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Veggie in Spain - whats a non jamon eater to do??

You won't starve- Spanish like their veg. The fish dishes and veg tapas others have mentioned are a good call for the most part. I would avoid lentils and beans unless you know for certain they are vegetarian-those dishes are generally seasoned with meat. In Andalucia, while salmorejo is wonderful, it is generally served with a garnish of jamon, so by all means order it, but make sure they leave off the garnish. (My Spanish is terrible, but you could probably say "sin jamon" and people will get the picture.) Also in Cordoba (and maybe other places but that's where I had it), you can order pisto, which is similar to ratatouille- there is a tavern in Cordoba that specializes in it...I think it is helpfully called El Pisto. In Granada, in addition to the other options mentioned there are vegetarian restaurants that cater to the University students there (I don't have names but they should be easy to find with a quick web search). Anyway, you will be fine. Have fun...I am way envious!

Jul 04, 2012
plick in Spain/Portugal

Korean Food Primer

Where is the Washington DC area soon doo boo place and what is it called? Thanks!

Oct 23, 2006
plick in General Topics