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Private Dining Downtown with cocktail reception for 10-12

Metrovino is actually too small. Their private dining seats 12, but doesn't leave room for reception space. Thanks though, I definitely had them on my original list!

Jan 04, 2011
kkimiyek in Metro Portland

Private Dining Downtown with cocktail reception for 10-12

I'm in the process of planning a dinner for 10-12 that will include a reception with passed hors d oeuvers and a 3-4 course dinner.

We expect to spend $1200-$2000 in total for the evening, and are especially concerned about a warm inviting atmosphere (nothing too modern), excellent food, and excellent service. We're hoping to avoid the pretentiousness that can often accompany fine dining, yet at the same time receive the service deserved for the pricetag!

We need to stay in the downtown area/Pearl...

On my list of places that meet the space criteria and are available are:
Fratelli in the Lara Sydney Gallery
Park Kitchen
Irving Street Kitchen

What are your experiences with the above restaurants, and private dining in particular if possible?


Park Kitchen
422 NW 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

250 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

Andina Restaurant
1314 NW Glisan, Portland, OR 97209

900 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

Serratto Restaurant
2112 NW Kearney St, Portland, OR 97210

Jan 04, 2011
kkimiyek in Metro Portland

I'm looking for the best lamb in PDX. Tried the following

This is a bit late, but the lamb shoulder at del Inti (Peruvian on Alberta & 23rd) is fantastic, as is the rest of the food!

Mar 15, 2010
kkimiyek in Metro Portland

Minibar, Laboratorio or Obelisk?

Thanks for the advice!

Minibar, Laboratorio or Obelisk?

Will be in DC for a few days in March and am looking to "splurge" one night. Bottom line - we love food, but are also interested in the overall experience. Minibar sounds great, as does Laboratorio, and on the more traditional side, Obelisk. It is so hard to choose! Help!

Oahu Trip-Its all about the food

good to know - thanks!


Bar 35 in Downtown has a good beer selection, as does Ryan's Grill in Ward Center. Definitely stop at Giovanni's in Kahuku for some shrimp, and others have recommended, Leonards is a must stop for malasadas. They are one of the things I miss most about Hawaii!

As for other food -- I'd recommend Phuket in the McCully Shopping Center (just outside of Waikiki) for Thai - - much more authentic and better than Keo's and Mekong's.

A fun place to go with a group would be Tiki's in Waikiki. It is an outdoor restaurant/bar. Their kahlua pig mashed potatoes are a must have! They typically have Hawaiian music on most nights as well.

Waikiki is a fabulous place - excellent food, great bars. Try Sansei for Japanese/Sushi. They do a happy hour on Friday nights.

For breakfast - Eggs and Things is the best in Waikiki. Be prepared to wait.

For a little "local" flavor, go to Side Street Inn (near Ala Moana Center) - it is where the chefs go when they are hungry. Their pork chop is amazing!

Camelia is good for Korean food close to Waikiki.

Hula Grill is great for seafood - the atmosphere is good too. Ask for a outdoor table. You'll be overlooking the ocean.

Duke's is always a good time for a drink and dinner with friends. Sunday afternoons are the time to hit the bar... Good ceasar salad - excellent hula pie.

Waiola Shave Ice on Waiola St.

For great Chinese food/dim sum try Fook Lam in Chinese Cultural Center.

Teddy's burgers and Kua Aina are both great for burgers.

For an excellent snack - Kahala Nuts cinnamon glazed macadamia nuts. They are addictive! You can get them on the ground floor of the Duty Free Shops in Waikiki. They roast them there (and almonds and pecans too) - - you can smell them cooking a mile away and are ususally still warm!

What kind of restaurants are you looking for - what type of atmosphere?

Oahu Trip-Its all about the food

I noticed KC waffle dogs on your list. I don't live in Hawaii anymore, but thought that KC Drive Inn closed. Can you still get the waffle dogs somewhere? Did they re-open?

You have a great list there. I have to say that I've been to Alan Wong's three times in the last 5 months (one chef's tasing, others off the menu), and have been disappointed. It used to be my absolute favorite, but lately I'm not so sure.

A couple of places you didn't mention that are consistently good:

Ninnikuya - Honolulu - the "garlic restaurant". Excellent steaks, seafood - they are always good and always consistent.

Phuket Thai Restaurant - Honolulu - The best thai food on the island!

Rocky's Coffee Shop - Waipahu - Fried rice omlette - fabulous! Excellent banana pancakes as well.

One night in LA - Birthday celebration

thanks for all the advice! Too many options....

Nov 14, 2006
kkimiyek in Los Angeles Area

One night in LA - Birthday celebration

Please help! My boyfriend and I are meeting in LA (he lives in HI, I live in RI) for Thanksgiving with his family, and we will have one evening out alone together to celebrate his birthday which is the following week.

I'm looking for a fabulous food experience -- we both absolutely love to eat and appreciate fine food, and are looking for somewhere with a great chef's tasting/degustation menu. The type of cuisine is less important, as is the price and location. We will be staying north of LA, but are willing to travel (within reason). I am hoping for somewhere that will not only a wonderful culinary experience, but also provide a bit of a romantic setting as well (though I must say this is secondary). Could you please advise!? Thanks in advance!

Nov 13, 2006
kkimiyek in Los Angeles Area

If you only had one night in Portland...

Thanks for all the advice. I think I'm leaning toward Hurley's for dinner -- foie gras is a weakness of mine, and difficult for me to resist. Lunch on Friday will probably be either Bluehour or Carlyle. I'm definitely going to try to make Sunday brunch at either Simpatica or Le Pigeon- both sound fabulous! I may be able to swing a second dinner in Portland. We were originally planning to be in wine country and I thought we would either do Joel Palmer, the Painted Lady or Red Hills, but I'm thinking that it might be nice to do both Simpatica and Le Pigeon. Which would you recommend for dinner, and which for brunch? Thanks!

Oct 26, 2006
kkimiyek in Pacific Northwest

If you only had one night in Portland...

Hey folks - I am a pseudo Portlander (lived there for 10 years) who is now living in Rhode Island and will be visiting with a friend who loves food as much as I do. We will only be in town for a couple of days and will have one, possibly two dinners out. I've been telling him how wonderful the food is in Portland and am having a difficult time deciding where to take him to best show off Portland's culinary treasures. Genoa is an old favorite of mine, as is Paley's Place, but I've heard wonderful things about Carlyle, Fenouil, Hurley's, and Clarklewis (never made it there before moving). I'm not a big Higgins fan, and have experienced too much inconsistency at Wildwood... What would you all recommend?

Also, I used to love La Sirenita, but have heard that it has slipped some, and have been reading rave reviews about Ochoa in Hillsboro. I've never been to the new one on Oak, but was a little let down the one time I visited the old location. My friend is half Mexican and currently lives in Hawaii (where there is no such thing as good Mexican food), and I'd love to take him for a good authentic Mexican lunch.

Mmmm... I'd love any and all recommendations... My mouth is already watering thinking about Pearl Bakery bread, Pazzoria's croissants and cookies, Pazzo's gnocchi, Mama Mia's mozzarella, Karam, Andina... so much food to eat, so little time!

Oct 24, 2006
kkimiyek in Pacific Northwest