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Do you collect food-related items?

I collect teapots. My prized one is an antique I bought at a little shop in Virginia, it has sets on a base, and there is a place for a candle in the base to keep the tea warm.

Dec 16, 2006
Scampi in Not About Food

Two Turkey Questions

We are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time in many years. I have a couple of questions concerning the turkey. First, I have never brined a turkey, but have read here that it definitely improves it. Can I brine a frozen turkey, say a Butterball? Do I thaw it first?

Also, do you have any tips or tricks for getting that nice even brown color on the turkey? TIA for any advice.

Nov 10, 2006
Scampi in Home Cooking

Food Confessions, Desperate Times Bring Desperate Meals

I make something I call cracker soup. It's milk, heated with butter or margerine, and loaded with black pepper. Sort of like oyster stew without the oysters. Pour it over crumbled up saltine crackers.

Nov 02, 2006
Scampi in General Topics

Favorite Americanized-Chinese dishes??

Pork LoMein
Chicken EggFooYung
Sesame Chicken
Chicken Wings
Crab Rangoon

Nov 02, 2006
Scampi in General Topics

Best canned tomato soup

Put me down for Campbell's, but I also like Progresso Tomato Basil.

Nov 02, 2006
Scampi in General Topics

What's That One Thing You Can't Go A Week Without????

Grapes-I snack on these throughout the day.
Pancakes or a waffle-at least one day a week.

Nov 02, 2006
Scampi in General Topics

Local Sodas?

Sundrop is the best soda on the planet, bar none. It is made in Tennessee, but is distributed in the Carolinas also. I don't think it goes much further than that area.

Nov 01, 2006
Scampi in General Topics

What are the foods you grew up with?

I lived with my grandmother until I was six, then stayed with her every summer thereafter. When at her house, I had:

Green beans, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and other veggies out of her garden,
Country ham, sausage, streaked meat, pork roast from the hogs she raised, (homemade biscuits for breakfast every day).
Fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, from the chickens she raised.

Our heaviest meal was called dinner, but we ate it at what we now call lunch time. There was homemade cornbread every day at dinner, but usually meat only at Sunday dinner, except for fat back. Grammy would cook a big pot of pinto beans, or green beans, or some other veggie, and fry or stew potatoes.

For supper, we ate leftover biscuits with tomato, or cornbread and milk, or whatever was left over from dinner.

After I started school and moved home with my mom, we ate canned veggies, fried potatoes, pork 'n beans with weiners, cereal, soup, and sandwiches. For breakfast, we ate butter toast with bought jelly.

You can probably guess which meals I preferred.

Oct 30, 2006
Scampi in General Topics


Our tradition is to have breakfast for our family on Christmas morning. We cook up any and everything-country ham, sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy, eggs, pancakes, etc. This leaves our married children free to go to the in-laws for the big meal. They seem to really like this arrangement.

Oct 27, 2006
Scampi in General Topics

favorite potato chips

I remember Charles Chips very well. They came in one of those big metal cans, like you buy popcorn in at Christmas. Charles Chips were really good. Nowadays, I'm sort of partial to dill flavored chips, or to bbq flavored.

Oct 27, 2006
Scampi in General Topics

Sticky situation - What do you think

In my opinion, the fact that he was hit by a cucumber is immaterial. My gripe would have been that the owner/manager was allowing such unprofessional behavior on the part of the staff to take place while people were trying to have lunch. It would suggest to me that if the owner/manager has no better control than this, there are other facets of the business that aren't being controlled either, such as sanitation.

I am not a big stick-in-the-mud, I know that young people will be young people, and that having fun at work is not a crime. I would not have made a scene, but I probably wouldn't go back to the restaurant either.

Oct 24, 2006
Scampi in Not About Food