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Le Parigo -- gone?

I got an e-mail about Le Parigo in Knoxville reopening, but it looked like they've morphed into a totally different restaurant. They added a bunch of beer, cut the menu to about four items, and now offer a dish and side-type format instead of the composed plates they used to. Nothing wrong with adding beer, but along with slashing the menu it seems to indicate they've become more of a bar than a restaurant (or lost their chef). Anyone have more info?

Le Parigo
416 W Clinch Ave, Knoxville, TN 37902

Sep 02, 2010
merrymc in Kentucky & Tennessee

Roux Barb - Knoxville Eats

When I was there a week or two ago, Bogartz was telling diners that he was starting up a BBQ lunch menu soon, emphasizing that it was distinct from Rouxbarbeque. I have no idea whether that materialized. I like Rouxbarb, but I really didn't like the Rouxbarbeque entrees when I went (meat was very tough both times). However, as a place to have a beer on the porch (in cooler weather) it's perfectly fine.

There was a dish at Rouxbarb called Duck Two Ways that was just to die for. I think it's off the menu for the summer, but the minute it's back on I will be in there.

Jul 06, 2010
merrymc in Kentucky & Tennessee

What I buy when my foodstamps come in.

Growing up (on FS) in a not-so-great part of a Northeast City, the "offer" to let someone pay for my groceries in FS and repay that person cash (slightly less than the bill, as an incentive) in the parking lot was made to me many, many times I went to the supermarket. Each time a loophole closes, someone finds a way around it, though recent crackdowns have shifted the transactions from the bread aisle to the fringes of the parking lot.

Apr 13, 2010
merrymc in General Topics

What fast food do you eat rarely, but that first bite think "Wow, this is so good!"

Tater tots from Sonic. Tater tots from anywhere, really. I'll throw in the McDonald's hash brown patty too.

Apr 12, 2010
merrymc in Chains

Knoxville - Best Place for Drinks After Work

Sangria's on Market Square has some nice wine and cheese/meat plate selections, but it's a little expensive. Noodles/Oodles (forget the exact name) on Market Square has a fairly large, separate drinks area, which makes it nice for groups. The porch at Soccer Taco on Kingston Pike is good for a pitcher of margaritas in the warmer weather, which may yet appear this spring.
Aubrey's near Northshore is kind of generic, but the bar area is fairly large, there is plenty of parking, and it's a pretty convenient location (near I-40) for people who need to travel back to different areas of town.
My husband has gone to Northshore Brasserie with coworkers (groups of 3 to 5 people) for drinks, and it always worked out well.

Northshore Brasserie
9430 S Northshore Dr Ste 106, Knoxville, TN 37922

Mar 29, 2010
merrymc in Kentucky & Tennessee

Things I ate/drank in college that I will never eat again

I was trying to think of the name of the liquor -- Everclear! Now I'm sorry I've remembered.

The "mixer" for the trash can punch rotated depending on what generic, sugar-laden fruit punch-ish drink was on sale at the Food Lion. As if it ever tasted like anything but a mouthful of fire. And as if I cared at the time.

It's a wonder I or anyone else got through college with an intact digestive tract. Ugh....

Oct 30, 2009
merrymc in General Topics

Family foods I thought was normal

Cool Whip was added at his probably would have been much better with real whipped cream (which we actually had, for the pies).

Though that reminds me that my family makes something called "Cheesy Glow" for the holidays...some sort of whipped-up Velveeta concoction with pieces of stuff floating in it. I don't know what stuff (ham, maybe?), as I never tried it. Also, I never heard of it elsewhere, thank goodness!

Oct 22, 2009
merrymc in General Topics

Family foods I thought was normal

My grandparents are Irish. They had a difficult time conceptualizing salad, so they would just put together a few leaves of Iceberg lettuce, some tomato slices, and a big slathering heap of mayonnaise (or, worse Miracle Whip) on top. I thought a heap of mayo was a normal salad dressing for quite awhile.

They also cooked everything -- EVERYTHING -- in beef or pork grease/drippings (except on Fridays). Meat. Potatoes. Carrots. String beans. Eggs. Pancakes. They would save the drippings from the roasts to use for later meals. Everything tasted like roast beef, which was just how everyone liked it.

My husband is from Oklahoma. He made something called Watergate Salad for our family Thanksgiving (my family is from Philadelphia). None of us had heard of it. He claims every Midwest family has a recipe (it involves pistachio pudding, cool whip, pineapple...and after that I just didn't want to know). I was dubious, but I figured at least one person on here might be able to back him up.

Oct 21, 2009
merrymc in General Topics

The Admiral (A'ville, NC) : I didn't understand

Yes, reservations are necessary. And boy, is it hopping on Saturdays...
When my husband and I went a few weeks ago with an 8 PM reservation (yes, it was Saturday night...but we were weekend tourists), we had an hour wait. To be fair, something had gone wrong (there were other reservation-holders waiting). I'm from NYC, so I'm used to waiting (for pretty much everything), but the complication was that my husband had taken medicine that requires him to eat something within the hour. That, combined with the fact we were from out of town and had no idea what restaurants were close by, made things sticky. However, they comped our drinks and gave us a free slice of cake (we hadn't asked for either...I never assume comps) and were all in all very nice (and the cake was delicious, as was everything we ate). So I don't know whether Saturdays are just insane, we fell on a bad night, or someone messed up in the reservation book, but you may have a wait. Waiting at the bar is no hardship, and the drinks are reasonably priced., is that place popular!

Oct 08, 2009
merrymc in Southeast

When should a restaurant NOT comp a meal?

Stray items in food that definitely should not be there (bugs, body parts, once I had a broken-up toothpick -- not the one meant to hold the sandwich together -- embedded in my burger, and I think that counts) should merit a comped meal. Stray items like a random shrimp in your chicken dish or a piece of green pepper in your mushroom omelette shouldn't, I think, unless the diner has an allergy to the food in question.

Sep 22, 2009
merrymc in Not About Food

New to Maryville, Tennessee

Ha! I'm 31 and my husband is 40. I am always carded, and he never is. Even when we eat together, this is the rule, leading us to wonder what our relationship looks like to the waiters...

Sep 08, 2009
merrymc in General South Archive

Brunch Paoli/Malvern Area

Meridith's is no longer BYOB. At least, not for champagne and other types of alcohol they now sell. Their web site says BYOB, but it's not. I'd call them and find out what they are selling and what they allow you to bring.

Aug 30, 2009
merrymc in Pennsylvania

Wine tours near Lyon?

Hi all -- I'm not sure this is the right board, but here goes. My husband and I are living in Paris for several months, and my mother's coming to visit. We're all heading to Lyon for two days. We thought it would be nice to take her on a tour of a winery (or tastings at a few wineries in a longer tour) so as to give her an "only in France" experience (we live on the East Coast so we have yet to go to Napa) with some nice scenery and nice wine. We aren't wine snobs, and we'd be happy just learning a bit about wine making and doing some tasting and seeing some nice scenery. Nothing too intense.

So...I'll ask about organized tours. Are there any good ones (ie, get in a bus with a tour guide and go out to a winery or two, learn a little bit about wine, taste some, and come home) that leave from Lyon?

If not, are there any wineries in the area that offer nice tours or tastings? We can rent a car and motor around to them if the organized tours aren't any good.

English is preferred but not necessary (we could translate for her if need be, and if we went the car-rental route we'd probably just translate). Price...well, something below 100 Euros a person would be nice, though I think organized tours cost a bit less than that.

Thank you!

Jun 15, 2009
merrymc in France

Do you have a favorite I'm-alone-now-so-nobody-will-know favorite dish?

Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets. I count this as "dish" because sometimes they are "breakfast."

Spelled wrong, but they taste oh so right.

Mar 02, 2009
merrymc in General Topics

Best Cassoulet in a friendly French Rest Please?

I lived in Toulouse as well! I only ate cassoulet twice, though, as it was so filling that each time I had it, it sated my craving for the next 8 months or so. I agree...Cafe D'Alsace makes a good cassoulet.

Feb 15, 2009
merrymc in Manhattan


Little Branch is trendy ("mixologists") but in a quieter, classier vein (it's quiet, they frown on lots of noise, and it's fairly dark inside). It's got a New York City feel, but it won't be trendy with the latest music or dancing or anything. It's also cash only (for planning ahead). Angel's Share is similar (dark, fairly quiet), but it takes credit cards. Neither of these is cheap, but they're not off the charts for the city either.

Jan 22, 2009
merrymc in Manhattan


What sort of drinks (cocktails, wine, beer?), and what area (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Lower East Side, Midtown?).

Jan 18, 2009
merrymc in Manhattan

Spiciest Dish? (Any Cuisine)

The cumin beef at Grand Sichuan is one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten. You will not regret it.

Dec 09, 2008
merrymc in Outer Boroughs

Precut squash in Knoxville - where to buy?

Hi all -- A very unfortunate butternut squash-cutting incident has left me very, very hesitant to cut squash again. It wasn't much fun before I cut myself, either. I have a sharp knife, but the things are so big it's just too unwieldy for me to feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, I really like to eat squash.

So the question -- where can I buy precut squash? Butternut, acorn, whatever. I haven't seen any in Kroger/Food Lion/that organic-ish grocery store on Kingston Pike in the Western Plaza shopping center (near the railroad tracks).

Thank you!

Nov 03, 2008
merrymc in General South Archive

Worst ethnic place you've been to

I don't know whether Veselka counts, since I have no idea what they're trying to do there, but if so, this one tops my list. The food is OK, but the ultra-hip, attitude-packed servers and fairly high prices for food that's nothing special make the establishment itself a joke.

Sea, like a previous poster said, was the worst Thai food I have ever eaten. Except all the sauces I had tasted like peanut butter glopped thickly over some wilted veggies.

Sep 24, 2008
merrymc in Manhattan

how many Chowhounds are professional writers?

I truly envy (and respect) you. I worked as a full-time freelance writer for a few periods in my life, though I headed back to a full-time job whenever my COBRA eligibility drew to a close. It's a tough, tough road to try to get people to pay you for your writing. Cheers, and congratulations!

Jul 02, 2008
merrymc in Not About Food

how many Chowhounds are professional writers?

Blame intern mania...we have 30 unpaid interns and 1 full-time writer for the six or so publications here. Why pay for copy when people are falling all over themselves to write it for free?

To keep it food-related, I did once interview at a food/wine (not Food + Wine) publication for an associate editor position. At the interview, I learned that the "editor" position was 80% data entry, 20% setting up food and liquor for panel tastings. No writing or editing. Publishing is a weird, sad place.

Jul 01, 2008
merrymc in Not About Food

how many Chowhounds are professional writers?

I'm a magazine editor and a freelance writer. Though lately it's been getting harder and harder to get money for my writing...

Jul 01, 2008
merrymc in Not About Food

potluck ettiquette

At least potlucks are more democratic than those "forced fun" lunches out, where one's far better-paid coworkers usually pick a place slightly out of one's price range, proceed to order plenty of food and drink, and -- despite one's attempt to order one of the cheaper options and stick to water -- insist on splitting the bill evenly. (And last time I declined such an outing, three coworkers, including my boss...twice...asked why I didn't go. These things aren't as voluntary as they seem.)

I wouldn't necessarily be offended if someone brought doughnuts or a bucket of fried chicken to a get-together. Some people just have very little money to spend.

Jun 29, 2008
merrymc in Not About Food

Wireless Access in Bay Ridge other than Starbucks.

Where in Bay Ridge (abouts) are you? I ask only because I live way down at the very end near the water, which would make spots in the 60s/70s a decent hike for me. That said, Omonia cafe/bakery (sp?) on Third Ave and 76th Street has -- I think -- free wireless. I was able to find nothing else (and I looked fairly thoroughly).

In the end, I had to suck it up and get Time Warner high speed modem. Day of defeat. Good luck, though! I hope somewhere new has started offering it.

Jun 27, 2008
merrymc in Outer Boroughs

Pamplona Lunch Takeout - Tipping? [moved from Manhattan board]

Hi all -- I've been hitting the Pamplona lunch takeout menu pretty hard, and I wondered whether other Hounds who've done this have tipped on their order. My friend tipped a dollar, as did another woman picking up her lunch at the same time. In theory, I'm not really getting service (the guy brings it right from the kitchen to me), but the way the operation is set up it feels somehow like I should be, though I can't explain why. Ideas?


Jun 27, 2008
merrymc in Not About Food

Real Sichuan food in Bay Ridge

Hi Bob -- Funny, on your recommendation I tried this place on Friday and only at the last minute opted for delivery, as I live nearby. If I had gone (at 8:15, when I ordered), I would've seen you. Mine was probably one of the phone calls.

I also got the Chinese broccoli, which I happened to like a lot. It had heat without overkill, and it was slick with oil without making the broccoli (or choi, or whatever the veggies broccoli rabe, as you said) soggy. It wasn't drowning in oil or sauce.

I got the dan dan noodles, which were very good but not as mouth-numbing as the ones at Spicy & Tasty (and I'm just peculiarly into the numbing feeling of peppercorns, so this isn't a barometer of quality or anything). They were delicious and addictive, though. The pumpkin with ginger and scallion was excellent, even more so the next day for lunch.

I'm delighted to have an alternative to the offputting takeout Chinese places in the hood. The food is excellent, and I bet I'll be here every week. I now need to try that American broccoli dish you mentioned...

Apr 07, 2008
merrymc in Outer Boroughs

West Village Best to Make Boyfriend Want to Move to NYC

I sympathize! I have a boyfriend who previously lived in Louisiana, and I was in the same position a year and a half ago (he's here now, and what wowed him over was...wait for it...the prospect of living in the Bronx. go figure!).

He loved our late lunch at Snack (not Taverna...though I've never been there) in Soho. It is a "what a nice, cozy, casual lunch spot" type of place (though if you go during prime lunch time...before 2's probably a maddening wait for one of the six existing tables type of place). The Greek salad is delicious, especially when paired with warm pita bread.

Oct 10, 2007
merrymc in Manhattan

Tourist Traps to Avoid

I used to live across the street from Serendipity and I NEVER saw the place without a line stretching down the street (11 PM on a Sunday night, 3 PM on a Tuesday, 10-degree weather, whenever), along with all the bag and jewelry street vendors who've claimed that very touristy line as their territory.

Oct 04, 2007
merrymc in Manhattan

Where were the shaved ice carts this summer?

There were a ton of them up in the Bronx! I didn't see any in Manhattan either (I know up till two years ago I found some guys on Delancey and scattered around the LES) uneducated guess would be that the rents are so high the population is getting pushed out, including the cart guys.

Oct 01, 2007
merrymc in Manhattan