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The Orient in Bethpage: Am I Missing Something?

I'm cantonese also, I used to go here for weekend dim sum and family gatherings. Haven't been here for a few years, it's typical of good Chinese restaurants on Long Island to have a high turnover of chefs and staff so the food can be mixed from visit to visit. Not sure if this is one of the places that are full of themselves even when the food becomes subpar (i.e. Fortune Wheel, the now-defunct HK Seafood House, and that place on Stewart Ave in Bethpage that went from great to suck in record time).

But I would have to disagree and say that Queens dim sum is better than theirs. A personal family favorite dish is the Cantonese Fried Chicken(Pei Pah Gai), not sure what the English for the dish is. It's the double fried whole chicken with the shrimp chips. The Walnut Fried Shrimp with the white sauce is good too.

Big Apple BBQ

I was there on Saturday and I posted this to Eater already. But the City Grocery fiasco needs to be repeated here:
I was on the line for City Grocery's Smoked Crawfish and Hushpuppies. I went with someone who doesn't eat pork or beef, so we wanted to get some smoked crawfish and hushpuppies so she can eat something. We waited 1.5-2 hours and was like 6 people from ordering when one of the BBQ fest people said they weren't selling anymore b/c the batter or something was messed up. We were so po-ed, since they still had some food on trays and weren't selling it and that no one said anything earlier and wasted everyone's time. The chef was also acting so nonchalant about it, if this happened anywhere else people would have torn the stand apart.

Aside from this fiasco, everything else was fine. The lines were expected and none of them were too horrible except for City Grocery's and The Salt Lick's. I could only manage to eat one plate of meat since U-Bon's plate was like 1/4 lb of pulled pork and it was delicious. My friend didn't like the meat from the Connecticut place also. Lots of samples from corporate sponsors too, the free Snapple and Edy's Ice Cream was much appreciated. Definitely will get the Fast Pass next year and split it b/t a few people.

Jun 09, 2008
halokiti in Manhattan

Long Island Hot Dogs

Has anyone seen the truck lately, I went by today and didn't see it.

Chinatown Flushing Virgin--Help me please!

I don't understand why people keep recommending "Gum Fung," it's definitely just passable dim sum. The best one now is Gala Manor, on the corner of Main St and 37th Ave. It is also the newest restaurant. Prolly the largest dim sum selection out of all the restaurants in the Flushing area. Har Gow is a dim sum dish, it is mashed up shrimp meat rolled up in a ball wrapped in rice noodle skin.

Also try Spicy and Tasty for Sichuan and Sentosa for Malaysian, both restaurants are on Prince Street.

Feb 13, 2007
halokiti in Outer Boroughs

Laverne, Westbury, NY. Great Japanese food!

Laverne- lavernefusion dot com
795 Old Country Road
Westbury, NY 11590

I want to buzz this place cause the food is excellent and every time I drive by it is not as busy as it should be.

Laverne is a Japanese-French fusion restaurant, though I don't see that much French inspired items. I went there in late December and had an superb meal there. Back then they still had the fixed price menu from LI Restaurant week. So it was $21.95/ person for three courses. I except smaller portions for everything except everything was huge. The presentation on all dishes were spectacular, each like a work of art. The sashimi was fresh and tasted great. My favorite part was the dessert, we ordered fried ice cream and the presentation was amazing. Everyone looked at our dish as it was being walked to our table, it had a sugar piece on top and then the waitress lit the alcohol on the dish on fire so that was pretty attention getting though a bit much for me. Check out the pictures on the website and they look exactly the same on the table.

The second time I had it was when we ordered from the delivery menu and everything was excellent and a lot better than the usual delivery food. The presentation was still there even in a plastic box and the price is cheap for the high level and amount of food. So if you don't want to eat in person, I recommend take out/delivery from the place.

The location is convenient, between Century 21 and Fortunoff's on Old Country Road. The staff is friendly and helpful. They also have Sake Night, free unlimited sake during dinner. The price is good and they also sell gift certificates on unnamed website that sells restaurants certificates and there's also a discount on delivery over $25. So I don't see why you shouldn't t

asain market on long island

V&T Supermarket in 12 N Franklin St, Hempstead, NY 11550-3828. Good selection of live seafood. More Vietnamese grocery items that usual. Okay selection of fresh produce. The food court attached to it does have some of the finest roasted pig I have ever tasted, but get there early as they sell out quick on weekends. Also the bakery sells very delicious half-priced baked buns after 5-6pm, since they can't keep them overnight.

H-Mart in 400 Hillside Ave, Williston Park, NY. The size of a big CVS. Very good selection of fresh produce and nicely packaged fruit. Great kimchi selection with samples. Beautifully packaged and trimmed meats. Cheap and very fresh seafood. Stocked with mostly Korean grocery items, not much Chinese stuff. Bigger than usual frozen food section. Usually has samples everyday. Very friendly staff.

Good Neighbor in Hicksville, NY on W. John St b/t Cantiague Park and Hicksville Post Office. Is a supermarket/warehouse. Has the biggest selection of grocery items out of all the other markets, most of it Chinese. Has some shipped in baked goods and the best rice rolls ever in the walk in refrigerator/ produce section. Okay produce section, smallish. Good vegetarian frozen food selection. Has a small fresh fish and meat section. Has dollar store items and other random stuff. Caveat emptor: check for expiration dates on cans and other grocery items, has been known to sell expired or close to expired items.

H&Y Supermarket in Plainview which just opened two weeks ago as I mentioned before in

Patel Brothers on N. Broadway in Hicksville, NY with all the other Indian stores. Has a big selection of spices and assorted flours. Smallish produce section with some pretty cool super bitter melons. Lots of frozen food. Don't recall seeing any fresh seafood or meat.

I have also heard of a place in Suffolk County, but it's not that big and I don't know where it is.

New Korean Supermarket, Plainview, NY

Yes, I think I smelled ginseng.

Why no Gigantic Asian Supermarkets in NY?

I can't say anything about anything about Asian malls/supermarkets in LA or Atlanta area other than what I've read online. I have been to the Asian area in the Toronto suburbs most notably Pacific Mall and that place is massive. Toronto prolly has a similar population density of Asians like in the NYC Metro area, so something on a huge scale can be sustainable here also I understand the fact that there are already concentrated areas of Asian shops in Flushing, but I certainly wouldn't call any of the ones in Flushing huge. Maybe with the opening of Flushing Crossing later this year there'll be a general upgrade of stores in Flushing.

None of the Chinese supermarket chains in NY do anything as nice in atmosphere and service as compared to H-Mart. Also none of them have an outpost in Nassau/Suffolk county on Long Island, where if they opened up a more non-asian friendly supermarket with a food court and other services they can probably do pretty good business. V&T Supermarket in Hempstead is big (has a awesome bakery that offers half price baked goods after 5-6pm) but the reason that market is not busy is because that neighborhood has a perception of being unsafe and low class. Plus an obstacle to any of the Asian chains opening up on Long Island is a lack of prime available space and the high risk of investment.

Talking of Gold City on Kissena, that place has a terrible parking lot it's not big enough and people just don't drive well in general. Flushing Mall has a food court of mostly Taiwanese food, and is pretty dead most of the time. Probably if they stick a cheap OK place in there they would be busier. The big Korea place off of College Point Blvd is called Assi Plaza aka Korean Town Plaza, it has a warehouse like environment and sells fairly low priced groceries while not too impressive. Attached to that is a Korea mall with a few stores that sell random stuff like marble beds, fancy electric toilets, and a Christian store.

Why no Gigantic Asian Supermarkets in NY?

I have to post this question since it seems metro NY(not including NJ) is the only major Asian area without a gigantic Asian supermarket. And also no Asian malls either. Why is that? Is it the rent or the lack of space? I don't think there's a lack of interest, enough Asian people with the right demographics live in the suburbs to support such a store.

New Korean Supermarket, Plainview, NY

I was going to John's Farm today on Old Country Rd and saw a new supermarket opened. It is called H & Y Supermarket on the corner of Plainview Rd and S. Oyster Bay Rd next to McDaniels Ford. I was so happy that it was a Korean Supermarket. It's been opened a week according to the cashier.

It's almost like the H Mart over in Williston Park. Lots of produce- with good selection of Asian veggies and fruit, a fresh fish section, neatly packaged meats, Korean groceries, Korean frozen foods, Korean DVD rental. Opening later on, a baked good section with tea and coffee. Though I do have to say that H Mart's meat and fish are a bit nicer, But it is very convenient to just stop in one area to do all the cheap produce shopping.

Westbury LI woes...where to eat these days????

Pollos el Paisa used to be LIsa's II Diner until the owner won the lottery and sold it. Must have item there is the chimi churri sauce(green sauce), best condiment ever. Goes with all meats. Mountain Platter, best of everything dish is awesome. Avoid the paella, it's MSG overload.

The lady at Shogi is very nice, used to come by our store a lot and that place has been opened forever.

Westbury LI woes...where to eat these days????

Most of the restaurants in the immediate Westbury shopping area are chains like it or not. And some chains are very independently operated, so stop knocking all chain restaurants. Cozymel's is pretty good Californian Mexican food and everything is fresh made, this is their only NY spot and they only have 12 spots nationwide so it's not that big. Ayhan's only has 5 locations on LI and is priced about the same as the Meditterrean Kebab House and closer to the shopping area. Famous Daves isn't that good, it's just a good family place.

Some of the "close by" places listed below can take 15-30 mins to get to on the weekends with all the extra traffic and are not in Westbury. Also some of the restaurants listed below aren't rowdy toddler friendly and inexpensive. At least get your recommendations right before you go commenting on others. And yes, I have eaten at most of the places listed below. BTW, The Orient kicks Fortune Wheel's butt any day of the week.

Westbury LI woes...where to eat these days????

Cozymel's at the Raceway section is not too expensive and baby friendly, usually no wait also. There's also Macaroni Grill in the same lot which has reasonable prices and good for kids. Chili's is not as cheap as everyone thinks it is and horrible service, definite No No. Famous Daves BBQ is also another restaurant in that area that caters to families. Ayhan's Mediterranean has a good Sunday Brunch buffet for $14.95.

If you want somewhere to sit, Target has a good seating area in the front with Starbucks and a fast food stand with hot dogs, popcorn for pretty cheap. Also a small cafe at the Home Depot Expo.

upscale dining in Buffalo, NY

I haven't been to the major super expensive restaurants in the downtown area. But Scotch and Sirloin in Amherst near the UB North Campus has outstanding steak and the decor is hunting lodge themed.

Westbury Chicken

I highly recommend the Mountain Platter, which has a bit of the rotisserie chicken, the fried pork belly, skirt steak, rice, eggs, avocado, and chicken soup. The chicken flavored rice is amazing similar to the Hainan chicken dish from a Vietnamese restaurant. Their chimichurri sauce is the best sauce ever, goes with almost every kind of meat.

I haven't had the oxtail soup yet, plan on trying that one time. The only bad item I've ever had was the most expensive item(I think off the menu), the Seafood Paella(~$29) which I found to be too salty and loaded with MSG.

Long Island Restaurant Week 11/5-11/12 Recommendations?

I went to Mim's in Syosset. Just bad, plain bad. I ordered a pork tenderloin with a bbq glaze, which meant that a whole bottle of bbq sauce was dumped on each individual slice. The cream corned that came with it tasted like grease. My mother ordered the pecan crusted tilapia with cranberry orange compote, the tilapia was like any other "random item" crusted fish fillet. The compote meant some sickeningly sweet sauce. The combinations of sauce and meat in these two dishes were ill conceived comparable to matching salted cod and chocolate. The desserts were pedestrian, similar to desserts ordered at a diner. The portions were gigantic and presentation lacking. Suffice to say, I don't plan on going back.

Best Mexican in Nassau?

I don't think it's "real" Mexican, but Cozymel's in Westbury next to the Source Mall has good Mexican food. Their tortillas are made fresh, their meat isn't that frozen burrito meat. It's not too expensive either.

Best Mexican in Nassau?

If you mean the cafeteria styled place next to the Westbury Post Office, that's the Karina Deli. It's cheap and has real spanish food. But some of the items has a lot of MSG added to it.

Long Island Restaurant Week 11/5-11/12 Recommendations?

Long Island Restaurant Week
$21.95 Prix Fixe Dinner Menu

Check this for all the details: http://www.longislandrestaurantweek.c...

Which restaurants are actually worth it? I live in Nassau, I don't want to travel too far east.