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Mandarinn Inn on Mount Vernon Ave.

My husband and I are slowly working our way through all the Malaysian items on South China's menu. For Chinese, I can leave it, but the Malaysian menu is interesting. Not executed with finesse or presented well, but some items are quite tasty. They recently told us to special order in advance anything we want not on the menu. I'm thinking of marching in there with my Malaysian cookbook...

Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

First time to Hong Kong and plan to eat myself silly. Have looked over the board and see some ideas for other days, but Thanksgiving Day I'm looking for something nice. No, I don't neccessarily want the American turkey (but will take any ideas on traditional US Thanksgiving meals in Hong Kong). For Thanksgiving Day itself what we are really looking for is a great place to have excellent food, perhaps some nice wine, and perhaps goose or duck dushes (can't NOT have poultry on Thanksgiving!). I have seen Yung Kee (Wellington Street) reviewed positively, is it huge and noisy? Are there places that have a bit more intimacy and style, but also excellent food? What about Bo Innovation?

On other days I am considering some places people mentioned here:
Da Ping Huo
Yellow Door Kitchen
Fai Kee (on Sai Kung)

Any help appreciated. Promise to report back.