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Looking for a nice vegetarian restaurant in Berkeley

I want to get a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for a friend in Berkeley who is vegetarian. If she lived in the city, I would probably get one to Greens or Millennium.

Is there anything comparable in the E. Bay? Or are there any nice restaurants (~$50 per person) that any of you East Bay vegetarians really like and feel are particularly vegetarian friendly?


Sep 04, 2008
dybster in San Francisco Bay Area

Buffalo Burgers

Prather ranch serves them at the Ferry market on Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning. The are grilled over flame while you wait (and watch).

They are pretty tasty, but I have never been to Ted Turner's so can't really compare.

However, if you are going to Prather for Buffalo meat I think that the buffalo tacos really steal the show..

Oct 27, 2006
dybster in San Francisco Bay Area

ISO Chinese "grapefruit"

Some interesting citrus trivia to add the pomelo disscussion:

The grapefruit is a cross between a pomelo and an orange.

Oct 23, 2006
dybster in San Francisco Bay Area