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Oregon Wine Country - Pinots

The painted Lady looks fantastic. Thanks for the recs, I will definately be looking in the Dundee area. Any suggestions on where to stay?


Chowista, sounds like a nice dinner. Can you purchase copper river salmon from the local fish monger or is it hard to find?


Jun 29, 2010
dcrockett in Pacific Northwest

Oregon Wine Country - Pinots

Chowista, I just read the menu and reviews at the Belly website. This place does sound worth visiting. Just to let you know I'm not stuck in Eugene, I'll travel anywhere to experience good wine and eats and I'm not to concerend about lodging, Just going to wing it. So my question to start is what wine region (s) do you all recommend for a 3 day visit, I want to try the best.

thanks again

Jun 28, 2010
dcrockett in Pacific Northwest

Oregon Wine Country - Pinots

I'm in search of fine Pinot's in your lovely state. I'm from Vancouver, Canada and have done the Napa, Sonoma, and our Okanogan wineries. I'll be there next Monday and haven’t a clue where to stay, somewhere close to the hub of wineries if there is such a spot. I'm thinking Eugene. I'll be there for 3 nights playing tourist so if there's anything you could recommend in way of food, lodging and wineries it would be very appreciated. I've gone through some posts but some go way back. I'm also looking for a good map of the wineries in Oregon and if anyone has one or link please send me it.

Thank you

Jun 28, 2010
dcrockett in Pacific Northwest

most expensive burger in lower mainland

Metropolitan Hotel Lunch Burger on Howe St.

diva’s dc burger

braised short rib, seared foie gras
wild mushroom ragout
truffle aioli, tomato fondue
house made root chips, crisp onion rings - $36.00

Philly Cheese Steak Pairing

I tried this the other night, very nice vintage, may sound young for a Douro but would work well with a philly. DOURO - QUINTA DO CRASTO 06/07

Also LA MANCHA TEMPRANILLO - MAS QUE VINOS ERCAVIO 04/05 would work well with it also.

Good QPR on these.

May 05, 2009
dcrockett in Wine

Wine in the Movies

Juan Di Nucci, is this a movie you can get from anywhere? Trailer looks interesting. If so is there an english version?


Apr 24, 2009
dcrockett in Wine

Need Advice on Napa Wineries

I suggest going to the SanFranciso Bay Area board and do a search there of wineries, There's plenty of info of what you are looking for there.

Peppadew Peppers in Metro Vancouver

Thank you fmed, I called them and it so happens they do carry them.

Favorite Steak Toppings

Charbroiled steak chicago style grilled over mesquite charcoal topped with a slice of soft cambazola cheese and a full body cab.

Mar 26, 2009
dcrockett in Home Cooking

Peppadew Peppers in Metro Vancouver

Anybody know where you can find these in or near metro Vancouver?

Canadian ice wine

This is a site from the Ontario Liquor Board with 83 diffierent Icewines available easily through their stores. I wish I could see some of these here in Vancouver

Mar 19, 2009
dcrockett in Wine

Canadian ice wine

I failed to mention that the Niagara Icewine is from the Inniskillin Winery in Ontario

Mar 19, 2009
dcrockett in Wine

Canadian ice wine

Depending if your east or west coast of Canada. Some Westcoast Okanagan wines don't see the Eastcoast and vice versa.
These can be bought in liqour stores or VQA shops.
A couple of fantastic Okanagan Icewines are:

Quails Gate 2006 Riesling Icewine,
Westbank South, Okanagan Valley,
British Columbia $35cdn/200mL

See Ya Later Ranch 2007 Ehrenfelser
Icewine, Oliver, Okanagan Valley,
British Columbia.......$50 cdn

And a Eastcoast Niagara:
2007 Cabernet Franc Icewine
Niagara Peninsula,
Ontario........................$110 cdn

Mar 19, 2009
dcrockett in Wine

Wine to Pair with Chicken Cordon Bleu

Our Okangan Valley produces nice Reislings. We have cordon bleu quite often and a semi dry reisling goes nice with our cordon's We use maple ham and swiss cheese. The wine pairs nice with it.

Feb 24, 2009
dcrockett in Wine

Any advice on pairing chocolate with wine?

Amedei chocolate from Italy (Toscano Red) with Portugal's Douro Valley Port Wine.

Dec 09, 2008
dcrockett in Wine

Vermont Butter

Anybody know if you can purchase Vermont or French Butters locally around the Vancouver area.

1st trip to Napa and I have some questions...

We just came back from our 2nd trip to Napa from Vancouver, Canada. We had such a great stay at the Villagio in Yountville we decided to stay this year. Our stay was better than the last time. Very accomodating staff, very clean and close to everything. 5min walk to FL, get to watch the ballons launch outside your door and right onto #29 and Silverado Trail for the wineries.

laura chenel goat cheese

Has anybody ever come across Laura Chenel goat chesse in the Vancouver area. Had lots in California but havn't seen any of this wonderful cheese this side of the border.

Mexican Ingredients in Vanc

Everything you need including all kinds of dried peppers you can get Que Pasa on No. 5 rd past south past steveston. It's their factory but they have a deli you can buy things.

The French Laundry: Party of 6?

I was there in August and there was a table of 6 in the middle of the lower dining area across from us.

Where should I get a drink before Ad Hoc?

If you want beer, Pacific Blues at the market place down a block. Hurley's has a nice bar for cocktails. Makes a good bloody mary. Wine bar at Napa Style in the market also.

Help - Vancouver BC trip

I'll be there in October for the wine festival. There's lots going on in the Okanogan area.

Sep 15, 2008
dcrockett in Wine

Wineries with good wine + picnic area

I kick myself for buying my cheeses and meats at V. Sattui's for a picnic. Not that it's bad but there's more of a selection across the street at Dean and Deluca's. Didn't see it there until we were pulling out. Nice deli.

Looking for best Bloody Mary

Hurleys in Yountville made a pretty darn good one when I was there last week. Being from Vancouver BC we're all Ceaser lovers. No tomato juice but clamato juice in our drinks. Bit of worceshire, tabasco, vodka, celery salt on the rim and long bean for garnish over ice. yum..

Indian Buffets in Vancouver

my wife went there for lunch last week and loved it. We're going there for dinner this week.

Roadtrip to Seattle (thru Oregon) from So. Cal

If your in Seattle why not drive 2hrs and visit Vancouver, Canada if you havn't been there before. Beautiful city with plenty of blueberry / blackberry and strawberry picking. Mind you I think strawberry picking is just about finished but lots of blueberry picking in Richmond which is 15 min from Vancouver and 20min from USA / Canada border. If you decide to go check out western canada board for good eats

Jul 20, 2007
dcrockett in Pacific Northwest

What wine with this salmon dish?

Here's a site fthat'll help you.

Weir Cooking in the City: Top Ten Classic Pairings

1. Sauvignon Blanc with goat cheese.

2. Cabernets and Bordeaux with beef.

3. Fruitier wines like Riesling or Gewürztraminer with Asian dishes.

4. Pinot Noirs with turkey, chicken, duck, pheasant, and just about everything.

5. Pinot Noir, Red Burgundy, or Chardonnay with grilled salmon and other fatty fish.

6. Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio with lighter dishes like shrimp, scallops, and salads.

7. Chardonnay with roast chicken or sautéed fish.

8. Zinfandel with grilled or barbecued dishes.

9. Sparkling wine with smoked salmon-and-caviar pizza.

10. Champagne with salty foods.

Jun 14, 2007
dcrockett in Wine

Joey's On Broadway - Vancouver

Thanks, sounds like a horrible experience, reading some reviews at changed my mind also.

Joey's On Broadway - Vancouver

Can't seem to find any info on Joey's on broadway. Anybody ever been there? I'm told it's very good and I'm thinking of going there soon. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Pan Pacific Hotel Buffet Vancouver

Made reservations for New Years Day a while back but havn't been for 7 years. Is it still worth the $70.