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Portland- healthy/light luncheon

We ended up going to Blossoming Lotus. Their food is pretty good! Prices are excellent, with nothing topping $7. I had the BBQ Tempa, which had a light BBQ sauce over squares of thick, meaty tempah. It was served with lettuce, sprouts, and some vegan mayo over thick, slightly crumbly bread. My friend had the Live Wrap (she did not like it), another friend ordered the Live Pizza (looked interesting-marinated veggies and pine nuts over flaxseed crisps). Lavendar lemonade was the drink of choice, although another friend ordered a really bizarre berry shake that she didn't like at all.

There are very few tables available, but it was very comfortable and cheerful. The only drawback (which gets a pretty big negative in my book) was how confused the kitchen staff seemed and how long it took to get our orders to the table. For my friend's wrap (nothing but veggies inside a big leaf) took over half an hour. We got there around 2:30 and did not finish eating until past 4 because food took so long to get out. I think people who came in after us got their orders first. It just seemed like too many people were scrambling in a kitchen that was too small, and there was no rhyme or reason to how orders were filled.

I would go back because I like eating vegetarian/raw, but I hope the kitchen shapes up!

Portland- healthy/light luncheon

I really like Daily Cafe too! I actually planned on Blue Hour first, but my friend asked for something more budget friendly. It's hard to try new places in town sometimes because I return to the ones I like all the time so I have to make an effort to try new places :-) Thanks for the heads up on Blossoming Lotus! Right now, it's toss up between that and Chef Tucker's Patissiere (even though it's not light at all!)

Portland- healthy/light luncheon


I'm looking to take a friend out to brunch/lunch on a Saturday. Both of us are interested in lighter and healthier fare, preferably in the Pearl or downtown Portland. Le Pigeon sounds great but after a week of eating rich food, our bodies need a break! Any suggestions? Better yet, is there a raw restaurant in town?

What's up with Clarklewis in PDX?

We were there last week and were sadly disappointed. Overly salty food, outrageous prices($8/loaf of bread), and uncomfortable atmosphere. Save your money and your blood pressure level, and go somewhere else.

Gracie's in Hotel DeLuxe

Has anyone been to an event/reception at Gracie's? I want to get some insight on the food, service, decor ect. TIA!

Steamed Chinese Sponge Cake Recipe?

There's a recipe on

And yes, she uses only rice flour (the non-glutinous kind) and it produces a fluffy, spongy, cake.

Good Happy Hour in Portland

What are some good happy hour locales that feature great food and atmosphere? I've always liked Hubers, but one can only go there so often ;)

Thanksgiving in Portland

Definitely try Hubers! Turkey is their specialty, and they've been serving it every night since the 1800's. The ambience is lovely and the service is top-notch.

Quick, Easy, Shortcut, or Convenience Recipes

This website has amazingly detailed step-by-step instructions for Cantonese cuisine, although it doesn't look limited to just Chinese food. There's a recent post on a pumpkin cream cheese roll cake.

On a search for seared sea scallops- PDX

We had excellent scallops at Andina Restaurant in the Pearl district. The scallops were lightly sauteed and served on the shell in a little pool of juicy goodness :-) It was expensive, but well worth it!

Wong's King Seafood update?

If you love authentic Chinese food, it is still worth it to head over there for dimsum or dinner. They take reservations, and the local Chinese community are regulars there. Always a good indicator of good food!

Cupcakes - again

I just visited Saint Cupcakes (and reviewed it) this weekend, and I'm not that impressed. Nevertheless, I am still strangely attracted to the place and will likely go back.

PDX Place for Group

You should try Henry's 12th Street Tavern in the Pearl! They have a large restaurant area where everyone (21 and under) could dine in. I'm in my early twenties, and while I know there are places that serve better food, I think they'd enjoy being at Henry's with the fun lounges, big screen tvs, billiards, and trendy setting. As long as you stay within regional menu selections and away from their interpretation of Chinese food, you'll be fine.

Favorite Sushi Joint? PDX

If you are going for ambience and trend factor, Sinju in the Pearl is the place to be. We reserved a tatami room for a birthday, and the food and service was very nice. For the best "deal", Saburo's in Sellwood is the best place to be for the best spider roll-the soft shell crab is rich and meaty. Neither place is very authentic, but I enjoy going there.