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Baumkuchen in Atlanta?

Mail order is all I know. Good luck.

Dec 03, 2009
Rinjisherpa in Atlanta

French 75 in Midtown Atlanta?

Great drink. I am of the gin, cognac, lemon juice, sugar and champagne school but have had them made without gin as well. I would try Restaurant Eugene and Woodfire Grill as well. The Rainbow Room in New York makes an outstanding $20 version.

One Christmas I was given a bottle of Cognac and a balance board (separately.) My wife and I made French 75s. I foolishly combined the two gifts with predictable results. I healed eventually.

Fritti (pizza) - ATL

1 fritto misto, 2 pizzas, two glasses of wine $90 with tip. I could get part of the way to New Haven (my idea of pizza Olympus.) Sure it's good but such a poor value next to Sotto Sotto or any other good Inman Park choice.

Atlanta - Best Burgers

Two beefy, flavorful burgers with great fries are found at One Midtown Kitchen and Muss and Turners. One Midtown is the better of the two since it is both bigger and on a better roll.

Best Indian in Atlanta

Vatica is ok. The vegetarian thali consists of vegetable soup, dal, rice, papdum, nan and a changing dish such as a potato, bean, chickpea or other savory stew. The seasoning is Gujerati so do not expect explosive hot stuff as you might get at a South Indian place. You can get good pickles if you ask -- chile and carrot is good and hot, the mango pickle is fine too. The host likes his own jokes.

Ideal Restaurant in Cumberland Circle where Daabha used to be is a straight down the middle lunch buffet place. I think the chef used to be at Haveli. All the usual suspects are there: dried out tandoori chicken, listless saag paneer, etc. The nan is pretty good. You may have better luck a la carte.

REALLY good dim sum in Atlanta?

1. Ate at Canton House two weeks ago as a group of six. There were a couple of interesting bean curd wrapped items and a thick, flat noodle in XO sauce that was pretty good. I like their Singapore mai fun and usually order that as well.

2. Tasty China today was as good as it was a few months ago. The dry fried eggplant dish was fairly greaseless, the seasoning clear and assertive and the batter light. The sticky rice bean curd three layer thing was the best I've had since the filling was full of mushrooms and meat.

Phuong said "if the food is still good why do you care who is cooking?"

Chowfamily Seeks Atlanta Tips

My kids like Hae Woon Dae for Korean. They deliver hot coals to the table for a little extra excitement with your bulgoki. Also you can add the little fish to the usual panchan dishes for salt and entertainment.

There is a post for dim sum below. Our family prefers places where the turnip cakes are on the griddle. That means China Delight as Canton House leaves them on the plate. If location is an issue Hong Kong Harbor on Cheshire Bridge is ok on weekends.

One more eat at the table place is Huong Giang on Buford Highway just north of Clairmont. They do pretty good hot pots and steamed items in bannana leaves. Everybody is happy.

Lunch at Woodfire Grill

I have had lunch twice at Woodfire. The menu is similar to the dinner menu with the addition of a nice $10 half panini, soup and salad plate. If you like the soup of the day it is a good deal. Last time through I had a great house made Umbrian sausage served over insipid polenta with a good taste of a tomato sauce. The cheeses are available as are the popular items such as the chicken and greens. Prices are lower and the noise levels are in the low to reasonable range.

Pit Stop/ Savannah BBQ

If you are in Savannah try Sweet Leaf. Good smoky pulled pork, great spicy sauce and unusually good sides including smoked vegetables and a nice brownie desert. It is on Abercorn.

3.5-hr ATL Layover - Best Value MARTA-Accessible Dinner?

Take Marta to Arts station. Reserve a seat at the counter of Table 1280. See recent review in AJC. There is a more Chowhound idea however. Walk out to the Taxi waiting area. There are a bunch of trucks serving food from all over East and West Africa. See what looks good.

Atlanta, Marietta, Tasty China. Full Report

We ate at Tasty China Sunday with the family. Having wearied of the weary Little Sichaun (sic) it was wonderful to have great Sichuan cooking.

I would add one recomndation to Steve's list. The first item on the Chinese language card on the table is an appetizer of three griddle fried meat filled buns. They are savory, not intensely spicy (my 7 year old made a meal of them) and a nice winter dish.

I understand they do serve the menu at lunch so you are not a slave to the buffet.