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Tri Tip Steaks

We get them at Sam's Club,sometimes,out on the meat case.Sometimes they have to be ordered by the case.


Apr 22, 2010
TomFl in Florida

Richmond Virginia Best BBQ Ribs

This is one to consider,and is fairly new.

This by Tuffy Stone,who was the comp bbq team of the year last year,a current member of the Pitmasters BBQ series on TLC,and a consistent top 10 national competitor.

He has been a high end caterer in the Richmond area for many years,and now offers the products in a full service restaurant.

We have cooked against Tuffy for years,and he is one of the best.


Apr 14, 2010
TomFl in Mid-Atlantic

Melbourne - Palm Bay recommendations for boss

A little info could be handy.

A "foodie" might think the finest taco wagon in town hits the spot,or the fried catfish at the best airboat place in the inland river/swamps

Also,location and how far they may wish to travel.

Melbourne-Palm Bay could be an hour trip.


Nov 19, 2009
TomFl in Florida

BBQ in Eastern TN

Yep,Ridgewood is popular,although not as traditional as some might be used to..

Larry Proffit,the owner buys the bonein,lean, netted hams locally,although they had used Armour for years.

They do smoke on hickory,for 6-9 hrs,just until they feel they are done.

This way, they have less shrinkage/higher yield.

They thin slice them,as they had picked up from the Daytona Beach restaurant,they modeled from,back in the late 40's.

Some feel that the ham plate is sorta pricey at about $13,but you get a full meal.

They cover the slices with a sort of sweet/sour sauce,that they take great pride in.

The platter comes covered with rustic cut french fries,and the side of beans does contain meat.


Sep 11, 2009
TomFl in Kentucky & Tennessee

BBQ in Eastern TN

As the other folks suggested,you might seek out some meat and threes.

It has often been the opinion,that bbq in Ky/Tn starts west of I-65 in both states.


Sep 10, 2009
TomFl in Kentucky & Tennessee

Bunky's Seafood and Raw Bar melbourne,Fl

I try to never say bad things about a restaurant,unless it is truly a terrible experience.

I would also give a place another try,and usually speak to the manager.

This was an institution from the first days of People magazine and the tv program.

Part of the surfer culture of the beaches,east of Orlando,for four decades..

TV would film shuckin' contests,and folks brought the next generation of the family there.

Good local beach music,moderate prices,and a word of mouth legend.

Always crowds,but they made you appreciate being there.

Last week, my kids,brought their familys back to vacation,and naturally had to go to Bunky's.

They must have been sold,as they made an overnight move,about five miles south.

The place looked and smelled bad.

The minimal help looked and acted like they should be working the late shift at the bus station.

I guess since business is bad for them,rather than promoting hard,they just raised prices to compensate for lost business.

The service was atrocious and the food was worse.

Won't be long until they are gone,but it was truly sad and a real loss to the east central florida beach environment.


Tom and Barbara

Jul 22, 2009
TomFl in Florida

Conecuh Sausage

Winn-Dixie and some Publix will carry them in Fl.


Jun 25, 2009
TomFl in Central South

New England Style Hot Dog Roll

Sometimes Winn-Dixie will sell them in 12 packs,often around summer holidays.

If you have a bakery,with an attached outlet store,they make them up for basball parks,and other custom users.

They sometimes have them in 16 packs,discounted.


Jun 25, 2009
TomFl in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Asian in Melbourne,Fl

She said something like,"as long as its not brisket".LOL


Jun 09, 2009
TomFl in Florida

Asian in Melbourne,Fl

We ,like many,are always seeking the hot new places.

Last week was the wife's birthday,and she sought out a local favorite,which we had not tried recently..

We were the only ones dining in house,on a typically slow Tuesday evening.

Several European ladies,with small children stopped for carryouts.

Thai is currently a local favorite,and she really wan't seeking sushi.

We are near Patrick Air Force Base,and have many airmen that brought spouses from Thailand/Vietnam and retired here.

The proprietor/chef is happy to make up your suggestions,or suggest her own.

It is next to a health food grocery and she teaches healthy cooking/dining.

I suppose it has about a dozen tables and could maybe seat 45-50 diners.

Seems like she has been here about two decades.

It is very fresh ingredients and no starches in sauces.

She suggested we split a pork and seafood salad,and some type of crispy noodles with seafood,moderately spicey.

She treated my wife to a decanter of chilled,light,plum wine.

The total check,with tax,was about $15.

We have no connection with the restaurant,and would not drive across the state with it my destination.

It is a very pleasant neighborhood restaurant,that I still wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends/cooks.

Asian Gourmet - Vietnamese & Thai. Pleasant staff uses a good selection of better quality vegetables than most restaurants. Next to Nature's Market on US1, one mile south of Eau Gallie, two miles north of 192. M-Th 11-2:30, 5-9, Fri 11-2:30, 5-10, Sa 5-10. 255-6471


Jun 08, 2009
TomFl in Florida

Kentucky Barbecue/Hotdogs

BBQ in Ky/Tn has always been thought to start west of I-65.

Billy's in Lex is an old original,fair,but stick with the pork.

In Versailles,as you come by,go downtown -near the courthouse.

Wilson's lunch,or grill,or something.

Was a poolroom and the racing crowd from stable hands to farm owners can be seen having chili dogs,burgers, fries,cold beer.

Usually my first stop when I arrive at the airport.


Jun 02, 2009
TomFl in Kentucky & Tennessee

Restaurant near King Center in Melbourne

It is pretty central,in the mid/south county.

Here is a list to give you a start.

Check the yellow pages to be sure they haven't fallen to the economy,or are closed that night.


May 08, 2009
TomFl in Florida

Looking for Crawfish

Try Clayton's Seafood,Rockledge,US 1.

Between Melbourne and orlando.

They order them live from La.for around a month near Mardi Gras.

Probably have the tails,also.

Call petty's-in the Orlando area.


May 01, 2009
TomFl in Florida

Best BBQ in Atlanta?

Having lived and worked around Atlanta for the last 2-3 decades,I've sampled most of the places,and we don't really find Atl to be a hotbed.

Quantity of places is probably what stands out.

We are also a cookteam,and judge all the major sanctioning bodies,when time permits.

,the team had he weekend of the Big Pig Jig free,Memphis in May, at Vienna,Ga.

I did have the chance to judge the cookteam for Sam' and Daves, for on site.

That said,we try to find something to enjoy. ,when we stop at a few of the places around the Ga area.


Apr 13, 2009
TomFl in Atlanta

ISO BBQ Burnt Ends near Athens, GA

Actually,"burnt ends" is very popular in KCMO.

They used to be given away, where you pay ,at the end of the counter at Arthur Bryant's.

They are so popular now,that you can buy cases of brisket points ,to prepare as a menu item.

The packer brisket has two main parts.

The lean flat,which is usually served sliced.

The point ,essentially, is the fatty piece of muscle that rests on top of the flat ,and the grains of the meat run kinda perpindicular.

The point is often chopped for sandwiches,or may be cut into 1 inch cubes and back into the smoker ,until the fat renders and the outside carmalizes.

Yes,,it would be very unusual to find them in the eastern pork region.


Mar 16, 2009
TomFl in General South Archive

Best Barbecue in the State of Kentucky

Over the years,there seems to be a concensus that bbq in Ky/Tn begins west of I-65.

Seeking out meat and threes and some chilidog places in the eastern/southern part of the state usually attract roadfood folks.


Feb 23, 2009
TomFl in Kentucky & Tennessee

Catered Lunch in Cocoa Beach

Quizno's,the sub place does a lot in the area.

They would be right there.

Jason's Deli,in Melbourne gets a lot of the meetings in the area for 15-30 people.

The Farinas,have been good at larger meetings for the last 20 years.

You might consider calling the Publix in Cocoa Beach for sandwich rings and sides.

You would have to pickup from them,but would be very close.

The Sonny's in Cocoa Beach has been there a long time and has been reliable,if you wanted a bbq approach.

Simply Delicious Cafe and Bakery at 783-2012 on Orlando Ave.

Some ot the ladies particularily like it.

Hope this helps some.


Feb 20, 2009
TomFl in Florida

The Best Tampa BBQ!! ??

That's interesting that there is actually someone certified in Kansas City style BBQ, down here in Fl.

We'd like to hear more,as my wife will travel almost any distance for truly great brisket.

Although price is really no object for the best bbq,what do the prices look like?


Feb 11, 2009
TomFl in Florida

Melbourne: Pop's Casbah = Matt's Casbah?

Yep,Pops was a longtime diner,serving country style/diner food in old downtoen Melbourne.

Matt's moved from their beachside restaurant,which had always been a somewhat higher end fusion restaurant that enjoyed a a pretty good following with their regulars.

The old and the new are at different ends of the food spectrum,so would be hard to compare


Feb 02, 2009
TomFl in Florida

Weber Smokey Mountain: which size to get?

The original WSM has been a great entry level cooker,and still used by many comp teams-usually in multiples.

There seems to be a lot of excitement over the coming of the new ,slightly larger model.

Most folks can get four fairly large butts on the small one.

Depending on shape,you might get four medium[maybe 10-11 lbs] briskets,or a couple 15-16 pounders.

The extra grill space could help in racks of ribs?

You might get 30 thighs on two racks on the old one.

Most cooks will tell you to decide the one that will work,and then always buy the next larger size.

The convenience/versatility/space will always be welcome.


Jan 23, 2009
TomFl in Cookware

Virginia BBQ

Q BBQ have now passed all the opening inspections.

2077 Walmart Way, Midlothian, Virginia.

Write up is posted below.

Just an add in,is that Tuffy [Cool Smoke Cook Team] was third overall at the Jack Daniels World Invitational in Lynchburg,Tn this past weekend.

18th Chicken
2nd Ribs
13th Pork
9th Brisket

This is probably more scoring than all the east central coastal states teams have combined in the Jack's 25 yr history.


Oct 28, 2008
TomFl in General South Archive

Jack Daniel's World BBQ Championships

Figure on at least one day of lots of rain.There always is.

I assume you have had your rooms booked since last year.

Parking is virtually impossible,so be prepared for walking.

If you intend to eat at Miss Mary Bobo's,make your reservations now.

If you want cookoff memorabilia,get to the Jack store as soon as you hit town.

When you tour the distillery,ask for David Roper's tour group and what time.

He is the best and a comp judge and cookoff ambassador.

You won't be able to sample the cook teams bbq,but ask some of them which vendors you should sample.

Usually ,a couple of good non competing teams will be vending for the local high school fund raiser.


Sep 29, 2008
TomFl in General South Archive

BBQ in Memphis

If this is Catherine of Chicks in Charge,your friends probably would seek out BBQ Shop and Central to eat,but Rendezvous should always be worth a visit, for the history and at least a shoulder sandwich.

Maybe catch the ribs fresh at an early lunch on Friday.

Paynes for the sandwich with the strange slaw,and the A and R ,on Elvis Presley.make good shoulder sandwich.

Not KCBS,but the BBQ spaghetti is interesting at the BBQ Shop


Sep 18, 2008
TomFl in General South Archive

Chili cook-off

As mentioned by Mikey,the fact it is a fundraiser puts it in somewhat different category.

Call the health dept,and they should have a brochure.

Typically folks charge the spectators about $5 and they get five tickets ,to vote their favorite.

Typically ,some local "celebs",maybe five ,are lined up to judge a "pro" category,where local restaurants compete for bragging rights.

The crowds' tickets, at each booth,declares the "peoples' choice".

Amateurs may pay $5-$10 to enter ,and provide a gallon of chili.

The "pros" may pay $50-$100,and provide a gallon,minumum.

They will often make more,as they are advertising to the public.

Keep the judging criteria very simple.

Let the judges pick the top four-five.,in order.

If it is a good sized entry,you might have a "best booth" winner, for the pros.

You can have a traditional "red chili" main category,and an" anything but red",for extra entries and more interest.

The local newspaper will usually send someone to take pix and write it up,if you give them some lead time.

If you want general criteria,google the CASI and ICS web site.

These are the two national contest sanctioning bodies.

Hope this helps a little.


Aug 25, 2008
TomFl in Not About Food

Ft. Lauderdale BBQ and Mexican

Keep in mind that Texas bbq is sliced/chopped beef with very little sauce.

Split chickens,and beef hot links.

Yes,you occasionally run across a beef rib,or pork spare.

Sides would be pinto beans,potato salad,sliced onions and jalapenos.

Jul 01, 2008
TomFl in Florida

Blue Ridge BBQ Festival

Yes,have been there a few years.

It is all the best of Memphis in May,without all the circus at Tom Lee park on the Riverbank,tornadoes,hail,mud,etc.

I can heartily recommend it for a spectator.

For cooks,it is apples and oranges.

That said,it is an all pork contest,where you may only cook one category.


Jun 05, 2008
TomFl in General South Archive

Blue Ridge BBQ Festival

Mark,a friend handed me a book, yesterday.

Murder At The Blue Ridge Barbecue Festuval,by Gene Davis.

Paperback from Jawbone publishing in Newnan,Ga 2008.

The writer is a cook,and experienced with the festival and the townspeople and KCBS.

Haven't started it yet,but it looks like being there.


Jun 05, 2008
TomFl in General South Archive

Blue Ridge BBQ Festival

Hello Mark,

The last year you were there,if you turned immediate left, as you entered the main grounds ,and follow along that ditch,road etc to the big shade tree.

We,FireHouseBBQ,would have been there.

Byrons ButtRubb on one side,B,S PitMeister[ the GC] on the other.

We were 4 th overall,I believe.After awhile ,many of them run together,without going back to the books.LOL

We share a house with the Pigpals,and cook comps with them, some.

I'd prefer to not say anything negative about the organizers,as they are making assurances to improve things for the teams,and rein in costs for what is provided.

Many places,the organizers try to make money from the teams,and explain it as "being for charity"

Our several years there have been fun,and the judges were kind to us.

As you mentioned ,it is an expensive trip-especially from south Fl.


Jun 05, 2008
TomFl in General South Archive

Blue Ridge BBQ Festival

Like already posted,crowds can be extreme.

Mark gave a pretty honest description for a spectator.

We have cooked the comp , the last few years,so we are in before the circus starts.

*80-90 teams.

At its worst,the traffic will back up miles out the Interstate.

Lots of long walks,usually some rain,usually some quality entertainment.

No coolers are allowed,but I'd guess they sell beer.

We try to rent a cabin locally for the cookteam,a year in advance,as accomodations are almost non existent

I haven't seen a bbq vendor list yet,but some top cook teams will usually vend.

The organizers have made the requirements to vend such a hassle that comp teams may not vend.

Some good teams that vend,sometimes ,:

Texas RibRangers
Music City Pigpals
Checkered Pig

It is a definite destination,always worth doing once,but I agree there can be some real hassle and expense.

It is a favorite of many cookteams,for the top competition.

Most would consider it the best in the Carolinas ,Ga,Va,WV,Maryland,and all the Eastern seaboard.


Jun 04, 2008
TomFl in General South Archive

melbourne, ft lauderdale - where to go

To qualify my thread,the folks that usually work on it are traveling with work.

Yes,some of the places are closed.

Phone calls are always a good bet.

The list helps with geography,as most of them have been local standards for quite awhile.

The alternate chowhound post, mostly touches on some of the "cutting edge" new restaurants in town.

As happens with many like that,they are already gone,changed owners,chef moved,etc.

If we know a specific location,we are much better able to give rec.


Apr 24, 2008
TomFl in Florida