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Ice cream in North Myrtle Beach area

I was disappointed in Painter's also. Try Kohrs, which has two locations at Barefoot Landing. A bit pricey, but excellent.

REAL Pizza in Myrtle Beach?

I am from NY and I think I know what you're looking for and the closest I have found in the area to "NY pizza" is Benito's, Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach. Pastas are decent too and portions are generous. Try it.

Sal's Pizza, Mamaroneck

I don't get Sal's. Sometimes when I get the pizza urge I go to Sal's but only by default. I live in Nassau County and work in Purchase and I can think of 10 pizza joints within 10-15 minutes of where I live - led by Umberto's and Cugini's - that would blow away anything I have tried in Westchester. Westchester is a pizza wasteland.

Re-Opened Donovan's in Bayside

Missjeanne, you have said it so well. I grew up in Queens and live on Long Island now. Since I moved to LI my wife and I always tried to go back to Donovan's a couple of times a year. We liked it in the winter especially, with the fire going, I could start off with an onion soup, then dig into one of those great burger platters, all washed down with a couple of pints. We could get a sitter for the kids and do all this without breaking the bank and enjoy a nice cozy atmosphere.

The new interior is very nice but not at all like the Donovan's I used to go out of my way for. The food looked the same but did not taste quite the same, burger was not as tasty for whatever reason, fries were small portion and room temp at best, service was not friendly.

We may give it one more shot in case they were just having a rough night for whatever reason, but honestly, I think the magic is gone.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Truer words were never spoken.

Jun 28, 2008
King Vulture in Outer Boroughs

Harrisburg-Hershey-Lancaster Area

We go to that area from NY once or twice a year and my family, especially the kids, love Kreiders. There are 4 locations, I think the Rt 72 Manheim location, right on their farm, is the best. They have really good homemade soups, good burgers and sandwiches, nice omelets for breakfasts (the eggs sure are fresh) and homemade ice cream that is equal or better to any purely ice cream place in the area. They have complete dinners too if you would want that, daily specials, even a buffet on Saturday night that is worth it because includes all of that delicious ice cream you can eat. Very family friendly atmosphere. Route 72 runs north/south between Rte 30 and the Penna Turnpike, and if we stay in Lancaster we always do breakfast there on the way to Hershey. Much better than Lapps IMO. Breakfast may be OK at Lapps but don't do lunch or dinner there. You'd be better off at a Perkins.

Jun 21, 2008
King Vulture in Pennsylvania

Myrtle Beach, SC - OK Hounds - Lets update the rec's for MB

Burgers - River City Cafe. Overrated, but unfortunalely I haven't found a better one yet.

Ice Cream - Kohrs, at Barefoot Landing. Pricey, but better than Kirk's or Painters, family & friends all agree. Honorable mention to Goodberry's or Ben & Jerry's, both at Broadway.

Wings - still looking. Overtime was OK, I guess.

BBQ - never tried Prossers. Last time in MB we tried Little Pigs, a hole in the wall on Highway 17, about a mile or 2 north of Broadway. We thought it was excellent, for an eat in lunch or a take out dinner. I was with some BBQ fans and everybody gave this place "thumbs up".

Pizza - it's not exactly as good as we'd find at home, but Benito's, on 17 about a mile north of Barefoot Landing, has a reasonably decent version of a NY pie, and they had some other decent dishes as well. Stay away from the place at Broadway which has "New York Pizza" in the name. It stinks.

Seafood - we actually like Landry's, or Bonefish Grill, if we don't want to drive down to Murrell's Inlet. Bovine's or Divine Fish House are both good.

Breakfast - Akels, by far. Honorable mention: Caroline's. Lot's of the pancake houses are good. Dino's or Plantation are both fine.

Other places we liked are Benny Rappa, Umberto's (at Barefoot Landing, for the osso buco), T-Bonz.

Most overrated: Sea Captain's House

May 04, 2008
King Vulture in Southeast

Good Wings in Nassau?

I second the Croxley's rec, and also recommend the Cornerstone Pub, on Jericho Turnpike on Mineola.

Need lunch rec near Colonie or Crossgates/Albany

Ralph's Tavern on Central Ave., not far from Fuller Road, is a great lunch place. The menu is mostly Italian but they have lots of sandwiches and the prices are extremely reasonable. Awesome chicken wings too!

Farmer Bar- Cutchogue-CLOSED!

I never understood the appeal of this place. I went there twice and the first time was so disappointing. We did try a second time hoping the first visit was just an off night for the place.

The BBQ'd meats were OK but I have had much better. By local comparison, if Smokin Al's if 4 out of 4 stars, the Farmer Bar was not better than 2 1/2. The sides were crummy as well - the mac and cheese was just mush, and what was advertised as "a mountain of cole slaw" was more like a thimbleful. The sandwiches came on White Castle size buns. They even poured me a flat Guinness. We were really hoping to love this restaurant because the family has a place out on the North Fork and there's not a whole lot of dining choices out there, plus we are 'cue fans to boot, but they really disappointed us. Anybody who liked their BBQ platters must not have ever spent any time in the South.

What ever happened to Sams Gourmet in Winston Salem???

I was there in 1986. I loved the place too. Great place for a low budget, eat 'til until you're stuffed, wait for the big belch and go back for more, huge buffet and very decent quality and all for about $5.95.

Jan 09, 2008
King Vulture in Southeast

HELP...Dinner TONIGHT in Myrtle Beach NC

Up north, I think in Little River, the Parson's Table is good and unique, a nice dining experience in the area. Cagney's or Thoroughbreds (both on Restaurant Row) both have decent beef. Chestnut Hill (also on Restaurant Row) is a very nice restaurant with good food. I've had good seafood there. I rate it above Sea Captain's House which is a very popular spot. And the Myrtle Beach location of the Bonefish Grill (the one at 7401 Kings Highway) is really good, probably the best chain restaurant I have ever eaten in, with a good atmosphere.

Here's a good website to check out:

Any good restaurants near King of Prussia?

In the area on a business trip, I had a great dinner in a place called Stella Blu, I couldn't direct you there but I think they have a website. I guess I'd call it "creative Italian". It's worth going just for the mac & cheese with lobster, which a couple of us shared as a appetizer, and I had a veal entree that was delicious.

Dec 08, 2007
King Vulture in Pennsylvania

Recs for steaks in Northside Richmond, VA???

Hill City Chop House at the Virginia Commons Mall
on Route 1 (Brook Road) in the Glen Allen area.

This is not a great steakhouse like the finer steakhouses of NY or Chicago, it's more of a casual restaurant but the steaks are top notch, their beef is on a par with places where I have paid twice the price. If you can't get a rec for a four or five star steakhouse, then try this place.

Albany (for Springsteen) Where to eat?

The place by Central Ave with the great wings - could be Ralph's Tavern on Central, near Fuller Road. Still a great place for wings and other tasty (but decidedly non gourmet) fare like chicken parm subs, fried scallops, decent pizza etc.

Richmond, VA with kids?

Try the Hill City Chop House on Route 1 on the north side of town. It's in a mall on the northbound side of Route 1, behind a Blinds to Go store. I have been there with my family many times, the place is casual and the service is very friendly, and you will like the food! They do great beef, and we find the fried shrimp dinner is a good deal. They have good appetizers and a good childrens menu. I highly recommend the place. It's tons better than places like Ruby Tuesday, Chili's etc. I live in New York but we travel to the area and we always stop there at least one time when we pass thru... I really wish we had a place like it where I live.

Myrtle Beach, SC Where do we eat??

I recommend Bonefish Grill, Kings Hwy at about 71st ave north. Try the "bang bang shrimp" appetizer. Lots of good dinner choices.

Umberto's at Barefoot Landing is another good choice. Bring an appetite. There, I recommend the veal shank.

At Broadway at the Beach, Landry's is in my opinion one of the better of the chain restaurants, they specialize in seafood and I've had a couple of decent dishes there.

Avoid the all you can eat Calabash seafood buffets. They all stink.

N.West Nassau County- Chow-Worthy?

I agree with the above post about Marbella, though I have not been there for a while. If willing to try eastern Queens, also consider Altadonna on the LIE south service road, I believe just east of Marathon Parkway, for Italian. Owner/chef does a fantastic job with some authentic Italian country dishes you won't find on the typical Long Island "red sauce Italian" menu. Red sauce Italian does have it's place though, and Stella's (on Jericho Turnpike in Floral Park) is definitely the place to go for it. And last but not least, Donovan's in Bayside still has the best burger in the area, better than anything I've found in Nassau County anyhow (have never tried Luger's burger though).

Suggestions for Woodbury/Syosset (long Island)

There are two great options in the same strip mall right in Woodbury - Laguna Grille, and Butera's. I do not know the name of this strip mall but it's right on Jericho Turnpike (Rt 25) at the corner of Southwoods Road, across from the Towm of Oyster Bay golf course.

Laguna Grille has a Cuban menu and a fun casual atmosphere. The grilled shrimp and spinach quesadilla, or the seafood enchiladas are both very highly recommended.

Butera's is a contemporary style casual Italian place, it's a good place to if you like stuff like grilled chicken/fresh mozzarella/grilled veggies on focaccia bread. They have some nice pasta dishes also and everything is well prepared.

Just a little further west on Jericho is a Chinese restaurant called Empire Szechuan. I think they have three or four locations on Long Island, and while I think it's maybe a little above average I know other people who really like it a lot.

Also on Jericho in that Syosset/Woodbury area, near the Fox Hollow Country Club, is an offshoot of the original Stresa in Manhasset. I have never been to Stresa East, but Stresa is one of the very best restaurants on all of Long Island.

Suggestions between LaGuardia and Melville

I would second the choice of La Parma for the food, but be warned that it is "family style" Italian with the big plates for sharing so if traveling solo it might not be the place. The correct exit for Willis Ave. is 28S off Grand Central/Northern State, or exit 37 off LIE.

I get the idea that it's pizza you really want an then I second Umberto's in New Hyde Park as suggested further down. Very easy to get to, LIE east to Lakeville Road exit and turn right at Lakeville, Continue on Lakeville for a couple of miles to where it ends at Jericho Turnpike, make a right and it's right there on your right, just past the bank on the corner.

LI Thanksgiving help needed!

Some other places to consider are the Maine Maid Inn (Jericho) and The Inn at New Hyde Park.

Driving from Durham to DC ... any chow at all?

I neglected to mention that the Hill City Chop House is in Richmond.

Myrtle Beach

Try Bonefish Grill on Kings Highway, around 72nd Ave. Outstanding seafood, we especially like the appetizer called "Bang Bang Shrimp". I also recommend Umberto's (the one at Barefoot Landing). I had a veal shank (it's the house specialty) there that was so terrific that I almost cried when I was done.

As for chain restaurants, I usually despise them, but the Crabhouse and Landry's (the Broadway at the Beach locations) are both pretty fair for what they are. I would say in both places you can get a very decent meal for a decent price.

Oct 23, 2006
King Vulture in Southeast

Driving from Durham to DC ... any chow at all?

The Hill City Chop House is a good casual sit down place. Their steaks are top notch but there is lighter dining as well, and a kids menu, and it's very reasonably priced. A friend who frequently drives NY to Myrtle Beach recommended it as a good stop and now that's also my regular stop when I pass thru. It's on US 1, just about a mile north of I-295 on the northbound side, in a mall, a little hard to see from the road but it's behind Blinds To Go.

York, Pa and vicinity

I do business occasionally in the York area and I always eat at the Roosevelt Tavern while there. You just can't go wrong there, especially if you like crab - anything crab is good - she crab soup, crab cakes etc. I don't remember if this was a menu item or special but there was an appetizer of portobello mushroom topped with crabmeat that was especially good. I've also had great prime rib there. Enjoy York, and please recommend a golf course for me!

Oct 23, 2006
King Vulture in Pennsylvania