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Nantucket for the weekend! Would love any recs!

Just returned after 5 days ate out every meal. Went to American Seasons twice as it was so darn good esp the pork belly sliders and crispy pig ears, Oran Mor was great grazed thorugh bar menu and app's split an entree, The Pearl was extremely good high $$ though again went through the app side of menu to try more items. Highly suggest Boarding house for Brunch Saturday or Sunday get the crispy oyster app. If nice out sit at the Brotherhood of Theives beer garden enjoy a beer and happy hour apps.

Oran Mor
2 S Beach St, Nantucket, MA 02554

American Seasons
80 Center St, Nantucket, MA 02554

South Shore Butcher

There is BRADFORD'S MEATSHOP & MORE 808 Washington Street Route 53. Pembroke, MA - it is across from Star Land. Nice little shop it has been open for a year now or so.

Bina Osteria: Second Visit, not so happy

I also went Friday before the show. We were seated at the communal table which is nice and sat there for 15 minutes before I got the attention of a bus boy and asked if we could get a drink. He went over to our waittress who turned out walked past us 3 times making eye contact and never said "Be right with you" just to let us know she was on the way. We decided to just order apps as everything was taking so long and good thing as we waited 40 mins to get 2 salt cod and 1 tartar. I had to remeind her we were going to the show and had time issues. Hopefully it was just a random night due to a heavy show crowd. I have heard many great things about this restuarant, but I will not hurry back anytime soon.

Anniversary Dinner Friday Night

Staying at the Hilton for the weekend and looking for suggestions for 30th anniversary dinner Friday night. Price not an issue or style of food.

Prices at Chez Ducrot in Plymouth, MA?

I have been a few times and have sent friiends ther for dinner. It really is a fun time, but you have to remember you are basically eating in someone's home so at times can feel a little awkward. Dinner is not cheap the cost varies depending on the menu and they get good prices for the wine. We usually have a predinner drink, bottle of wine and the meal and it is over 200 for the 2 of us. They used to sell out every week so it is best to call early for a table. I would definately recommend going at least once as it is a little Paris in Plymouth.

Good Food While Kiling Time near Green Airport ?

If you are still looking I always enjoyed the Shannon View Inn which is on Post Road next to the bank. Always good daily specials

Question for seafood experts, or fish mongers ...

I'm in the business look at it this way.
virtually every single reference to seafood, by all media outlets and nearly all industry players, lists a product as "farm-raised" or "wild-caught."
keep it simple, drop the "raised" and "caught." Products are either farmed or wild.

Aug 29, 2008
pancettabelly in General Topics

Girls weekend in Philly

Hello we will be staying in the center at the Marriott and would like suggestions for food and drinks after or any other foodie suggestions. We have been to Morimoto,Tangerine and the Continental last time there so anything new would be appreciated.

Aug 20, 2008
pancettabelly in Pennsylvania

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

Welch's grape juice and orange sherbert floats

Jul 30, 2008
pancettabelly in General Topics

Biggest, Baddest Burger on the South Shore

JJ's on 27 in Hanson does a great burger along with well done fried food and they offer the 5 lb block of chedder in the room for snacks. I hate to admit that Long Horn Steak House does a very good burger if you do not mind a chain just tell them easy on the lettuce. BBC on 53 can be hit or miss. In Marshfield there is the Fairview Inn good big burger. In Plymouth the Stoneforge is good and not a bad view. A hidden jem in Plymouth is Sabor they do a great burger but a little expensive.

Prezza's Bar Tonight

Thanks for the advice - we will probably limit ourselves to 2 ravioli so we can graze on otherthings.

Prezza's Bar Tonight

Besides having 2 or 3 uovo raviolo what else is not to miss??

Stuck In Plymouth,MA. Help!

Have felt the same way and came across this restaurant that has been hidden in Plymouth for years check out Sabor here is the web site you will really like it it is a small room, but you will feel comfortable there really great wine list and very good food. Only compliant it is a little $.

Matt Murphy's--does anybody know offhand...

They make the soda bread daily - sometimes twice

ChowHound Picks for South Shore???

Both Sun Tavern and Embers are on the pricey side - Sun Tavern is in a great old building with little rooms to dine in not very casual and Embers seems to try hard with having a different menu. Solstice heading on 3a in Kingstown is very good (sort of like Tosca for style of food), but again a little $. - this is on 53 in Pembroke this guy has 4 restaurants in the area all with similar menus moderate $ with above average food. There is Christina's a little futher down 53 past the Bloomin place on the left. Venus 2 in Marshfield has revamped the place with flat screens and granite bar - further down you can eat outside across form the ocean at The Fairview Inn