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Vienna: coffee to bring home?

Oops. I have reposted this onto the Europe board. Thanks.

Jun 11, 2012
rgd in Europe

Vienna: Coffee to bring home?

I am in Vienna and would like to bring coffee back as a souvenir. Any suggestions on brands and specific roasts is appreciated! Also, any tea suggestions? What is a unique food gift from Vienna (unfortunately, no liquids or chocolate). Thank you!

Jun 10, 2012
rgd in Europe

Vienna: coffee to bring home?

I am in Vienna right now and would like to bring coffee back as souvenirs. What is the best/most authentic brand to bring back? I was at Julius Meinl today, but have not tried their coffee yet. Any help would be appreciated!

Jun 09, 2012
rgd in Europe

Weekly seasonal produce report?

Summer Tomato is a healthy eating blog by a local writer. She usually has a weekend update on Saturday's market. The last few weeks have been a little different (she sometimes hosts other bloggers), but scroll down to the January 31st entry and you'll see a typical post for the Ferry Plaza.

Feb 20, 2010
rgd in San Francisco Bay Area

Aiea, HI: food delivery services


My friend's mother just passed away and I would like to send her family some food in the weeks ahead. Any recs on food delivery services that I can buy a gift certificate from? I am thinking of a service that picks up food from all different restaurants and delivers meals to the home. Waiters on Wheels is a popular service in CA:

Or are there restaurants in this area that you would reccommend that have good food and free delivery?


May 14, 2009
rgd in Hawaii

Any idea's where to find shaved ice with condensed milk and fruit toppings?

Monster Desserts in Tanforan Mall has shaved ice w/ condensed milk and a choice of toppings.
The halo halo at Mitchell's or even Goldilock's is a good alternative.

Sep 08, 2008
rgd in San Francisco Bay Area

Strauss Eggnog at the Cowgirl Creamery Stand, FB

I just saw it at Tower Market (Mollie Stone's) yesterday.

Nov 25, 2007
rgd in San Francisco Bay Area

Eggplant on the wafflebaker! Try it.

Great idea! I have used my waffle maker to make "waffle latkes". Just add a little more oil to a standard latke recipe and cook it in the waffle maker. The latkes come out crispy and less oily. This has become a big hit with my family.

Oct 06, 2007
rgd in Home Cooking

ATL area (Alpharetta): Meal Delivery Service

I would like to buy a very pregnant/soon to be new mom a gift certificate for a meal delivery service. I am looking for a local service that prepares meals for the week and delivers them to your home, not a restaurant delivery service. Here's an example of one here in San Francisco:

Is there anything like that that can deliver to Alpharetta?


Aug 10, 2007
rgd in General South Archive

Vosges Chocolate bars

They have them at Bittersweet Cafe on Fillmore, so they probably have them at the EB location.

Aug 01, 2007
rgd in San Francisco Bay Area

St. Louis wedding present

I'm looking to buy a pricey gift certificate at a "special occasions" type place. One of the eaters is vegetarian, so it has to have some non-meat options on the menu. After some research, it seems like Terrene, An American Place and Niche. Any thoughts on these three or can you suggest another place?

The couple is young, hip and appreciate fresh ingredients exectued at the highest level.

Thanks in advance!

Jul 12, 2007
rgd in General Midwest Archive

Strawberry season starts - stand & shortcake sightings?

My sister picked up a strawberry sundae at Bi-Rite Creamery today. I had only a few bites-- and it was good! Creme fraiche ice cream topped with fresh strawberries, crumbled sugar cookies and creme fraiche. It was called spring sundae or something like that-- it was on their special's board. Highly recommended!

Apr 30, 2007
rgd in San Francisco Bay Area

Alpharetta, GA recs?


I did a search for Alpharetta eats and the last extensive response was about 3 years old. Any updated recs on where to eat in Alpharetta? I'll be here for 2+ weeks and like all varieties of food-- any price range, any cuisine-- it just has to be good!


Previous Alpharetta post:

Dec 23, 2006
rgd in General South Archive

ATL: Quinones or Bacchanalia?

I'm from San Francisco and will be visiting Atlanta in November or December. I can't decide between Quinones or Bacchanalia. What's the difference between the two (atmosphere and food)? What's your preference between the two?

I'll be sure to post back, it might take a month or two, though (depending on when my trip falls).


Oct 24, 2006
rgd in General South Archive