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Tangier's in Canton

good to hear. Tangier's menu does look good. Meridian 54 was such a spectacular failure that i've been afraid to go to a restaurant anywhere near that corner again, even though it's just a few blocks from my house.

Meridian 54
845 S Montford Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

Baltimore Lunch

No offense dancinagain, but Bay Cafe is pretty much universally regarded as a bad place to eat, not to mention its status as douche-central.

Fin - Baltimore

I ate there a few months back. Food was quite good, though I'd put it below Jack's, Bicycle, and the Wine Market, especially for the price. Service was fine though the ambience was a bit uneven (blue painted concrete floor, old carpet) if you care about that sort of thing (I don't).

The problem that Fin has, though, is that no one goes there. It was practically empty when I was there and when my girlfriend's parents went, they also said that it was deserted. Go while you still can.

Sunday lunch (brunch?) in Canton/Fells Pt Baltimore

Yellow Dog ( is a good spot that serves brunch

Yellow Dog Tavern
700 S Potomac St, Baltimore, MD 21224

Lunch in Baltimore?

Do you know that Hamilton Tavern is about a half-hour from BWI?

South Baltimore is closer: Thai Arroy, Rub, Ryleigh's, Metropolitan

Hudson Street Stackhouse and bar food

it's certainly weird to have a bartender tell people to keep their voices down, but with all the concrete and metal in the Stackhouse, it is always ear-splittingly loud in there... so i kind of sympathize with her.

quick and delicious near 930 club?

There's Ethiopian all over U Street

Baltimore diner needs new recs!

Definitely try Annabel Lee (Clinton and Fleet) if you haven't already. The old Red Fish has finally reopening as Meridian 54 (Hudson and Boston) - I ate there this past weekend and had a great meal. Yellow Dog (Potomac and Foster) is another solid choice.

Abbey Burger Bistro (Federal Hill)

Has anyone been there/heard of it? I definitely plan on checking it out soon

Brick Oven Pizza on Canton Square

Brick Oven Pizza on Canton Square

i thought Py had great pizzas, though service/speed was hurting in recent months. so what if they chose to put OB on their white pizza (sounds tasty) or cherry tomatos on their pizza margherita (Thirsty Dog does it, plus it's truer to style than using tomato saude)? either way, you don't have to worry about suffering through on of their pizza's again. Py appears to be closed for good.

Birches in Baltimore

Hudson Street Stackhouse and Yellow Dog are both fairly close and are good places to grab a drink.

Pasta Mista in Canton?

not to be contrary, but do you really think that the weekend drinkers are what's going to keep Pasta Mista afloat? ppl on the Square already have 2 late-night pizza places (one that's actually really good) right at their feet. why would they walk a mile to Pasta Mista? the only boozers that Pasta Mista could hope to pick up are those at Canton Station and maybe Mike McGovern's, but that might amount to a half dozen people all night.

New Canton Restaurant - Sauté?

the whole bus stop thing on Hudson is pretty odd. the signs in front of my house and diagonal across the street to me have been knocked over and ripped out by random people. the parking authority seems totally fine with that.

back on topic, i think i'm going to some (free?) grand-opening event there on Wed night.

Brick Oven Pizza on Canton Square

Great pizza. I hope this place does well. I'd imagine it will divert the late-night pizza crowd from Nacho Mama's.

Baltimore's Best Bar Food

Red Star in Fells Point
Pickled Parrot in Canton
Mahaffey's in Canton
JD's in Canton has some good brisket and burgers

Good Recs for Baltimore- Upper Fells Point / Fells Point

i don't know about the kitchen, but i'm a big fan of Spirits on Wolfe and Bank. Good selection of beers on tap (though of course nothing in Fells compares to Max's) and a cool owner who's almost always around.

Three... new place in Baltimore. I dig it.

I know the chef from his days at Mahaffey's and The Wharf Rat. Good guy (and good food at Mahafffey's), though I haven't had a chance to try the food at Three yet.

Need Balto recs for one night visit - Fed Hill or Fell's Point.

Fells: Red Star is another place worth checking out. Good beer and food. I've heard good things about John Steven's, though I've never been there myself

Federal: Of the Charles St bars, I like Ropewalk (as long as it's not a weekend night). Thirsty Dog on Cross has great beers and amazing single-serving pizzas.

Cheese shops in Baltimore?

Bruschetta on Boston St in Canton has a good selection of cheese. Chesapeake Wine Co. (also on Boston) has a small selection of good cheese.