's in an old house with big windows and a fast wi-fi connection. This place is the real deal.

Sambamaster, which Tom Philpott are you thinking of? I'm the late professor's son, did student journalism at UT in the late '80s/early '90s, reviewed restaurants for the Chronicle for a time...

Oct 27, 2006
Tom Philpott in Austin

Best coffee in Austin

I moved away from Austin seven or eight years ago but return at least once a year. Traditionally, the best place to drink a cup of coffee was Little City, and the best place to buy beans was Anderson's. Has this changed? What is the consensus among Austin coffee nerds?
I'll be in Austin for a week and spending a lot of time writing. I need a nice cafe with outstanding coffee, free wireless Internet, and decent snacks. Where should i go?
Also, is any cafe really obsessing over its espresso--ie, spending a lot of energy pulling rich, delicious shots, and not just stuff to add a little color to warm milk, a la Starbucks?
Thanks in advance.

Oct 25, 2006
Tom Philpott in Austin