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Openings in 2013

Any idea what the prices are like at Gus?

Cocktails and Tapas at Restaurant du Jardin Botanique

I went yesterday evening with my parents, who enjoyed it immensely. The terrace and surroundings are lovely and the cocktail and drink selection is quite nice. We tried the hummus with marinated peppers and the potato salad. The food was fine, nothing special, but the atmosphere was just lovely. The 4 a 8 takes place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday through September 15. I took photos of the menu. I hope the quality will be passable once I post them.

Montreal Ice Cream Highlights - 2012

Anyone try strawberry and coconut soft serve at Kem Coba yet? I am trepidatious as they are not two flavours I would normally think of putting together.

Noir d'Ebene

I am topping this thread because I'm curious it if's any good. Anyone been?

GROK Snack Croccante con Grana Padano (Italian cheesey snacks)

Before I go off on a wild goose chase to stores that carry Italian products, can anyone confirm having seen this product at any store in Montreal, please?

Cocktails and Tapas at Restaurant du Jardin Botanique

Has anyone attended the "4 à 8 du Jardin" this year? The setting is lovely obviously but what are the food and cocktails like? Prices?

Here is the schedule if anyone's interested:

Montreal Ice Cream Highlights - 2012

Just got back from Kem Coba. The blueberry-honey swirl was excellent, but to be honest I would have been happy with just the sorbet part. The honey ice cream gave a nice creamy contrast to the sorbet, but on its own it wasn't too interesting. My favourite of the soft serve combos I've tried is a tie between apple/cinnamon and sour cherry/almond milk.

Oh and I bought a pot of Earl Grey sorbet to take home. Best new flavour this year!


I didn't know they were ever in Eaton Center. I goess it's possible the kiosk moves around? Or maybe there is more than one. I saw them in June in PMT.

Quebec rural fairs/food markets/food festivals/food tourism routes?

Chunks O'Fruti Natural Frozen Fruit Bars

My favourites are the coconut, the pineapple, and the pina colada.

I'd love to try the strawberry colada, the lemon, and the banana cream and coconut cream.

Singleton Visiting Montreal: Suggestions?

The counter at Jolifou is pretty nice as well! Also with a kitchen view.

Chunks O'Fruti Natural Frozen Fruit Bars

Thanks for the tip, yeggy!

Chunks O'Fruti Natural Frozen Fruit Bars

What flavours were available at 5 saisons?

best artisanal breads/bakeries in Quebec

Thanks for the follow-up post! Glad you liked it.

To be honest their viennoiseries are not their strong suit. In my opinion you didn't miss much there. I do love their breads though.

Good quality lemon curd

Patisserie Rhubarbe!

Singleton Visiting Montreal: Suggestions?

Kazu! The counter is right in front of the kitchen so you can watch all the action.

Chunks O'Fruti Natural Frozen Fruit Bars

In Outremont? Do they have the in boxes or just individual bars?

Too many reservations for Montreal!

Les 400 Coups is great but the space isn't very intimate. If you're going for a more romantic vibe I'd probably choose Le Club Chasse et Peche for the anniversary. That said, I had lunch on their terrasse this week and it was phenomenal - in my opinion you can't really go wrong with CC&P no matter when you go.

If I had to pick three dinners out of the ones you've mentioned I would do CC&P (intimate/sophisticated), Les 400 Coups (hip/boisterous/see-and-be-seen) and Laloux (classic/elegant). All three have great food and represent different sides of the Montreal dining scene quite well.

While I've enjoyed Au Pied de Cochon, it might not be worthwhile if you're not a very adventurous eater. If you do go, expect to have a pretty extravagant meal.


La Maison du Macaron now has a kiosk in Place Montreal Trust. It's near the jewelry store on the tunnel level.

Chunks O'Fruti Natural Frozen Fruit Bars

I should keep tabs on the places I see them. I'll see them around and then forget when I'm really craving one. The souvenir shop in the AMC movie theatre building (vieux forum) has them. Sorry I don't really know about CDN etc.

Let me know when you get a response!

best creperie for dinner?

Oh and Pintxo is open on Sunday! Sophisticated Spanish food. The service is great. It's great for eating light since the dishes are tiny:

best creperie for dinner?

Actually I think you got some decent suggestions on your other thread. Le Comptoir is great because the dishes are quite small - and you don't have to order the heavier meat options. The last couple times I went I had a phenomenal beet salad with goat cheese and confit lemon, for instance. The atmosphere is very nice and I've been pleased with the service.

If you like vegan fare you might like Aux Vivres. They have interesting sandwiches like the vegan BLT (toasted coconut replaces the bacon) and delicious vegan desserts. There's also Crudessence for raw vegan food. I've heard good things but I can't vouch for it as I haven't been.

Personally I would pick a small ethnic resto and just order less food. La Chilenita comes to mind. The Marianne street location is open until 8pm. If the weather's nice I would go pick up a few empanadas to go and eat them in Parc Jeanne Mance. La Arepera du Plateau on rue Duluth also springs to mind - they have delicious Columbian arepas (they also close early on Sunday, at 8 p.m.) And there are tons of excellent Vietnamese restaurants in the city - they often advertise "cuisine santé" because Vietnamese fare tends to be less greasy than other types of asian cuisine.


I like Niu Kee for sitchuan, and Keung Kee for cantonese.

best creperie for dinner?

Not that this is necessarily the original poster's case, but I'm always amused by tourists who come here looking for crepes as if this were somehow authentically Montreal. We are in North America's Paris, after all.

Very cheap eats in Montreal

That's a great thread but it's three years old so some of the places have closed and some prices have gone up considerably.

5 days in Montreal - help us shorten our restaurant list!

I would also strike La mère à boire. In my opinion the atmosphere is lacking, the food is mediocre, and the beer selection is better elsewhere.

best lunches in montreal

I'm hijacking this thread fo contintue this discussion. I have friday afternoons off in the summer. I like to take advantage of this time to enjoy a relaxed lunch at a place where I might not be able to justify the cost of supper. Also, I like to go to places that are further from my office - I work in the west end of downtown and I can have my fill of Kazu, Kan Bai et al anytime. I have six weeks left this summer. Here are the places I'm contemplating:

Club Chasse & Peche
400 coups
Venti Osteria Italienne

Are there any other "musts" for lunch in Montreal? Where would you go if you could choose six places? The price isn't really a big issue, just as long as it's cheaper than supper at the same place.

5 days in Montreal - help us shorten our restaurant list!

FYI I believe Ba Le is now closed, so you can eliminate that one.

I had a really nice simple brunch at Rhubarbe the other day, so I would consider going there on the weekend if you're interested in walking around the plateau. Their pastries are phenomenal.

Do you agree with concierge's recommendations in Old Montreal?

I recommended Laloux on your other thread.

DNA is now closed, it was an italian inspired resto in Old Montreal. APDC stands for Au Pied de Cochon, one of Montreal's most famous and appreciated eateries. It's mentioned time and time again on here and you'll find tons of info on you if you do a search.

15th Anniversary in Old Montreal

Both Club Chasse et Peche and 400 Coups are pretty "fine dining" in my opinion, although in Montreal even the fanciest restaurants welcome patrons who are dressed quite casually.

Can you be more specific about what you want for your anniversary dinner?

If the requirements are sitting outside with a good glass of wine and an excellent dessert menu, my first thought would be Laloux, in the southern part of the plateau neighbourhood. Their pastry chef (Stéphanie Labelle) is fantastic and the selection of desserts is interesting and well executed. We enjoyed a glass of a special import fondillion there previously and I recommend you order it with (or as) dessert when and if you go. As for the rest of the menu, I've never been disappointed by any of their simple but well prepared french-inspired dishes. The service is very nice and unpretentious and the prices are reasonable.

Here is Laloux's site (the menu on there is not the most recent):